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Monday, 26 April 2010

Just a peek!

I made my usual visit to the charity shop on Saturday and got a couple of things.

There was a strange crystal 'thing' joined together with stiff wire - NOT a necklace but still pretty!  As it was only £1 I though why not?  I could always use the crystal on projects.  However when I sat and thought about it why not add it to a lampshade.....

Okay, I'll NEVER make a good photographer, but I've put it on a large Standard lamp shade, I think it's added a 'little' more.....

Then of course there was this plate, did I mention I like plates?  LOL!

£2 for a toile plate, it just HAD to be mine ;-)
and now a closer look.
I know it's modern, but it's toile!
So after no thought whatsoever I KNEW where it was going....

So now I'll see it every morning when I awake as this is the view I see when I look at the foot of the bed.  The dressing table was my maternal Grandparents - remember my clock?   The dressing table holds my perfume bottles collection and my favourite ginger jar with dragons on it.  The (partially shown)  door to the right is part of my wardrobe. (There is another on on the opposite side out of shot that is my husbands)  We built them in about four years ago.  The small Wegewood plates on the left are some I inherited from my Mother in Law (They are in a straight line, but somehow the photo has made them look slightly 'off'?) and the gold shelf below them was a TK Maxx bargain I got recently for £5.  Reflected in the mirror is a part of a painted panel on the wall above the head of the bed, showing one of a pair of wall mounted triple candle sconces and a painting that is in the centre of them.

When I awake and look up I see a heavenly blue sky......

This is my masterpiece!  I painted the ceiling with Cirrus clouds, (my favourite skys) when I redecorated our bedroom at the same time we built in the wardrobes.  The light fitting I found on Ebay and added the crystal drops, from memory I think it was about £35, which I considered a bargain.

This is the view I have when I lie in bed.  (Oooh, I bet you're surprised at all the blue and white on the window sill!)  These two houses and smaller detatched garage in the centre, are a SORE POINT; they were not there when we moved in 32 years ago.  We had beautiful open views of the fields (which are just the other side of the tall trees in the background)  but a local councillor owned this long strip of land and he applied for planning permission to build three bungalows. We (ourselves and neighbours) all attended the planning meetings and gave our strong objections, however we were over ruled at each turn and planning permission was eventually passed.  Once the initial permission was given the plans were altered a total of three times over about the following five or six years, the result was these buildings.  The one on the right hand side is 30 feet from the front wall of our house (Minimum building distance at the time)  }:-(  
But Hey, we still only have a two minute walk from our door, over a bridge and then we are into open farmland and beautiful countryside.

Hope you have enjoyed a peek at parts of my bedroom, and even though our rooms are not small by UK standards, oh how I wish we had rooms the size of our American cousins!  Don't forget to enlarge the photo's just click on them.  Please leave me your thoughts so that I know you've visited - and of course I love to read them.

Oh!  I must just thank the lovely folk who've joined in as followers, when I started this blog I wondered if anyone would even bother to have a look around, so again a great big sincere THANK YOU. 

Best wishes to all

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Some more bargains!

I've had a better haul over the last ten days or so, and mostly from my favourite local charity shop.  Maybe there's something that would have appealed to you too?  I'd settle down with a cuppa for this post as there's quite a few things LOL!

Firstly, I love cookery books and have a collection of over 250 that was started in my early teens, and when the charity shops charge as little as £1 each who else can resist?  They are much cheaper than a magazine!

I found both of these on the same visit.  Good old Rick Stein and the ultra posh Harrods one....both have some great recipes.

If you have read some of my earlier posts you will know that I collect some of the Poole Pottery range. This lovely pale spring green toast rack was just 75pence! I could hardly believe it, I've never seen one like it before - but it has the same satin like glaze and is very tactile.

Now, I can hardly believe that I bought this lidded jar myself, but after reading some of the lovely blogs from 'Over the pond' I realise just how useful they are when filled with favourite things or used in 'vingnettes'.....I'd really like a glass cloche or two, but sadly they are not the sort of thing that turns up in the UK without paying an extortionate amount for them off ebay.  (Something I'm just not in the habit of doing!)  Oh, I nearly forgot it was only 75 pence.

Here I found an 'architectural wall plaque' which quite took my fancy and will look a treat in our guest room, and here's the was only £1.50.

This is one of my favourite pieces from this 'haul'.  A beautiful lead crystal candle stick, it's really heavy and stands about 14 inches tall.  Sadly my photographic skills do not do it justice.  It has stunning refraction when the sunlight or candlelight is bouncing off it, and can you believe it was only £2.75.  Why would anyone send it off to a charity shop?

Here I found a cute set of boxed and unused wine glass markers made by 'Pier' for just a £1.  (Click on any of  the photos to get a better look).

