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Saturday, 27 February 2010

More from my last post!

Here are some more photo's of my last posted bargains:

1, The Rye Pottery 'Runnymede' dish.
2, This never even got a mention! A mosaic dish/candle, just the job to enhance the bathroom.
3, A close up of my lovely shell dishes.
These also show some more detail of the linen cloth. I got some talking books for my Sister-in-Law, and a couple of books for me too as I'm an avid reader and often have two books 'on the go' at once.
It occurs to me that I must improve my photography skills (eek -well I'll TRY to any way!)
And I should also post some pictures of (part of) some of my collections. Well I'll get some prepared for my next addition to the Blog.

Some more goodies

I've been frantically reading blogs that interest me to 'see how it's done' and help me to make this more interesting.
I've also had some more charity shop goodies over the last week or so to add to my 'collections' - here are a few of them for you to peruse.
There's a lovely pale blue glass perfume bottle in really lovely condition which will find a home with it's friends on my dressing table (costing only £1). That is placed on the mirror tray ( which was £1.95) - now exactly why I'd like to double the amount of things on display is a mystery to me! But it took my fancy anyhow. In the background to the left is a Poole pottery sugar basin which was also £1, in my favourite 'Seagull' pattern - I really love the feel of the glaze, it's so smooth - very tactile. The centre back are four delightful porcelain shell dishes, which I feel will be lovely to serve either a prawn or scallop starter when friends are here for dinner. An absolute bargain at 30p each! To the right of them is a Rye Pottery dish with the word 'Runnymede' standing proudly through the glaze, as we know the place that the Magna Carta was signed. This was also £1, I've visited Rye Pottery on a few occasions whilst holidaying in East Sussex over the years but this is the first piece I've owned as it just took my fancy. The linen cloth that these items are on was also a charity shop find last year, it has really nice embroidery on it and I'm sure it was only a couple of pounds.