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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

She peeps round the corner...

Hello, is there anybody out there?  I'm hoping so as I've been away SO LONG. 
Admission time.  Dear Hubs got me up and running again with parts from a second hand laptop some time ago, but life got in the way and it's rarely been turned on.  We've had such a wonderful Summer that the days have simply whizzed by and I'd not realised it's been nearly two months since I posted.
There have been some problems of course, things that I don't feel I can discuss here just yet, because they all involve Mom - but thank goodness most of them have been overcome - for the moment anyway.
* * *
I've had a birthday - my 57th (aaargh)  
Mom still doesn't realise she forgot it :o(

* * *

There have been hedgehogs of course, lots of them giving us great joy - every night :o) 
I've made a couple of new videos for you to see.
(The nature camera is rigged up for 25 second videos with a 5 second delay before filming again, so the videos can seem to 'jump' a little - I really need to find out how to edit them properly...)
Here are the links - do you think I can remember how to put them on here? I'm an eejit!

(I'm trying to source a power lead for the camera though as videos are eating up 8 x Duracell AA batteries up at an alarming rate.)

We have one small, visiting juvenile - a worry at time of year and so far an impossibility to capture it, I'm sure it's related to Lewis Hamilton as it's SO SPEEDY ;o) one crunch on the gravel and it's gone.  Here it is.

the bigger picture - spot the hog.

I've also had an amazing surprise from the nature camera, a visiting fox cub!  Sadly problems with uploading the next day lost the two videos - but I now have some software that could possibly find them again - fingers crossed!

* * *

I attended West Midland Hedgehog Rescues  fundraiser event on the 07th September.  Joan raised an amazing £897.59 during the event, which will be a great help over winter as she is self funded.   Joan told me that she has had very few monetary donations over the last twelve months, so if you have a wildlife/hedgehog rescue centre nearby how about sending them a donation to help out?

* * *

Then there was a bit of painting and improving.  Remember this?

Well now it looks like this!

The hanging baskets filled out nicely.

Much better!

We had another visit from a Sparrow Hawk
No casualties this time though.

Taken from the bedroom window, a bit dull as it was early morning and in the shade.

* * *

Five (pampered) tomato plants in the greenhouse have been a disappointment - as I'm still having to buy tomatoes!  The runner beans aren't exactly cropping lots either, I went out veg hunting one evening and came back with one runner bean and one finger sized courgette (zucchini) good job I have fat reserves - at that rate I'd fade away!

* * *

I managed a wonderful day out with George's Mom to Walcott (Ooops! That should have been)Wollerton Old Hall Garden private Gardens in Shropshire but that's a whole other post!  
They even had a resident hedgehog ;o)

and a preview ...

(Which somehow missed off my original post)

* * *

I've added another face to the garden - a charity shop find of course!  And you know I like weird things of course ;o)

* * *

Well, I think that'll do for now.  I hope you have had an excellent Summer.  Next time Walcott Gardens.

Sending you my very best wishes.

x x x

Oh!  Just a thought...what happened with Blogger Reader?  My list still seems to be there - did I miss an important announcement or was it all just hype?  Anyway, I registered with Bloglovin' too!