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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I missed my blog birthday! (Or, a mixed bag)

Hello folks, I'm back (again) too many things going on in real life at the moment, most days I'm trying hard to be organised ;o)

Well, my three years blog birthday WAS on the 20th January and I missed it....never mind eh?

I've been trying to sort out things with and for my Mom and her memory problems and worsening depression. We've seen the doctor and he's been absolutely fantastic and reassuring for us both.  (I went on my own first to tell him what had been happening as it's difficult to be completely honest when she's there), and then took Mom back on the same day for her appointment.  He knew what questions to ask, and when she got a little tearful he asked if I could answer on her behalf, bless him.  Referrals and appointments have been made for the 'Memory Service' to interview Mom at her home to diagnose and suggest how they can help, her anti-depressant medication has been upped and he is also recommending some counselling which will be arranged once the Memory Service have had their interview.  Today I've taken Mom to have some bloods taken for further assessment in case there is any underlying problems.  Initially Mom seemed please that the ball was rolling, but of course that's all very changeable along with her moods...We discussed sorting out a home help over Christmas and that was okay at the time, but when I bought up the subject again last week she hit the roof and wouldn't discuss it - I'll have to bide my time again it seems.
Anyway, that's enough of that.

I have of course found time to dally a while in the charity shop, and though I've mostly been buying books (I'm an avid reader) I've been 'trying' NOT to get carried away with purchases.  Of course, by now you know I'm a sucker for blue and white!  When I visited last Thursday my eyes were drawn to this gorgeous Wedgwood underglazed pearlware 'Fallow Deer' decoration tray 
18" x 10".

It was a hefty £12.50 but I loved it SO much :o)

The original pattern was used by the Rogers Pottery from Longton, Stoke on Trent sometime during it's 1784-1842 lifetime.  The pattern was taken up by Josiah Wedgwood in the late 19th century.  According to the impressed 'Wedgwood' mark it was produced sometime between 1909 and 1928.  It's sitting happily on my dresser now.

As you probably know we cancelled Christmas, no decorations and no tree, so I thought I'd brighten up a corner for Valentines Day this year.   So earlier this afternoon I dug out all my 
 heart shaped baubles and pretty little birds and did this...

It stands around 2.5 feet in total.  Hubs has come home and not even noticed it!

And finally...
I've been trying (in vein) to photograph a rare visitor to my garden, the amazingly beautiful Goldfinch.  We visited my Sister in law the other weekend and what was on her feeders?  Yes, glorious Goldfinches!  I got some snaps of those instead :o) Though I'm still trying to get them at home!

That's it for now.  

Best wishes to all


Louise said...

It's nice to hear from you again.

I love the valentine's tree and the birdy photos. I've just been trying to photograph our goldfinches, there'a cherry tree which is always full of them here, there were about 30 goldfinches and 2 pairs of bull finches on it a couple of hours ago, but the light wasn't great and the tree was swaying in the wind! I did get a few shots though.

With your love of wedgwood, have you ever visited the pottery museums in stoke? They're not that far from you and I bet you'd love having a look round!

Patrice said...

I love the plate!!! The photos of the birds are very good.

Louise said...

Hello again
I'm glad you enjoyed my Birchen Edge post, I just stopped by to tell you I have updated it to include a video, which another blogger has allowed my to use - he uploaded it this evening and it gives a good feel of the edge and shows the rocks and monuments nicely. You don't have to go back to watch it, but just in case you want to, I'm letting you know!

greenthumb said...

Such a busy time for you with you mum, those little birds are so very cute.

acorn hollow said...

rose I am so sorry to hear about your mom. It is such a hard time to be a daughter and a care taker.
I love that try it is so beautiful.
we have lots of gold finches this time of year who knows how they live in this horrid cold.

Sharing Shadymont said...

So good to see you here. You're often in my thoughts. Love the platter and tree. They are so pretty. The finches are my favorite, such lovely colors! Take care and hang in there. Sending positive thoughts to you!

JC said...

I am sorry to hear about the troubles with your Mom. My Mom past away quite a while ago but I do remember all that we went through with getting her settled. Her memory was ok though so letting me have someone come to her home went fine. Taking care of your older parents is so wearing on ones soul.

Your dish is nice. I can see why you liked it. I have way too many dishes that I've come home with. Luckily, I have three cabinets to hide them in.

Your heart tree is cute. I used to celebrate a lot due to my Dad's B Day being the cay before but now that my kids are older, it's just a normal day around here.

Your birds are so pretty. Mine don't have that head color .. at all. They must be different colors based on where they are.

Me, I get thrilled if I see a gold finch or an evening grosepeak. Add in a bluejay and my day has been made.


Denise said...

Hi Rose,

It's so good to see you back. Happy blog birthday! My second blogaversary was January 19th.

Your Wegewood Fallow Deer platter is lovely! I think it's definitely worth what you paid for it. I have to tell you that I love your Valentine's tree -- it's just charming. What a great idea! I need to try something like that. I can't believe hubs hasn't noticed, but you know these men. :)

It's so interesting to see your pics of the Gold Finches. We get a lot of those in our area, and they are beautiful. Around here, we call them Carolina Parakeets, because they're such a bright shade of yellow in the spring and summer. Yours are different from ours, though, because ours don't have the fed faces. That's so striking and unusual looking -- wow! My favorite bird that I saw when we were in England was the Blue Tit; I really wish we had those over here.

I did my Part Two post on our trip to England back in January, Rose. You can see it in my archives or my Tours/Travel section at the top of my home page. It has lots of pics of the countryside where we stayed in Bedfordshire.

I'm really sorry you're still having a hard time with your mom, but I'm glad to hear that you've got a good doctor who's working well with you.

Best wishes,

Denise at Forest Manor

Little Blue Mouse said...

Your Valentine's tree is really cute, what a good idea.

Debbie~ said...

Hi Rose, Happy Valentine's Day! I love your branch with all the pretty hearts! Your gold finches are beautiful, they happen to be our state bird, however ours are not as colorful, like some of your other readers mentioned. Ours are only yellow! I'm really sorry to hear about your Mom, there is nothing harder than watching our parents health failing, especially hard when you're the care giver. Sadly, I've heard other folks mention how verbally abusive their folks became. I'm just happy to hear her Dr. is working with you, and hopefully you'll be able to get her more help, and be able to visit just as her daughter instead both, her caregiver, and daughter! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Jay said...

Hi Rose, lovely valentines tree and super photos of the goldfinches, we get them in abundance but my photos of them are never very successful!
And happy belated blog-birthday! Jay

Janiepip said...

Hi Rose so sorry to here about your mum. I hope everything is sorted for you. It can be so so tough can't it. I love your Valentine tree and pics of the gold finches, such pretty little souls. Catch up soon love Jane xx

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Dear Rose, Sure have been thinking of you and wondering how your Mom is getting along.