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Monday, 20 September 2010

As promised, holiday finds :o) and....

....After a really wonderful holiday my little helper has been feeling a little left out.  Sid hasn't strayed much further away than this at all....
Sunggled up on his 'lap blanket' with Mom.  I always feel so guilty going away and leaving Sid at home - even though she (yes, SHE!  I will tell the story one day) is spoilt rotten by my very kind neighbours who look after her and pop in to give her a good fuss three or four times a day.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand - holiday finds

First day shopping, and I left my faithfull shopping basket in the caravan - So I had to find something to carry the goodies in as I hate carrier bags.

A lovely hand made shopper, with plenty of room for the goodies!

Close up of my favourite side.

the other side

and the inside, showing the shoulder straps.  Someone made a great job of making this and then donated it to a charity shop in Selsey.  A bank breaking £1,  what a bargain!

Two pretty key tassels for 50p the pair.

A tiny box - but there's a blue dragon on it

oops! sorry, out of focus.  It was only 95p though.

Now what's a holiday without shells?  Fell in love with this giant,

Love the striations in it.

and then there was this one... and strangely

this one that someone has painted gold.  Good job I like gold then!

Who could resist at a £1 each?  Our rear entry hall and cloakroom have a boating, coastal theme so guess where they're going?

Then I found this little beauty...don't be too shocked it's new!

I love the crab pot!  Guess where this is going too...
I thought a great price £4.99

Okay, this ISN'T a real Staffordshire Cat - (though I do have the real dogs that were Gt. Grandma's) I also have two lonely little (fake) kittens that needed a Mom :o)  I must have had the little ones for 7 or 8 years from a local car boot sale, I'm sure they were only a couple of pounds.
They all look so much happier now, and I was more than happy to part with £3.90 to make a great trio.

I found this Portmerion 'Botanical' pot.  Now I have a quandry as I know two wonderful folk who collect this stuff.... Anyway, a steel at £2.  I'll figure out who gets it soon.

By now, you know I'm a sucker for a lovely perfume bottle..

Nice eh?  And it was £4.95.

A pair of topiary trees for £1.50?  Just need some fresh moss I think.

And finally....I am facinated by musical instruments and surprisingly have a small collection of them!
Here's an addition I've been after for months - not the best quality I know, but it's the only one I could play!

(Note to self, make sure the background to your photo's are clear.....)

Oh blimey, last minute addition I nearly forgot, the jewel in the crown..

An OLD, beautiful Coalport china shell

Knock down price of £2.

Hope you've enjoyed a stroll through my finds as much as I've enjoyed showing you.

 A big hello to another new follower :o)  You all make my day, and I love to read your comments too.

Next time I think I'd better reveal some more of the 'cats' collection, and probably my weirdest collection (who'd guess I'd do weird?) oh, and maybe a peak at the seaside theme too....

Until then, stay safe and well, and thank you for your time.

My very best wishes..

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I'm Back!


Six Selsey seagulls on a lovely litchen covered roof.

I'm back from a lovely holiday - though it didn't go exactly to plan!   We prefer to go on spec to a chosen area and see what caravan accommodation we can book there to use as a touring base.  All the caravan sites from New Romney to Dover were fully booked as The Sun and Mirror newspapers had special offers on that week, (this didn't become apparent for some hours as we don't buy newspapers) -so we eventually ended up in West Sussex  staying at Selsey Bill. Images can be found here
The first night was finally spent at the River Haven Hotel in the historic Cinque port of  Rye, East Sussex - and thank goodness there was secure parking as our car was loaded! - We arrived there at about 9pm after driving over 350 miles.  We were nearly turned away from here too as they had a large wedding party staying,  but happily for us there had been one 'no show'.  We had a very comfortable room, and a truly marvelous full English breakfast eaten in the dining room overlooking the idillic River Rother :o)   (I must apologise for the link as my camera was buried in the rear of the car! )  We used the free WiFi link at the hotel to make further searches and decided to return to last years destination of SELSEY.  Now at this point I should explain that I had taken some perishable food in a 'cooler bag' with an ice pack in, which had melted by this time :o(  So I had a brainwave to buy some cheap bags of frozen peas to pack in with the food to keep it fresh.  It actually worked!  All the food was still in good condition on Monday when we eventually 'arrived' in Selsey.

