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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Perfect Paperwhites (and the not so perfect.)

Beautiful Paperwhites

I am delighting in these at the moment, a lovely Christmas gift from a dear friend.
Thank you :o)

x x x

Hello everyone!  Hope you are well and warm despite the continuing cold (but happily dry) weather.
Things here are much the same, we still haven't heard from the Memory Service so as yet Mom continues to be undiagnosed.  I think the extra dose of anti depressant is starting to work though as she does seem a little more settled - which is good :o)

I have been very good (for a change) and have only bought home one 'bargain' ;o)
a super Portmeirion 'Birds of Britain' rolling pin in superb condition, showing six species..

The Bearded Tit and Blue Tit

Red Poll and Linnet

Green Finch and Gold Finch

I cannot find out much information about this range other than production stopped around twenty  years ago.  Anyone out there know more please?  Oh, almost forgot it was only £2 :o)

- - - -

The birds have very busy in the garden seeking food and water.  I feed them a wide variety of food daily (and in very bad weather as much as three or four times a day) and ensure there always water available for them as it is most important they are able to bathe to keep their feathers in the best condition possible for much needed insulation. The front garden has the waterfall running on the pond of course, and the little ones are often seen splashing around in their own personal jacuzzi !  The back garden poses more of a problem though, so with a little imagination I've rigged up a 'heated' pool for them (though of course not really hot!)
I used three bricks, an enamel plate and a tea light and holder.  The candle is far enough away to keep the water liquid without heating the water above a few degrees.


And here's one of our braver visitors.

One of the Robin visitors from our healthy population, but yesterday I discovered that not all visitors enjoy good health...

On first appearance this male Great Tit seemed to be quite healthy, and had been happily feeding on peanuts for some time - but then I noticed the other side of his head was quite wrong.


but, when he turned his head this swollen (injured?) side was shown.
I was quite upset and grabbed the camera.  Since taking, and after investigating the RSPB site  I've found out that it is suffering from Avian Pox, a disease I'd never heard of before.  The information says that the Great Tit is susceptible to the disease, and it can recover completely but there is no treatment for wild living birds.  I shall keep a special watch out for him and see if he is a regular visitor from now on.  There is a download link to report occurrences, and I have sent the information off.  So keep a look out just in case you have diseased birds too.

- - - -

We have to replace fencing in the garden this year, and the new one will be erected in the coming week, so I shall make some before and after shots for my next post.  Sadly though I shall be loosing some well established ivy, so it is imperative the fencing is replaced before the birds start nesting.  Today I intent to wrap up (very) warm (as it's still below freezing) and dig out some bulbs that will be in the firing line of the workers to save them from their size 10's!  Also to try and find/rescue a last years Robin's nest, which has so far been too well hidden.  We will also have a new fence and gate erected in the front garden, but more of that too in my next post. (Don't worry though hedgehogs will still have the free access they enjoy normally.)

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Best wishes


Can anyone (UK) recommend a SIMPLE, large buttoned remote control for digital, Freeview TV's?  Mom is driving me slowly nuts, her remote has tiny buttons and she must press (and hold down) two or three at a time then consequentially looses ALL the channels :o(  I've only had to re-tune it twice (so far) today!  Thank you.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I missed my blog birthday! (Or, a mixed bag)

Hello folks, I'm back (again) too many things going on in real life at the moment, most days I'm trying hard to be organised ;o)

Well, my three years blog birthday WAS on the 20th January and I missed it....never mind eh?

I've been trying to sort out things with and for my Mom and her memory problems and worsening depression. We've seen the doctor and he's been absolutely fantastic and reassuring for us both.  (I went on my own first to tell him what had been happening as it's difficult to be completely honest when she's there), and then took Mom back on the same day for her appointment.  He knew what questions to ask, and when she got a little tearful he asked if I could answer on her behalf, bless him.  Referrals and appointments have been made for the 'Memory Service' to interview Mom at her home to diagnose and suggest how they can help, her anti-depressant medication has been upped and he is also recommending some counselling which will be arranged once the Memory Service have had their interview.  Today I've taken Mom to have some bloods taken for further assessment in case there is any underlying problems.  Initially Mom seemed please that the ball was rolling, but of course that's all very changeable along with her moods...We discussed sorting out a home help over Christmas and that was okay at the time, but when I bought up the subject again last week she hit the roof and wouldn't discuss it - I'll have to bide my time again it seems.
Anyway, that's enough of that.

I have of course found time to dally a while in the charity shop, and though I've mostly been buying books (I'm an avid reader) I've been 'trying' NOT to get carried away with purchases.  Of course, by now you know I'm a sucker for blue and white!  When I visited last Thursday my eyes were drawn to this gorgeous Wedgwood underglazed pearlware 'Fallow Deer' decoration tray 
18" x 10".

It was a hefty £12.50 but I loved it SO much :o)

The original pattern was used by the Rogers Pottery from Longton, Stoke on Trent sometime during it's 1784-1842 lifetime.  The pattern was taken up by Josiah Wedgwood in the late 19th century.  According to the impressed 'Wedgwood' mark it was produced sometime between 1909 and 1928.  It's sitting happily on my dresser now.

As you probably know we cancelled Christmas, no decorations and no tree, so I thought I'd brighten up a corner for Valentines Day this year.   So earlier this afternoon I dug out all my 
 heart shaped baubles and pretty little birds and did this...

It stands around 2.5 feet in total.  Hubs has come home and not even noticed it!

And finally...
I've been trying (in vein) to photograph a rare visitor to my garden, the amazingly beautiful Goldfinch.  We visited my Sister in law the other weekend and what was on her feeders?  Yes, glorious Goldfinches!  I got some snaps of those instead :o) Though I'm still trying to get them at home!

That's it for now.  

Best wishes to all