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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Come with me to David Austin Roses...

Hello folks!  I was lucky enough to get a special offer voucher for David Austin Roses last week, it was to get 50% off a 'Wisley 2008' Shrub Rose.  (I'm VERY lucky as David Auistin Roses is based at Albrighton only 16 miles away from our home.)  I wished that Pattypan had been with me - I know she LOVES David Austin Roses.
I arrived after a pleasant drive even though the sky was a little overcast.  As I approached the shop front from the car park this view greeted me....

I entered the 'shop' and asked permission to take photo's, happily they said yes :o)
(As usual if you'd like to expand the photos just 'click' on them)

Light, bright and airy with a super selection of gift ware

Something for everyone

Of course there HAD to be goods with roses on!

Isn't it pretty?

Even blue and white for fans like me :o)
(Burleigh ware is a favourite of mine)

Looks like making a trip back there...I meant to see how much the Puffin tile was..
(Bottom left of photo)

Then I ventured outside

A section of the plant centre

Gorgeous Clematis in bloom
and then SOME of the rose areas

Then, I heard a familiar sound...where was it coming from?  I listened again and walked towards it....

A beautiful peacock!

What a stunner!

A beautiful wisteria with it's subtle scent

This was climbing up the next post along - *sorry, I cannot remember the name :o(  some of the leaves were the brightest pink.
*Found it! A kiwi plant   Arctic Beauty. kolomikta  I knew it was familiar as I nearly chose that one when I got my kiwi plants - Doh!

Finally I found 'Wisley' - I'd walked right past them just in front of the Clematis!  It was marked up at £16.95 and I paid £8.45 :o)

It's a blush pink English Musk Rose, the catalogue writes it up as :

"A rose of  exceptional delicacy and charm bearing resemblance to the old Alba roses.  The flowers are shallowly cupped and about 3" across, the petals arranged in the most perfect rosette formation.  Their colour is a very pure soft pink, the outer petals paling towards the edge.  The growth is tall and slightly arching, producing flowers along the stems and building up into a fine and very healthy shrub.  There is a delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberry and tea."

It's now sitting in it's pot in the garden awaiting planting!

Have a great week folks!

Best wishes


Bayside Rose said...

How lucky are you Rose! I can only dream about going there. I enjoyed tagging along with you. Thanks for sharing the inside info!

Pam x

Fading Grace said...

It all looks so lovely, what a lovely way to spend a few hours. Roses are just beautiful, I remember when I was little making rose perfume from the petals of my Mums roses, Poor Mum!! xx
Sophie xx

Sandie's Patch said...

I love going to David Austin roses!
Did you walk around the gardens?
I haven't been for a few years, I'm hopeing my sis will suggest a trip soon!

Lovely rose that you chose.

Sandie xx

My Spotty Pony said...

Ooooo how lovely, roses and peonies are my favorite flowers. What a good buy your rose was.. looking forward to seeing it in all its glory once it has flowered in your garden.
Have a great week, Abby :~)

Kim said...

How lovely! That gift shop looks 'right up my street'. I hadn't realised that David Austin was that close to me - I may have to have a meander over there for a look! Good luck with your rose - I'm sure it will bloom in your garden for many years to come. It sounds divine!

Patrice said...

I'd have gone with you, but I fear the drive home would have been tiring!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Rose, I love David Austin roses and have been raising them for over 10 yrs. My 2 favorites are Mary Rose and Graham Thomas. I would feel like I died and went to heaven if I could go to their shop! Thanks for the tour! Anxious to see your rose when it blooms

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose,
A Rose for a Rose!! its looks a very pretty one, and a great place for a visit, bet they don't let dogs in, mine you I wouldn't want to with all them Rose bushes!!!!
Sorry I jumped up at you the other day :) mom says a must apologize
Have a good week
See Yea George

Terri said...

What a fabulous place to visit. I hope your new rose bush flourishes and produces beautiful roses for you.
Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog today and for your help with my new tea pot. I went to the link you shared on commemorative Jackfield pottery and my pot does look just like that except no commemorative stuff. So I am wondering now about it even more! Thank you so much for the heads up about it. I had not heard of Jackfield before.

Marilyn said...

I drooled a lot when I got my catalog in the mail and now am green after seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

The Tablescaper said...

Oh lucky you to be so near to such a wonderous place. I too am partial to blue and white and Burleigh is just wonderful.

Hope you'll join my party on June 5th about where YOU keep it all.

- The Tablescaper

GardenofDaisies said...

I love all the plants and the peacock and the Burleigh!!

GardenofDaisies said...

Stopping back by to say thank you for the link. I'm going to go have a good look at it now.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rose! How appropriate that you won a rose! Thanks for the peek at that lovely shop! Enjoy your weekend! Regards to Sid from the staff!...hugs...Debbie

Louise said...

Hello there,

I just clicked through here after seeing you in my visitors list! I've seen your blog name a few times around but only just realised you live in Staffordshire when I saw this post! I live in Staffordshire too, but in the moorlands, on the southern edges of the Peak District.

My man lives in Wolverhampton though, which is only about 8 miles from David Austin so we have visited there too. Sadly, either blogger or my internet connection is not co operating and it won't load any of your photos, grrr! I will come back later for a nosey and hopefully things will be working then!

acorn hollow said...

What a lovely day and how wonderful you got rose for your garden.

Louise said...

I have finally managed to view your lovely photos. Thanks for your comment! I have probably driven past your house hundreds of times on my way to Wolves at the weekends! I'm pretty sure I know Bungham Lane, though I've never explored the area!