We could only book a caravan from Monday to Friday, so we spent our second night in a Bed and Breakfast. The Woolpack Inn at Fishbourne. Supposedly an AA 3*** rated, which we found it to be clean but disapointing.

I took this photo last year of a magnificent tree in a garden in Selsey high street.

We saw an amazing site on Monday at Wisborough Green, West Sussex - a hot air balloon gathering where 16 hot air balloons were inflated and taking off right before our eyes on a typical English village green and the field next door – certainly a thing of beauty in lovely surroundings.  I had recovered the camera by now...
Here's the inflation of one of them..

You can just make out the burner at full blast adding the hot air!

Up, up and away.....

Organised chaos!

The hundreds of folk had the most fantastic picnics laid out when we arrived - but I missed out on the photos of this as the camera was still packed!

We visited a dear friend in Emsworth during the week (Really great to see you again James!) - a lovely place too :o)

Looking back up the steep street from the harbour.

Low water at Emsworth

Plenty of touring and shopping - but sadly not many photos.....
I'll post more soon, adding some of my 'finds' of course - but I still have to get organised and take the photos!
Oh, I had a really lovely birthday.  Thank you for your good wishes - they were so nice to read :o) And welcome to my newest followers, you are very welcome :o)

Best wishes to all - I'll post more soon...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

More finds and a long awaited holiday!

I'm off on Saturday for a weeks holiday!  We have decided to go on spec to New Romney and Dungeness area in Kent - just love it down there, like stepping back in history.   It'll be my birthday while we're away so I'm sure to be making a purchase or two to bring home :o)
Here's a link to some images of Dungeness
We may 'pop over' (or would that be pop under?) to France and Belgium through the tunnel for a flying day visit, so passports and Euros are at the ready....may find their equivalent to a charity shop there!

Meanwhile, I've had a few finds in the last couple of weeks I thought I should post.

This GIANT (about 18" high) hurricane was £4 - I looked at it for four days before deciding to buy as I've REALLY got to be even more selective when I'm tempted!  Can't afford/don't want to move house!

Fell for this cutesy napkin ring at just £1, I have put this away until Easter though!

Found this little duck dish today after a visit to town for a trip to the hairdressers.  No marks, probably about a month old but I liked it!  Strangely priced at £2.40.  About 8 inches long.   
Now, I got a large duck a month or so ago, and then a dear friend,  George(  sent me a gift by way of an apology for a comment left on here (though I'm darned if I can see why I would've taken offence at any of them?)

Thank you George!

Love the sleepy duck :o) and started (another) collection!

Saw this little Royal Worcester piggy locally for £4.  She's 4 inches high, and I think she's got a sweet face!

This 4 inch diameter plate was from town today.   £1.99.

Booths Lowestoft Deer pattern.  I've checked the design registration number, and it dates to 1917.  Now this doesn't mean the plate is that old - but it would probably have been made within a couple of years of then.  Here's a link to a useful site to help you check on Registration numbers too..
This will replace a plate I broke a few weeks ago in my kitchen!  (Over the last 30 odd years I have kept every piece of broken blue and white pottery/china with the intent to make a mosaic for my garden....still not started.  I'll have enough to pave it if I leave it much longer LOL!)

And finally.....

A Flora (a healthy for your heart spread) side plate, £1.50.  I'll keep this in a cupboard to use onValentines Day for my sweetheart ;o)  Checked on UK Ebay, they start at about £4 each - so I got it for a good price.

Oh! Thought I'd post this photo too -

Our crazy old cat Sid decided this was a comforable sleeping position?  Perched on a cushion on the back of the chesterfield sofa in the it just me or what?
I don't know yet if I'm taking my laptop on holiday (security issues) So I'll probably not be checking in or posting, but I'll try and get something interesting to post for next time....
Best wishes to all.