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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've been so lucky this week :o)

Hello folks!
Hope everyone is okay and enjoying the lovely weather we have been having.
Firstly, I have to thank you on behalf of Vicky who sends hers sincere thanks for the lovely birthday wishes :o)  Then, secondly I have to welcome two new followers to the fold - thank you for joining me.

Most of you will have heard of Freecycle, but there is also another similar group in the UK known as Freegle.  Last Thursday evening I happened to log-on to my local group just after a lovely lady had posted some free fabrics, as Vicky makes such a lot of things I thought of her and applied for them.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as the recipient and collected the fabrics on Friday morning from a village about 8 miles from here. 

Here is the first one..

Such a sweet pattern with butterflies, dragonflies, birds and fans.  100% cotton about 5 yards of it.

Then there was this one which will definitely find a use here :o)

Beautiful heavy Laura Ashley linen, again about 5 yards - I LOVE it!

Then of course I have been paying visits to my local charity shops, where I have found some more bits 'n bobs.

With Easter not far away I thought these three items may come in useful....

A large, cute 'bunny' tray, with a painted wooden framework in lovely condition just sitting there waiting for me to walk in ;o) and a bit of a bargain for £1.50

This chocolate brown bunny sits about 8" high, and cost just £3, on the same shelf there was also nestled -

Two baby bunnies, such a sweet pair :o) also costing £3.

The next time I 'popped in' to see what was on offer, the manager (who by now knows my taste), called me into the back room saying she had 'something to show me'  I was knocked out to see this GORGEOUS large vegetable tureen and cover

There are no back-stamps at all, but is is very old and in superb condition.  The pattern is similar to Asiatic Pheasant.  The inside of the base is so lovely...

no chips or crazing at all.  The cost?  £6.50 :o)))
The same day I 'discovered' a lovely old pair of 4"crystal knife rests

I'm pretty sure they are Edwardian.  £3.50 the pair.

Then, on another visit I found this -

Kirstie Allsopp cake server complete with it's pretty presentation box

It's delightful china handle :o)  It's great price £3.50!  (I think they're about £12 new)

Now, back to 'old stuff' ;o)

I love this stoneware glazed preserve jar, standing about 8"and only 75p

Lastly, there were some small stoneware bottles, this one was the smallest at only 3" tall


Hope you like some of my latest hoard, please leave a comment and let me know.

Sending my very best wishes to all you lovely folk.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Happy Birthday Vicky!

Today is our dear daughters special birthday - I'm not allowed to remind her how old ;o)
So this is just a quick post to wish her a wonderful day, we'll see you tomorrow sweetheart.
Lots of love
Mom and Dad
xx xx xx xx