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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hoping you have had...

A peaceful and happy Christmas.  Sending you all my very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011.  See you in the New Year.  (Hope you understand that I'm 'off air' for a short while).

Hugs to all

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The hardest post to make.

Sorry I've been 'off the air' lately, - I'm sure you understand such a busy time of year.

In the early hours this morning my dear sister-in-law Joy lost her fight with the complictions of diabetes.
She was the talented lady who made me the most beautiful sugar craft flowers that I have featured in some of my earlier blog posts
Joy was a creative lady who excelled at quite a few crafts, and I'm honoured to own some beautiful needlework and papercraft items that she made.
She withstood her health problems with a tremendous fortitude, never once looking at the negatives.  She loved her children Claire and Chris, and grandchildren Ben and Zak, and not forgetting her husband Ron who has been a tremendous support and carer during the last couple of years which I know she appreciated.  There is a hole that cannot be filled in all of our hearts.  Thank you Joy for your kindness and love over the years, rest in peace my dear friend.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Last two weeks bargain shopping..

Before getting on to bargains, I'll update you on the weather here.  We woke yesterday morning to our first snow this year - just an inch, but still beautiful.  Sorry, never gave the camera a thought until now :o(  It's really not natural for me to carry a camera.  Temperatures dropped to -9 last night, but we're snug and warm at home.  I had to go out to get some bread this morning, so I walked 'the long way' round to the shops, a lovely crisp day with temperatures not rising much above -5 despite the sun.
I'm delighted to welcome another follower :o)  You have no idea how uplifting it is to think someone like to look in and read my ramblings!

I have got a few more bits 'n pieces over the last couple of weeks, and even a few (more)  Christmas decorations...

This cute embroidered red velvet pillow was only 75p (about 6" square), I'm sure I can find a place to put it!
(I keep to mainly traditional red, gold and green for Christmas decorations).

This flying snowman (75p) will find a nice place to hang from, especially as he has such a great message!
(The damask table cloth in the background I got a few weeks back, an enormous oval one from Debenhams originally cost just £3.50)

and lastly, this lovely wooden teddy tree ornament found on the same day for 35p.

Then came the other 'stuff'!

I found this Harrods teddy, complete with all tags for £1.25.  Now you know I couldn't leave him 'behind' lol!

(I can only apologise for the lay out - I always have problems trying to get two pictures side by side).

I've come to the conclusion we must have 'posh' folks here about - because since I found the Harrods Teddy I've got this Fortnum & Mason Stilton crock and lid - don't you just love the graphics?  It was just 75p, I thought it'd be ideal as a covered dripping jar.

Weeks ago I found this little milk jug for £1, but for some reason I forgot to post it.

Then I found another blue and white beauty....
Laura Ashley soap dish for 50p!
(I must have a 'thing' for soap dishes, I've probably got eight orr ten of them!)

Two lovely trinket boxes at £1.50 each, about 3 inches wide and one deep

I love the naivety of the little bird on the heart shaped one.

Here's a bit of bling to wear over Christmas, £3.50 for the set.

These two oriental minature dishes were 95p each.   I'll have to show you the others I have on another day.

They're only just over an inch diameter, and here's the back of them...

pictured with the camera SD card as a size guide.  I love the one with the chrysanthemums on.

Then I found this pack of golden tapers and star shaped holders, they'll look good on the table I think, especially as they were £3.

These red charges were 50p each (I found four) - just need another couple now.

In the 35p bin I found this beautiful antique plate

Lovely, lovely old pattern.

Lastly, but cetainly NOT least....

this rooster, hen and chick 9 inches high - £2.50!

Hope you 'bargain hunters' have had a good a time as I have!

My very best wishes to you all,

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Could this be the longest 'thread' ever?

Whilst looking for something today I came across this......

(Yes, I have visited the beautiful Blue Mountain Canada)
Inside it is stored...

I'm wondering if I have the longest knitting project ever?
When our daughter was born in 1982 I was a little strapped for cash, and with Christmas on the horizon I figured I could knit my dear husband a jumper in time for the great day.  I remember taking Vicky in her pushchair on a freezing October day in search of inspiration!  I found a great knitting pattern for a 'Guernsey' jumper,

 which I purchased along with the number of balls of wool required.

Now, as my husband is a long distance lorry driver I had a lot of evenings on my own so keeping it a secret wasn't a problem.  I cast on, and I was off!  I knitted the back of the jumper.....then I started on the front of the jumper, and started the decreasing for the arm and neck shaping.  I just never got any further!

 I have over the ensuing years picked it up and done another couple of rows  here and there - but things change....people put on a little weight (no names but that's me included!)  Do I actually have enough wool to finish the project?  Am I motivated to complete the project?  So twenty eight years on.... and it's STILL NOT FINISHED!

