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Monday, 11 April 2011

I think I've still got my 'eye' in...

Thank you for your lovely comments and best wishes.  Happily my back is feeling MUCH better and I've even made a few charity shop visits ;o)  Here's the proof.....

I found this table runner with lively silver embroidery for £2

Our beautiful daughter loves pewter goblets - these are for her 5.5" tall at 50p each.
I like the detail on the stems.

I think she may also end up with this handy gadget too £1.99 just the think to store and touch up paint scuffs.
The box was slightly battered, but the contents are complete and unused.

Spode Blue Italian 8.75" dish 1.5" deep.  It's a modern one (who cares?) Wow, just £2.

George Jones 'Abbey' pattern sandwich plate 11.5" x 6"
The back stamp dates it to about 1891 - and with it was..

Five matching 6" side plates, and the lot was only £1.95
I'm certain to find another plate to complete the set :o)

Last, but certainly not least my 'special'

This beautiful J. Heath 'Pomona' tureen 4.5"tall x 7"wide
Made at the Newfield Pottery Stoke on Trent between
1845 and 1853.  Not surprisingly there is no lid but, otherwise is excellent condition
and costing a whole £1.  I spotted it just seconds before another lady picked it up, I was willing her to put it down - as she did she commented to her husband "Ugh, that's too old".
Her loss don't you think?

Aaah, loves young dream - he's giving her flowers :o)

Best wishes to everyone!


pattypan.2 said...

Hi Rose

Lovely to see you back - and I hope your back is much comfier. I sympathise. What a lovely haul - I really love the blue and white china - and the prices are so good as well. You wouldn't get it for that price round here. Also love the pewter goblets, I am sure your daughter will love them.

Anyway lovely to have you back

Take care



Dan said...

Fantastic finds Rose! I love the goblets!

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose
Good to see you blogging :) some nice blue pots you got, fancy one being called George Jones, does it have that on the back? Can you do me a photo if it does, St George's Day is coming up ;)
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

house things said...

Those goblets are wonderful. You have better thrift stores over there!

My Spotty Pony said...

Glad you are feeling better. You have done well with your purchases, I love the tureen, great to put a plant in :) Abby

Bayside Rose said...

Glad you are okay. I am always amazed at what you find in your charity shops there. Good quality and good prices. I want to come back and have a huge wander around them all. Wouldn't that be fun as there are so many.
Pam x

Patrice said...

The table runner and the blue plates definitely caught my eye!

Sharing Shadymont said...

Wow Rose, you certainly found some great things! Love the tureen the other lady thought was too old.... :) Glad you got it!

Have a great week.

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Gorgeous finds! There is nothing like old blue and white china.. I have a stash of it! Lizzie

acorn hollow said...

wonderful finds as always. I am glad your back it better.