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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Sorry, I'm SO frustrated :o(  Blogger will not let me post comments for the past two days.  I have been visiting, and I've really tried to leave comments BUT I can't.
There, that feels much better ;o)

Will post latest goodies soon!

Best wishes to all.

Rose H

Now I can't upload pictures either (tearing my hair out)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Come with me to David Austin Roses...

Hello folks!  I was lucky enough to get a special offer voucher for David Austin Roses last week, it was to get 50% off a 'Wisley 2008' Shrub Rose.  (I'm VERY lucky as David Auistin Roses is based at Albrighton only 16 miles away from our home.)  I wished that Pattypan had been with me - I know she LOVES David Austin Roses.
I arrived after a pleasant drive even though the sky was a little overcast.  As I approached the shop front from the car park this view greeted me....

I entered the 'shop' and asked permission to take photo's, happily they said yes :o)
(As usual if you'd like to expand the photos just 'click' on them)

Light, bright and airy with a super selection of gift ware

Something for everyone

Of course there HAD to be goods with roses on!

Isn't it pretty?

Even blue and white for fans like me :o)
(Burleigh ware is a favourite of mine)

Looks like making a trip back there...I meant to see how much the Puffin tile was..
(Bottom left of photo)

Then I ventured outside

A section of the plant centre

Gorgeous Clematis in bloom
and then SOME of the rose areas

Then, I heard a familiar sound...where was it coming from?  I listened again and walked towards it....

A beautiful peacock!

What a stunner!

A beautiful wisteria with it's subtle scent

This was climbing up the next post along - *sorry, I cannot remember the name :o(  some of the leaves were the brightest pink.
*Found it! A kiwi plant   Arctic Beauty. kolomikta  I knew it was familiar as I nearly chose that one when I got my kiwi plants - Doh!

Finally I found 'Wisley' - I'd walked right past them just in front of the Clematis!  It was marked up at £16.95 and I paid £8.45 :o)

It's a blush pink English Musk Rose, the catalogue writes it up as :

"A rose of  exceptional delicacy and charm bearing resemblance to the old Alba roses.  The flowers are shallowly cupped and about 3" across, the petals arranged in the most perfect rosette formation.  Their colour is a very pure soft pink, the outer petals paling towards the edge.  The growth is tall and slightly arching, producing flowers along the stems and building up into a fine and very healthy shrub.  There is a delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberry and tea."

It's now sitting in it's pot in the garden awaiting planting!

Have a great week folks!

Best wishes

Friday, 13 May 2011

The river bridge - continued...

Found a better spot for another photo.

See you all soon :o)
Best wishes

Friday, 6 May 2011

Further down the lane.

As I promised in my last post I've been down to the river today to get some photos.  Now, I never said I'd walk down!  (I was actually on my way back home).  So, here's a picture taken looking back towards home at the bottom of...

(Please click on photos to expand)
(That's my Merc parked up)
I turned around and this is the view

The five arched 'Cuttlestone Bridge' is centre right, just follow the fence line.
(There's often some friendly horses grazing here).

Then I cross over the lane and head for the bridge

and start to walk over the bridge

This is 'our' river to the left of the bridge.
(This replacement for the ancient bridge was built in the 18th Century out of local sandstone blocks)
If you have the time and patience to stand and stare you can often see the brilliant blue flash of kingfishers.
Some of the coping blocks on the top of the bridge have been much abused by local youths(?) over the years,  but the beautiful lichens still grow there.
Then I look into the slowly flowing waters.  It's been so dry here for many weeks.  The river swells much deeper and faster normally.
Then look up to the view beyond

Then cross over and look out to the right

The dust-dry field lays ploughed and maybe already seeded, then the river below comes into view.
Yesterday I saw the cows paddling here and drinking the water, their hoof marks are in the mud.

the river continues it's gentle flow towards the village centre, but wait - what do I see in the shallows?

Do you see the shoal of tiny fish in the shallows on the right of the picture?  They continue on up into the deeper water too.  All new life, makes you feel good.
(Hubby, a keen fisherman has caught big, beautiful brown trout further up-stream)

Before I leave, I love the abutments beneath the bridge, so solid and yet scored by the flow of water

I wish I could have got down to the river bank and show the bridge in profile, such a lovely shape with it's proud arches.  What makes you think I love where I live?

Well, looks like I'm delivering bedside tables to Nottingham tomorrow.  What ever you're doing have a great weekend, and to my American friends Happy Mothers Day!

Best wishes.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I've been meaning to post this for over a year!

I finally remembered to take the camera with me to snap what is near to our home.  I mentioned in this post here that open countryside is only a two minute walk from our home.  From home a hundred yards or so you turn into the delightfully named Bungham Lane :o) and after about 50 steps stand on the top of the bridge that opens to the countryside...This is the view to the left
(Click on any picture to expand)
A quiet day today, there is often Friesian cattle munching away on the grass.
Then, turning slowly to the right

and further right again, and slightly downhill

with a view of our neighbouring farm outbuildings and Bungham Lane disappearing into the distance and on to the river. (I'll photograph that another day)
                      Then I turn right again...                           

I'm afraid that's a good a view as a vertically challenged person gets!

I continued my journey to a neighbouring village about four miles away and passed this little copse - I just HAD to stop and snap away.

Who'd of guessed I'd love bluebells?

Yes, these ARE the real British bluebells - not those foreign Spanish devils!
(Flowers on only one side of the stem not all the way round it)
(I'm standing up to my knees in a drainage ditch to get that snap)
Despite the urge I was a very good girl and didn't pick any.  It is *illegal to pick them in the UK...
Woops!  Looks like I could have that wrong * here's another link Wildflowers.

Here's a few of the naughty Spanish ones that grow in my garden..

See, they're very different.  Of course you also knew I'd have some of these...

Forget-me-nots!  The 'blue' obsession continues into the garden, tee-hee!

As I'm making this post it's going ominously dark - I think we're finally in for some rain.

I'm off now as I'm STILL trying to catch-up with housework - honest!
Have a great weekend everyone :o)

Best wishes

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Just a quick post.

Hi all :o)  Just a very quick post as I'm a little up to my neck with loads of jobs to catch up on as I've been really busy in the garden so the housework has slipped....

After speaking to our dear daughter one of the nights she mentioned she needed a pair of bedside tables for her guest room, and as luck had it I stumbled on a pair yesterday!

And here they are :o)
Click on photo's to expand

Solid pine with a white 'wash' finish

23.5" high x 16.5" deep x 20.5" wide
for only £8 each....
I had also found a pair of satin finish table lamp bases 12.5" tall x 5" base on Saturday for £1 each.
How's that then?  £18 total :o)  Just hope she likes them.
(Looks like a trip to Nottingham to deliver them coming up!)

Best wishes to all, have a great week.