These are a couple of old pie funnels that caught my eye, they were 75 pence each.  I wonder how many wonderful home made pies they've had a supporting roll in over the years.  (Yes, I know I collect some pretty strange things, but after all these are quite easy to store and are a little different...Like me?)

These are two lovely large damask dinner napkins that cost 50p for the pair.  They were from a different shop - and when I took them to the counter to pay the assistant told me there had been a set of six which they had separated into pairs and another customer had purchased the other four!  I must admit to feeling more than a little disappointed with this news.  I couldn't understand why anyone would only have bought four at that price, and frustrated that I hadn't got there earlier and snapped up the six of them.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some :o(

Some more blue glass for the collection.  The candlesticks are just about 3 inches high and then there's the pair of cute elephants, total cost for all four pieces was £1.25.  Would you have resisted?

Now what about these then?
Another favourite :o)  A set of six, perfect Willow Pattern, Burleigh transfer ware dinner plates.  Now believe me I really don't NEED anymore dinner plates, but how could I resist these as they are such an unusual shape and cost the princely sum of £3.50 for the lot!  It beginning to look like when I redecorate the dining room this year I'm putting up a plate shelf around the top of the walls to show off some more plates!

Now, you know I love dragons?  I found a nest of them complete with their boxes (Myth & Magic ones) all priced at £2.50 each.  So okay, I went a little overboard with these and got four of them!
(Sorry, the a couple of them are a little out of focus).  They are all about 3 inches high and very detailed.  I would imagine they'd have cost £30 plus each originally.

This is a lovely old Shelley china jelly mould I got today, (now didn't you just know I'd have some old jelly moulds!) along with....

This lovely large Masons 'Vista' pattern bowl. (I've just checked the backstamp - it's for 1940's)  It measures about 12 inches across  The first ever piece of red transfer ware I've ever bought! (Though I think I may have a plan for this dish...)  The two lovely pieces cost a total of £3. Yes, I can hardly believe it myself!
(Post script about this Masons Dish - I've just gone to put it away and it has a chip on one of the corners (top left hand side - just visible on photo)...sob!  That'll teach me to give them the 'tap test' and make sure it 'rings' before buying..)

And finally......
Now if you've read my profile you know I admit to liking the weird and wacky.  Well I really do like Martin Brothers birds - but I'm afraid they would be way out of my price range. 

 So when I found this little bird I'm afraid I took a fancy to it!  Kinda reminded me of the Martin Brothers ones..

And all for £1!  Well it makes me smile anyway.

Thank you so much for visiting me, and sticking with this rather long post!  I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy reading your comments :o)  Please leave a comment, then I know you've visited here, and you are more than welcome to join in as a follower, the more the merrier you know.

My very best wishes to you all.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blue and white obsession?

I hope everyone has had a happy Easter holiday.  I haven't had any finds over the holidays so I thought I'd post about some of my blue and white instead. 

Here is a wall display in my lounge, the clock in the centre is a treasured possesion - it belonged to my maternal Grandparents Clara and Jack Dunn.  It is a hundred years old and I love it!  It keeps perfect time too.
The plates are by two makers, Booths and Royal Cauldon.
(Don't forget you can enlarge any photo by clicking on it).

The little mouse on the bottom right hand side of the clock is the one that ran up know, Hickory, Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock!  (He looks a happy and relaxed little soul doesn't he?)

I love the thistle design on the pendulum. 
This is one of the larger 10" 'Booths' plates on the outside of the display.

An 8" Booths plate inside bottom of display,
This is one of the Royal Cauldon saucers from top inside position.
I love the blue dragons on all of these, and that the patterns are so similar to each other though the shades of blue are slightly different.
These are from my dining room.  The outside two 10" and bottom centre are 8" all Royal Cauldon plates.
The sandwich plate on the top is a Enoch & Ralph Woods Seaforth design
Here is the display from the top of my 'hostess' trolley in the dining room.

This is one of my best ever finds....Spode, Blue Italian 6 pint soup tureen purchased last year from a charity shop for £10! (Just need to track down a ladle now) The ramekin is also the same pattern and shown in a earlier post (£1)
This was another 'find' solid silver Mappin &Webb dish for £5
I got this Coalport 'Ironbridge' dish in the same haul last year for £1.50 - we live about 17 miles from the real Ironbridge.
You can read about the Ironbridge here:
This is the Copeland Spode (£3) Willow pattern jug I mentioned on an earlier post.
The lillies are made from sugar and were a gift from my Sister in Law, Joy who makes these beautiful sugarcraft flowers and decorates cakes as a hobby.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my blue and white obsession.  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment please - I really appreciate and enjoy reading them very much.

Thank you for joining me, best wishes.