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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seasons are a changing too.

Hi Folks

Yup, it's really me.  Sorry that I've been missing for (quite) a while again.

We've certainly had some wonderful weather this Summer and it looks like Autumn is continuing to be good.

Earlier this month, I finally had a break  - four years on!  It was only a Monday - Friday one, but oh my I NEEDED it!
We went to New Romney in Kent.  The weather was absolutely fabulous.  Our dear daughter and her partner came along too.  A wonderful time was had by all :o)

New Romney is only a mile or so away from Dungeness (England's only desert) the most atmospheric place I have visited in the UK.  It's a favourite area, and it's been some years since we were there last.  I'm delighted to say that the place had hardly changed at all.
I celebrated (another) birthday while we were there.

Derek Jarmans Garden - Prospect Cottage.

When we went to Hythe - another of my favourite places. A place we've been to many times before however, I'd never noticed this ancient plaque set into a wall leading to a church before.

We also visited Winchelsea - a lovely village.  We visited Spike Milligans grave in the beautiful, ancient churchyard.

There was quite a few folk paying respects to Spike, a man that has given laughter to millions.

* * *

I realise that I'm changing as I grow older - in mind as well as body!  I hardly buy any 'bargains' these days, and I'm far happier taking things TO the charity shop.  Quite a change eh?
I'm still very involved with the delightful little prickly creatures that visit our garden each night, and of course the rescue centre, who are invaluable.  My interest in wildlife photography is deepening, and if I get the chance I escape for a few hours with my camera for a little 'me' time.
I've just upgraded my camera, from a Panasonic Lumix FZ38 to a Panasonic Lumix FZ72, which I took out yesterday afternoon for it's first memorable outing to the nearby outstanding beauty of Cannock Chase.  I was very happy trying to get to know the camera settings and taking various shots.

Male Pheasant
Male Chaffinch
Fallow deer (mother and child) crossing the road
Then, a truly magical thing happened.  I had been taking images of some birds from the car when looked up, and there, right in front of the car was a fox.  He walked around, and came to the water dishes (that someone leaves out) for a long, long drink. 

I was smiling for hours afterwards :o)
(Made me think of the lovely Snowbird with her rescue foxes.)

I'd taken some other photos over the last few weeks, here's a few.

Juvenile green woodpecker with a crow looking on.


Sadly, I also missed some good shots of a rare Summer visitor to this area, 
the red backed shrike.  I kept seeing the little blighter but it was always just out of a clear shot, except the only time I hadn't got the camera ready!

* * *
So it looks like when I do get around to making a post it stands a very good chance it's going to involve wildlife!

* * *
On other matters....
I'm still my Mothers only carer as she will not budge and allow me to get help, though I have recently joined the local carers association.  I attended my first meeting this week - they seem a lovely bunch, and I'm certain they will be a great support network for me.

Hope to be back soon as time allows.  I do still pop in and out to visit you - thought I admit to rarely leaving comments, shame on me :o(

Best wishes to all you lovely folk out there.

x x x

Oh! just thought of a quick P.S.
(Than will probably make you smile)

I love runner beans and I always manage to get some in the garden. This year I've been overrun with the dreaded slugs, and as you know I would NEVER use slug pellets, and the little buggers had a go at my beans.  I had read that coffee grounds are a good deterrent, so when I saw some on offer at McDonalds for a £2 charity donation I snapped them up.  However, when I saw that the bag of grounds was HUGE (around 20 pounds in weight!) I wondered if I'd done the right thing.  
As soon as I unloaded them from the car I put a good, thick layer around the beans thinking that'd sort 'em out.  Little did I know that the caffeine woke the little buggers up and instead of just having a quick munch during the hours of darkness they were at it all day.  By the next morning all I had left was one solitary flower! :o(  It's the first year I haven't had the delights of home grown beans as I pit the remaining stems and roots into the compost heap.  Take that as a lesson folks!
Anyone out there know of a good use for coffee grounds?**

**Thanks to Vintage Jane here's a good link - just don't believe the bit about slugs ;)