Can anyone beat this?   I'd LOVE to know!  What would you do with it, finish it or leave it as it is? 
I REALLY couldn't face undoing it.  Looking forward to your replies :o)

Before I close, I really must welcome new followers!  It's great you see you here :o)

My very best wishes

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My first blog award :o)

A great big thank you to Brownieville Girl for her very kind award :o)
(Visit her blog - you'll feel hungry though!)

I believe I have to pass this on to 15 blogs I have discovered and enjoy here goes!
(This has been a very difficult descision - I love to read LOADS of blogs, sorry to the folk I missed out)
Acorn Hollow

Please visit them, I'm sure you'll like them too :o)  I'm just off to inform them now!

Thank you again Brownieville Girl.

My very best wishes

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Just look what I won! (And other stuff..)

Boy!  Did I have a huge grin last Tuesday when I got home, because this was waiting on the mat for me :o)
I won it in a draw on the fabulous Chickens in the road blog by Suzanne McMinn.  What a fabulous preserving book, with all sorts of recipes, hints and tips for 'canning' and preserving.  I'm SO pleased with it and really couldn't believe my luck when I won it.  Thank you Suzanne! :o) Please visit her brilliant blog on the link, be warned though - you'll be hooked! 
The recipe for Fig preserve sounds great...


Of course I've been shopping at my 'suppliers' this week ;o) and had a good  few finds.....
Firstly from my local charity shops
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

A great Babacombe Pottery string keeping owl £1, there's a hole above the beak for scissors and another just below for the string.

Another paperweight for my collection for £1.50.  It's 4" diameter, so quite large.

Do you remember these bronze leaf necklaces from the 60's?  This one was £2, I think it's very Autumnal. The lovely colours are not done justice here though.

This great 9" candle - more shades of Autumn for 70p

Here piggy, piggy!  He's a 10" long Devon pottery piggy bank, so cute! £2.50

Then I found this lovely book, which is unread...£1

I've long since given up (trying to) draw, but always had a yearning for one of these (expensive) models.  Whan I saw this for £1.50 I wasn't gonna leave it behind!

Now that Christmas is getting nearer, I couldn't resist adding some more lights for decoration..£2.50 for these 20 poinsettia lights.

They'll look great in the conservatory!
Now you know I like blue and white, and egg shapes - well this was only 70p

I know, I know - more candles!  It was only £1.50 complete - I love gold too :o)

Lastly, from the village charity shops I spied this pair of pretty cloisonne vases 3.5" high for £2

Then, on Wednesday I made my trip to town for a haircut, and found the motherload of the most beautiful traditional (with the 'humped back') handmade, jointed real mohair teddies nestling in a basket!  Someone had donated their collection, and they needed re-homing....

This cutie is only 6" tall, and looks so happy.  I certainly was happy with a £5 price tag!

This 9" 'brass' coloured beauty looks a little glum, despite his heart button was £6
and sitting alongside him was this..

unusual plum coloured beauty, also 9" high and also £6
This smiley 10" 'brass' one was £8
Lastly, there was this even more unusual 10" jet black bear that my heart melted over (though he looks blue grey here)

I only have a few of my bears with names, but I've decided to name this one 'Captain' in memory of Captain Phil Harris of the FV Cornelia Marie here from Discovery TV's Deadliest Catch, who died in February.  (RIP Phil)

Hope there's something to interest you here.  Thank you for your visits, I really appreciate them.
My very best wishes

Please let me know you've visited - leave a comment :o)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lion heads.

Tuesday was really miserable and wet.  The flat roofs that we were going to have recovered  have been put off due to the weather :o(   I needed to go to the local shop for a few odds 'n sods, and as it's right next door to the charity shop - what's a girls to do?  I really didn't go in with much hope - but boy, was I glad I did go!

These three lion headed soup bowls for 90p!  (I wonder if I'll find another three?)
A sweet lavender scented candle 20p

I've been after something heavy and sturdy to put kitchen utensils in....and look what I found -

This brilliant 8" high old stonewear pot £1 - IDEAL

This shabby-chic woven aluminium heart basket, hand crafted in Amsterdam £1
It's about 6" at it's widest.

A cute little chick  (after a good scrub!)- it looks to be Victorian or Edwardian £1.20 - 'CHEAP' or what! LOL

another trinket box about 4" square, very Autumnal I thought....

with oak leaf and acorn lid, £1.20

and finally, these cloisonne animals, just about 1.5" tall 50p each,

and such pretty flowers on the back of the panda.
Quite a haul I thought :o) Cheered me up no end lol.

Which reminded me of four items I got from our last visit to Dagfields and I forgot to post, so here they are...

These four cloisonne vases also about 1.5" tall for £5 the lot.
I love the first one, such pretty blossom :o)

Funny how such a miserable day doesn't seem so bad now either...

Thanks for joining my ramblings, leave a comment and let me know you visited please.
Best wishes and sunny skies to all!