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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Update :o)

Sorry, didn't get around to my update yesterday.

Saturday - The hoggie was a little better and had eaten some food, but when I checked this morning (Sunday) she had eaten heartily and was acting quite normally.  As long as this continues tomorrow I'll be picking her up at around 7 p.m.  I've decided to name her May, and today I've been busy building her a nice new home to move into!  I don't have any photo's of the process as it went straight out of my head, but I'll put pictures on tomorrow when it's in place.  Despite the fact the garden is small I think I've found another corner that should be safe and cosy for her. (After a lot of thought I have decided to put the house in the front garden despite I actually found her in the back garden. )  The only vehicular access to our home is at the rear, and I think it will be safer to put her on the other side as far away from the road as possible.  Also, since I discovered having these dear little creatures visiting here last year I placed food and water in the back garden for around a month last summer, but none of it was ever taken and no sign of them was found.
I will give her a white mark somewhere on her spines so that I can identify her, just hope she settles in well and the addition of another hog doesn't cause too many problems (two's company and all that.)


Once darkness had fallen tonight I went outside to check on Wilf and Winifrid, as soon as I opened the door I could hear loud snuffling and shone the torch in the general direction of the sounds.  They were practically nose to nose in the border, then Wilf shot off closely followed by Winifrid!  I can only guess what was going on....  ;o)

In case any of you were wondering the field mice are still in the drystone wall, I've seen them a couple of times but Sid has been keeping a careful watch over them when the opportunity has arisen

Thank you all for your good wishes for May, I have really appreciated them and feel the power of positive thoughts have helped tremendously :o)

I'll sign off now by sending you all my best wishes and thanks.


Mary said...

As mentioned before, your hoggies are so very fortunate to have you to take such good care of them Rose. I love the name May for the new lodger....and 'may' she soon be as good as new and become friends with W & W.

Do you mark them with paint? Any idea just how far away they roam?

I went to SuzAnna's today - hope to have pics up later to show you the treasures!

Hugs - Mary X

ann said...

I am glad May is doing so well. Will she run free in your yard? What will keep her there. I thought more about badger extermination. How just plain dumb. Diligent herdsmen and farmers vaccinate their live stock, so what's the big deal?

greenthumb said...

Can't wait to see photos of Mays new home and some of her, I glad she is doing better and can come home.

Mrs. Sutton said...

Brilliant news, and I love her new name - May - how perfect!
Good luck,
Paula x

Marilyn said...

All of God's creatures need our help these days. Thanks for taking such good care of these little critters.♥♫