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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Perfect Paperwhites (and the not so perfect.)

Beautiful Paperwhites

I am delighting in these at the moment, a lovely Christmas gift from a dear friend.
Thank you :o)

x x x

Hello everyone!  Hope you are well and warm despite the continuing cold (but happily dry) weather.
Things here are much the same, we still haven't heard from the Memory Service so as yet Mom continues to be undiagnosed.  I think the extra dose of anti depressant is starting to work though as she does seem a little more settled - which is good :o)

I have been very good (for a change) and have only bought home one 'bargain' ;o)
a super Portmeirion 'Birds of Britain' rolling pin in superb condition, showing six species..

The Bearded Tit and Blue Tit

Red Poll and Linnet

Green Finch and Gold Finch

I cannot find out much information about this range other than production stopped around twenty  years ago.  Anyone out there know more please?  Oh, almost forgot it was only £2 :o)

- - - -

The birds have very busy in the garden seeking food and water.  I feed them a wide variety of food daily (and in very bad weather as much as three or four times a day) and ensure there always water available for them as it is most important they are able to bathe to keep their feathers in the best condition possible for much needed insulation. The front garden has the waterfall running on the pond of course, and the little ones are often seen splashing around in their own personal jacuzzi !  The back garden poses more of a problem though, so with a little imagination I've rigged up a 'heated' pool for them (though of course not really hot!)
I used three bricks, an enamel plate and a tea light and holder.  The candle is far enough away to keep the water liquid without heating the water above a few degrees.


And here's one of our braver visitors.

One of the Robin visitors from our healthy population, but yesterday I discovered that not all visitors enjoy good health...

On first appearance this male Great Tit seemed to be quite healthy, and had been happily feeding on peanuts for some time - but then I noticed the other side of his head was quite wrong.


but, when he turned his head this swollen (injured?) side was shown.
I was quite upset and grabbed the camera.  Since taking, and after investigating the RSPB site  I've found out that it is suffering from Avian Pox, a disease I'd never heard of before.  The information says that the Great Tit is susceptible to the disease, and it can recover completely but there is no treatment for wild living birds.  I shall keep a special watch out for him and see if he is a regular visitor from now on.  There is a download link to report occurrences, and I have sent the information off.  So keep a look out just in case you have diseased birds too.

- - - -

We have to replace fencing in the garden this year, and the new one will be erected in the coming week, so I shall make some before and after shots for my next post.  Sadly though I shall be loosing some well established ivy, so it is imperative the fencing is replaced before the birds start nesting.  Today I intent to wrap up (very) warm (as it's still below freezing) and dig out some bulbs that will be in the firing line of the workers to save them from their size 10's!  Also to try and find/rescue a last years Robin's nest, which has so far been too well hidden.  We will also have a new fence and gate erected in the front garden, but more of that too in my next post. (Don't worry though hedgehogs will still have the free access they enjoy normally.)

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Best wishes


Can anyone (UK) recommend a SIMPLE, large buttoned remote control for digital, Freeview TV's?  Mom is driving me slowly nuts, her remote has tiny buttons and she must press (and hold down) two or three at a time then consequentially looses ALL the channels :o(  I've only had to re-tune it twice (so far) today!  Thank you.



Louise said...

oh those flowers are just lovely, I'd be delighting in them too!

I love the birdy rolling pin! Your water idea is a brilliant cold weather solution - I must try it!

I hate to see birds with Avian Pox, it must be really awful for them. I've never seen one for myself but I have seen other bloggers post similar photos (just once or twice).

I'm glad to hear your mum is a little more settled now.
You have probably missed the good news in my blog posts from the past week - I'm finally going to be a teacher!!

fabriquefantastique said...

Great rolling pin...thrifting is very good here in NZ, unfortunately I have to be very disciplined as to what I can take home.
My blog buddy, Lynn, in France posted a similar bird picture some months ago

Sharing Shadymont said...

Beautiful paper whites. Can't wait to see pix of your new fence. Poor bird, that is so sad. Wish something could be done.

Sounds like you are doing well. Have a great week!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh my I love the rolling pin! I have never seen that pattern before.
Hang in there dear friend. Your paperwhites are so pretty and surely bring a smile.

greenthumb said...

Fancy having to keep the water from freezing, it never gets that cold here.

Mary said...

"Hello" dear Rose. Lovely to read your post but sorry things are still difficult for you with your mom - and hope someone can suggest the right remote for her! Hopefully the meds. will continue to help, and eventually she will be managing better - I know how hard all this must be for you.

Pretty paperwhites - I love how they look but have never been too fond of their perfume for some reason.........I almost feel allergic to them when I smell them, perhaps I am! Right now I have a wretched cold so wouldn't smell them anyway!

Love the rolling pin - what a bargain. Have you seen the great UK Country Living article this month on English birds and their nests? Beautiful illustrations. Sorry about the sickly birdie and hope it's not in pain. I hate to see them diseased - our house finches sometimes have an eye disease which eventually causes blindness - I have a few tears when I spy one in the garden and can do nothing to help.

Hope the fence construction goes according to plan and they don't cause too much upheaval around the garden for the birds and hedgehogs.

Thanks for stopping by dear - always love to hear from you, and you leave the sweetest comments. I'd love to have seen that TV show on Salisbury Plain, South Georgia - such a magical place. I'll have some more
Antarctic posts later - so much to show you!

Love and hugs - Mary

Marilyn said...

Big snowstorm here this past week and another this weekend. We need all the moisture we can get. Gardening for me is weeks away. It was only 5 degrees (F) when I left one morning and -5 by the time I got to school. I can relate to your need for a special remote. My dad was always messing up his and my brother would have to go fix it. Hope you'll find something that works for your mom.♥♫

Jay said...

Lovely flowers Rose,what a shame about the bird I've never heard of that disease. Fingers crossed the temperature goes up a little for your outdoors work!

Liz said...

What a great idea for warming the water outside!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Vintage Jane said...

Glad to hear your mum is a little more settled but hope you get a proper diagnosis one way or another soon ...
Love your rolling pin.
Hope that poor little bird recovers - you are so kind, looking after all your wildlife.
Take care,
M xx

Denise said...

Good morning Dear Rose! It's always good to see a post from you. I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing some better right now. :)

Your Paperwhites are just gorgeous and I love the blue and white porcelain pot they're in!! What a sweet gift from your friend! Your Portmeirion rolling pin is just lovely. I would love to see the Blue Tit on there because you know I love those birds.

That's a great idea you have for a warm bird bath for the birds. We're having such fun feeding our wild birds out back; we have four feeders at our back porch, and we can see them from the kitchen window and from the den. We've had so many interesting varieties.

I wrote about our visit to Stratford-upon-Avon as Part III of my England trip a few weeks ago, Rose. If you're interested, you can see it on my blog.

I hope you have a great day and don't get too cold digging up your bulbs.

Denise at Forest Manor

Little Blue Mouse said...

That rolling pin is fabulous!

The birds in your garden are very lucky to have their own hot tub. When word gets around you'll have birds coming from far and wide!

acorn hollow said...

your paperwhites are lovely I too have some blooming. we are cold and waiting for more snow tonight.
I love your rolling pins so pretty.
I have been feeding the birds too they are so hungry trying to keep warm.Really enjoyed my visit