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Friday, 15 November 2013

Juvenile hedgehogs.

Hello folks!

Life continues to keep me too busy (read stressed!), so as usual posts are rare and fleeting.

Over four nights last week I captured 4 juvenile hedgehogs from the garden, their weights ranging from 250g to 300g which is far too small for them to hibernate overwinter as they need to be an absolute minimum of 600g (preferably 650g at this time of year.)  A neighbour bought another one to me that was wondering about in daylight - a SURE sign that there is something very wrong.

The lovely Joan who runs West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue has taken them all, despite being overrun with even more juveniles - she has been taking in  as many as 8 a day.   Sadly, despite her care and dedication the little chap found out in the day didn't make it, it's back leg had been injured (by a dog) and the wounds had become infected.  Joan had administered pain killer and antibiotics.

Joan with one of the hogs, 

The other four are all doing well and I shall return them back into the garden in the Spring.
Sadly, I just don't have a suitable place to overwinter these dear little creatures, and anyway they do need a health check to ensure they are in good health first.

PLEASE. keep an eye open for these hedgehogs as they DO need our help, without it they will most surely die.  
If you do find an injured/underweight or sick hog pick it up in an old towel and place it in a deep box (as they are good climbers) and place in a warm, dry place until you can find help (not in an outbuilding as it will be too cold.).  You should also place a hot water bottle (an old plastic drink bottle will do) wrapped in another towel to give heat as a sick hog will more than likely be suffering with hypothermia.  It is best if there is an area without heat so that they can move away if they get too hot.
Please note if you see a hedgehog out in daylight there IS something wrong, it WILL need help.
Visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society web site for your nearest rescue centre.  

Remember that these centres are all voluntary and would benefit from even a small donation to help care for these endearing little creatures.

Here's a link to the Friends of West Midland Hedgehog Rescue Facebook page.

Hope to be back soon.  In the meantime stay safe and well dear friends.

x x x

P.S.  I'm sorry to see that I have lost a follower, but I guess it's because I'm just making enough posts....