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Thursday, 9 September 2010

More finds and a long awaited holiday!

I'm off on Saturday for a weeks holiday!  We have decided to go on spec to New Romney and Dungeness area in Kent - just love it down there, like stepping back in history.   It'll be my birthday while we're away so I'm sure to be making a purchase or two to bring home :o)
Here's a link to some images of Dungeness
We may 'pop over' (or would that be pop under?) to France and Belgium through the tunnel for a flying day visit, so passports and Euros are at the ready....may find their equivalent to a charity shop there!

Meanwhile, I've had a few finds in the last couple of weeks I thought I should post.

This GIANT (about 18" high) hurricane was £4 - I looked at it for four days before deciding to buy as I've REALLY got to be even more selective when I'm tempted!  Can't afford/don't want to move house!

Fell for this cutesy napkin ring at just £1, I have put this away until Easter though!

Found this little duck dish today after a visit to town for a trip to the hairdressers.  No marks, probably about a month old but I liked it!  Strangely priced at £2.40.  About 8 inches long.   
Now, I got a large duck a month or so ago, and then a dear friend,  George(  sent me a gift by way of an apology for a comment left on here (though I'm darned if I can see why I would've taken offence at any of them?)

Thank you George!

Love the sleepy duck :o) and started (another) collection!

Saw this little Royal Worcester piggy locally for £4.  She's 4 inches high, and I think she's got a sweet face!

This 4 inch diameter plate was from town today.   £1.99.

Booths Lowestoft Deer pattern.  I've checked the design registration number, and it dates to 1917.  Now this doesn't mean the plate is that old - but it would probably have been made within a couple of years of then.  Here's a link to a useful site to help you check on Registration numbers too..
This will replace a plate I broke a few weeks ago in my kitchen!  (Over the last 30 odd years I have kept every piece of broken blue and white pottery/china with the intent to make a mosaic for my garden....still not started.  I'll have enough to pave it if I leave it much longer LOL!)

And finally.....

A Flora (a healthy for your heart spread) side plate, £1.50.  I'll keep this in a cupboard to use onValentines Day for my sweetheart ;o)  Checked on UK Ebay, they start at about £4 each - so I got it for a good price.

Oh! Thought I'd post this photo too -

Our crazy old cat Sid decided this was a comforable sleeping position?  Perched on a cushion on the back of the chesterfield sofa in the it just me or what?
I don't know yet if I'm taking my laptop on holiday (security issues) So I'll probably not be checking in or posting, but I'll try and get something interesting to post for next time....
Best wishes to all.


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Thanks for sharing all your treasures with us. Glad you are having a good time.
Hugs, Pat

Cottage Way of Life said...

Have fun on your holiday. It's been quite a while since I visited Kent, but I remember that was a truly beautiful part of England. It'd be a grand place in which to celebrate a birthday!

Patrice said...

Have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Birthday!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That hurricane is gorgeous. Glad you got that. I would love one like that. I am so jealous that you can just pop over to France. My b.d. is tomorrow and happy birthday to you next week. Lots of Sept. birthdays I have noticed.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rose! Happy early birthday! Enjoy your visits! I love your blue and white duck dishes...lovely! But best of all is cute! Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Rose H (UK) said...

My last check in before we go!
Thank you all for your lovely comments and wishes.
Rose x

Charlene said...

Sid was so funny! How could that be comfy?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. And good luck shopping. Can't wait to see what you find. I love having a Bloggy Buddy in England!!! Imagine all the traveling we can do right from our computer. Birthday HUGS! Charlene

Manuela@TPOH said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

The piggy is so cute!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh I have hurricane envy I love the shape.... I must visit some of the charity shops in Sherborne again I expect the locals have been having a turn out!

x Alex