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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Found a few more bargains.....

First of all - hope you've all had a relaxing Easter, I cetainly have! 
Welcome, welcome to my new followers :o)

Just a found a few things over the last week and a bit......hope you like some of it!

How about this vintage footed dish?
Err, not just one though....

A full set of six!  £3.95  I just couldn't believe my luck.
I can see a lovely prawn cocktail served up in these beauties :o)
(No marks on the base at all)

(Not surprisingly) Blue and white  flower brick approx 6" x 3"
for just 75p

A pair of napkins and rings for another 75p - more blue and white!

Another cloisonne find,  this stork in just about 4" high, another 75p

Another table runner - much, much deeper ruby red than pictured (sun shining brightly), and sequined too for 95p
(My daughter will think I've finally lost the plot - I'd NEVER buy anything red until quite recently)

Finally, I found this neck magnifier for close work £2.50
I won't need it often, but invaluable on the odd occasion I'll need it.

Hope those of you who will be avidly watching the Royal wedding will enjoy it, I will be having a shufty now and then.  UK readers - enjoy another double bank holiday weekend :o)  I think weather permitting I'll be mostly back in the garden and greenhouse.

Sending my very best wishes to you


Sorry, but due to a certain anonymous comment I have now put them onto approval - I really don't like to do that but neither do I like nameless (read spineless) comments.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Just a touch of Easter

Thank you for all you sweet comments, you really are a lovely bunch!

I'm supposed to be in the garden today - motivation is severely lacking I'm afraid, so I thought I'd find a little distraction..

Just a little Easter vingnette in the conservatory.
The tulips were my Aunts, very old and delicate as they're made from glass.

I know they were very special to her, and I love them too :o)

Do you like them?  I've never seen any others, but I'd love to add to them. 
 Mom told me they were in their childhood home. 

The bunnies have been collected over the last couple of years - many of them shown on my blog as I found them.

I've loved egg shapes for years, here's just a little of my collection displayed in a basket.

I've also added my silk blossoms hanging with Easter decorations to the hearth,
though after looking at it I'm going to move the Staffordshire dogs - it's just too cluttered!

Hope everyone has a great weekend....I'm finally off into the garden - I should have planted the potatoes a couple of weeks ago (but my back put paid to that).

Best wishes

Monday, 11 April 2011

I think I've still got my 'eye' in...

Thank you for your lovely comments and best wishes.  Happily my back is feeling MUCH better and I've even made a few charity shop visits ;o)  Here's the proof.....

I found this table runner with lively silver embroidery for £2

Our beautiful daughter loves pewter goblets - these are for her 5.5" tall at 50p each.
I like the detail on the stems.

I think she may also end up with this handy gadget too £1.99 just the think to store and touch up paint scuffs.
The box was slightly battered, but the contents are complete and unused.

Spode Blue Italian 8.75" dish 1.5" deep.  It's a modern one (who cares?) Wow, just £2.

George Jones 'Abbey' pattern sandwich plate 11.5" x 6"
The back stamp dates it to about 1891 - and with it was..

Five matching 6" side plates, and the lot was only £1.95
I'm certain to find another plate to complete the set :o)

Last, but certainly not least my 'special'

This beautiful J. Heath 'Pomona' tureen 4.5"tall x 7"wide
Made at the Newfield Pottery Stoke on Trent between
1845 and 1853.  Not surprisingly there is no lid but, otherwise is excellent condition
and costing a whole £1.  I spotted it just seconds before another lady picked it up, I was willing her to put it down - as she did she commented to her husband "Ugh, that's too old".
Her loss don't you think?

Aaah, loves young dream - he's giving her flowers :o)

Best wishes to everyone!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Just thought I'd better let you know....

Sorry folks, life has taken over again.  The last couple of weeks have been a bit manic to say the least.  Amongst other things we've helped our dear daughter move home, celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary and my lovely husbands birthday. The last couple of days I've been suffering with a painful back :o( so not much has got done at home,  and shock horror - I've done very little bargain shopping eek!
I have been trying to make time in the evening to visit my favourite blogs, though I've left very few comments as I've been trying to pack in as many visits as I possibly could!
I'll try and post over the next few days as things slow down a bit here.

Best wishes to you all, hope you're all well.