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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Leibster Award.

I have been honoured with a Liebster Award by the lovely Greenfingers at Made with Love
Thank you so much :o)  Please pop over and see her, I'm sure you'll be glad you did.
The rule is that I must say 11 things about me (that you may not already know), so here goes.
1.  I have ridden as a pillion passenger since the age of 8.
(I ride as a passenger on a motorcycle - leathers and all!  Updated 27/08/12)
2.   I rarely drink alcohol.
3. I have not camped for over 25 years...a night in a force 9 gale which shredded the tent was the last time!  (NEVER again).
4.  I cannot ride a bicycle.
5.  I am quite happy in my own company.
6.  I have a huge collection of books, many of which I have read more than once.
7.  Following the last statement, I do not want a Kindle!
8.  I have a fear of heights
9.  I enjoy watching murder mysteries.
10.  I can touch my toes, and put the palms of my hands on the floor!
11.  I have a collection of musical instruments - though can play none of them.
Now I need to pass on this award to 11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
Please visit them too...
Best wishes

Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Treasures.

Hello Folks. 
 I hit a bit of a blog wall so haven't posted for a few weeks again - thank you for your patience.
Hello and welcome to my newest follower :o)
To catch up, I still have the hedgehogs visiting, but now there is one this years juvenile that's about half the size of the adults.  The little blighter is certainly camera shy, I've only managed to get a couple of snaps.
You can see how tiny it is :o)

A couple of weeks ago we had a calamity with the pond.  The pump stopped overnight and I lost three of the four lovely silver orf that we've had for around nine years.  The decision was made to clean out the pond.  We were taking it in turns to do this awfully dirty job, it was so hot and humid.  Hubs took a break on the bench and saw something moving in the border, it was one of our little field mice.  We placed some sunflower hearts down by the hole and it kept popping in and out getting food, a welcome break watching the little soul :o)

 (Sorry, no new photo's of mousie this time, this one was taken months ago.)
We also made the decision to have a larger pond - the one we have is very small!  As neither of us can face digging out the hole we have a builder coming this week to give us quote - fingers crossed it'll be reasonable?  (We already have the preformed 6' X 4' liner.)

This weekend the 'V' festival has been on At Weston Park, just about 8 miles as the crow flies.  It's on as I type, the noise has been awful all weekend.  The base has been booming ALL day, and frankly I am a little tired of it!  Sorry - moan over.. I must be getting old!  (Goodness knows how loud it must be there?)

The other day we went out, and as we were driving down one of our local lanes we happened upon these two beauties.

They were huge!  We have no idea where they'd appeared from as there
are no farms or houses anywhere near.  I so wished I had room for them at home...
If anyone out there know which breed they are I'm very curious, I thought at first they were marans, but the tails seemed too fluffy and the legs are bright yellow.

They were a little skittish, so these photos were taken about 40 feet away.

Okey dokey, down to the good stuff!  I have of course been treasure hunting, here's a selection of the latest.

First up, this Wedgwood Jasper ware vase, 8" tall.  A very reasonable £7.50

An OLD Spode Blue Italian bowl, 9.5" Diameter
Marked, hence the £2 price ticket.  Fine for display or Potpourri though.

Some of you may remember I found one of these Gosport Pottery biscuit/butter stamps before, this was also in its own wooden box.

£1 :o)

This sweet button heart,in it's 7.5" square frame was £2 
is now hanging in our bedroom :o)

Two tiny cast iron birds in their own little tin £1, they are now residing on the dresser.

Couldn't believe my luck with this Merrythoughts teddy 10" tall £5.
All he needs now is a smart ribbon bow.

This 6.5" vase is much nicer in real life.  An unexpected lucky find for £1.25
After closer inspection when I got home at the sticker on the base...

I discovered it was also signed - Royal Brierley Studio Glass.
(on the left hand side of the photo)
I was surprised to find these for £2

A BIG bag of buttons.  Some of you will understand!

I was also delighted to happen upon this..

Ideal as a cutlery box, 13" x 8.5" x 5"
£3  I love the flowers.

As you know I'm crazy about cats, so when I saw this Peter Fagan wall of singing cats for £1 I just couldn't resist.

3" x 2.75"

Then I saw these jewel encrusted enamelled photo frames, even though they're modern I thought they were so pretty, just the thing for photos of ancestors.

Two of them are 6" x 4" and the other is 4"x 4"
All for £2.75

This 3" high enamelled Scottie dog trinket box for £1

Two large tablecloths (sorry, I didn't iron them)

Blue and White Damask £3
and a beautiful hand embroidered floral one

Also £3

And finally, I quite like naive paintings of cottages, I found this one for £4
A slightly 'wonky' Keepers Cottage, that now hangs in the dining room below the other naive cottage garden painting.

Signing off, wishing you all well.
Hopefully I'll be posting on a more regular basis again.

Very best wishes to all