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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

And about time too! (A surprise in the post, Canada and other things..)

Hello folks!  Hope all is well with everyone.
Little by little 'things' are getting bearable and sorted here.

I MUST sincerely thank everyone who has either commented or emailed me recently, you have lifted my heart and spirits, your words have been appreciated more than you could ever know.

I've also been amazed/pleased to see some more new followers, thank you for joining in, hope to 'see' you again soon :o)

As you know I've been missing for a while, and most of today I've been having a play about with my layout hoping to trim and improve.  I've finally managed to magic up a blog button, so feel free to use it if you wish - I think it all works correctly!)  Let me know if it all looks okay please.
I've also added a side-bar link to my lovely, talented daughter's new craft blog 

Now, to finally get back to 'normal'.  Just before (the dreaded) Christmas I received a surprise parcel from sweet Mary the U.S.  I was amazed to find inside these dear...

Porcelain hedgehog measuring cups!
(I meant to say that Mary got them from Anthropologie)
Mary had treated herself to a set and decided to share them with me as she knows how much I love the little critters :o)  Thank you so much Mary, sorry it's taken so long to post them.  They are sitting happily on the bookcase in the kitchen, I can see them from here and they make me smile.

As you can imagine, for the sake of my sanity (!) I have been popping into the charity shop as I've been passing and found one or two little bits and bobs that I can now share with you all.
Bronze figures are amongst the MANY things I collect, though you probably didn't know that ;o)
and last week I found this sweet pair of bears.  They stand 1.25" tall, and cost the princely sum of £1.

Now, you KNOW I LOVE blue and white, so it will come as no great surprise to this addition.

An 1960's vintage Enoch Wedgwood Schweppes Willow Pattern advertising 4" dish (75p)

My fascination with glass continues (despite myself!) so when I saw this perfume decanter that stands around 6" tall for £3.50 you just knew I'd find it a home.

(It has a little condensation in the base as it's not properly dry yet.)

When I 'popped' in yesterday I was taken by this unusual owl, it stands 5" tall

I just love the expression in his eyes.  Another one at 75p.

In the 80's Hubs and I visited relatives in Ontario.  We had a wonderful, memorable holiday and travelled throughout Ontario.  I fell in love Canada, and said if I ever went again it would be on a one way ticket!  So, occasionally I see something beautiful that reminds me of our holiday.  In the last few days I've been in seventh heaven with the following three true works of art.

The wood duck and Canada goose were made in places we'd visited on our travels, which makes them special to me :o) and they only cost £3 each.
  But, by a sheer fluke I happened to be in the shop as the manager was putting out the following item, a TRUE antique.

A small, delicate wall hanging, hand painted with an Indian chief on leather.

Hard to photograph, but it says 'Vancouver 1912'
and on the back (it is attached to card)

The message reads
'To Tom
From Loll
Xmas 1913'

And the cost?  £2.50!

It is now wrapped in acid free tissue paper and safely stored in a beautiful box :o)
I admit to being totally flummoxed that people can discard such old family 'treasures'?

Well, that all for now.  I shall hope to be posting as a blogger should, but please forgive me if it's still a little sporadic at times.

Wishing you all well.  Stay warm!

Best wishes



Patrice said...

Those hedgehogs are adorable! Please check the link you put up for your daughter. I could not access her blog. Been thinking about you , so I'm glad to see a post. I hope things continue to be bearable, and hopefully improve. Take care of yourself.:)

greenthumb said...

I'm glad things are looking up for you, I have been thinking of you on our travels. You always find great things love your little bear and the birds. Take care. Greenthumb.

fabriquefantastique said...

measuring cups are too well as useful.
At the moment I am having a fine old time in the NZ op shops, but having to limit myself to old knitting patterns and the odd scarf/linen piece.

Leanne said...

glad to see you posting Rose! I love your wooden fowl, arent they beautiful? well done for rescuing that old heirloom. Whereas that particular piece is not my personal taste, i completely understand the dismay when such things turn up, and ive rescued a few in my time too!

Leanne x

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh Wow you did well in the charity shops. I love the Canada Geese.

I like the top button "a word verification free blog"

Julie xxxxxxxx

Denise said...

Welcome back, Rose. You sound in much better spirits, and I'm so glad for your sake. I hope things are going better for you on the home front.

Those porcelain hedgehog measuring cups are soooo cute -- I've never seen anything like them!! What a precious gift from your friend! I also love the gorgeous perfume decanter -- Wow! You got a great deal on the carved ducks; carved wooden duck decoys cost a pretty penny around here. I would love to have one but am not willing to pay the prices they're asking. You had some very successful shopping trips. :)

I've published a post on our trip to England in 1999 with pictures of the place we stayed in the Bedfordshire countryside. I'd love for you to stop by if you have a chance. Wishing you well in this new year, Rose!


Denise at Forest Manor

awholeplotoflove said...

It has been a few months since I have been in a charity shop. I did peer in the window of one I was passing by the other day but the prices soon put me off. You have found some nice treasures though.

Jooles said...

what cute measurings cups and what fabulous treasure you have found!
Wishing you a happy weekend
love jooles xxx

acorn hollow said...

wow what great treasures you have a great gift and great finds.
I enjoyed my visit as always

Jay said...

Wow what wondeful finds, Rose. My favourite is the perfume decanter and the painting on leather - although they're all lovely.

ann said...

Hi Rose. I have been missing your posts. Very sorry to hear about your mother. My mother in law went through that very difficult stage, but now her mind is gone. We saw her Christmas and she was totally non responsive. Each time we get a call from the nursing home where she lives, I hold my breath. Caring for our elderly parents is very difficult. My thoughts are with you. You have assembled some very nice treasures. I believe that my favorite is the wood duck. My goal is to photograph one in the wild, since we do have them here, though they are rare. I love the goose, too. Stay cheerful, Rose.

Little Blue Mouse said...

You've some great finds there, I especially like the perfume decanter.

Anonymous said...

what treasures!!! fun fun. I have never seen anything like the hedgehog measuring cups!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
makes me want to explore the shops!

Nancy Claeys said...

Rose -- those hedgehog cups are too adorable. What a sweet blogger friend Mary is!

Love all of your new-found treasures. :)

Janiepip said...

Rose, I just love everything. Don't you just love charity shops. Everything you bought is lovely. Have a good weekend love Jane xx

Louise said...

Hi Rose, I hope you are well and things are not bad with your mum now.

I just stopped by as I 'saw this and thought of you' ---

A BBC news article about a new hedgehog survey - I'm sure you know about the survey already but I thought you would enjoy the photos :)