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Thursday, 14 March 2013

New fencing

Hello folks!

I am still in the land of the living.

The new fencing is finished and I've been busy, besides all the 'normal' stuff trying to get the gardens sorted out.  I did take most of the before and after pictures so here goes (sorry, image heavy post.)

Back garden 
 (45 feet long (total) x 25 feet wide)

Before, please note the post (just behind the green covered washing line) at an angle holding up the fence!
(The panels were, despite needing treating actually in a good sound condition, but after 33 years the posts had rotted through!  I think we'd had our money's worth though ;o)
Draped in all that flamin' ivy(that has been a nightmare to keep under control) and the lovely pink Clematis Montana. 

after I'd cut down the ivy that was on the rear wall of the house (I forgot the 'before' of that)
It was around 12 feet high! (Not for the faint-hearted - balanced on a ladder that was slowly sinking into the border soil)  I managed to rescue the robins nest from last Spring too :o)
I have to get the rest of the brickwork 'pointed' now, where the ivy had broken it warned if you have ivy on your walls :o(  


Much better, though please excuse the dustpan, brush and garden bag in bottom right hand corner -  I was tidying up at the time...still a very cold day, and I was in five layers of clothes!

The fencing guys were great.  They worked extremely hard and were very accommodating for that 'weird woman' that had the work done...they didn't flinch when I asked for two 'hedgehog holes' to be cut in the gravel boards giving access to my neighbours garden :o)

and the second one
Still getting the border straight hence the rake...
The black 'leaky' hose also had to be staked out later.

We had also arranged that on the same day they would erect a fence in our front garden.
Before view from the pathway.  (Our houses are in a crescent and there is no vehicular access to the front of them, just a pathway.)

Garden measurements 
25 feet x 24 feet
You all know the view from the house due to the MANY hedgehog photos :o)
The little dry stone wall is around a foot high and covered in ivy (and filled with field/wood mice!)
The pile of logs besides the shrub (variegated pink Wegelia) is covering over hog box no. 3, I had to move this one for the fence to be erected - underneath it was another little wonder of nature :o)

 The entrance to one mouse hole, surrounded by ivy leaves and sticks.  I was careful to leave it undisturbed of course and have since lifted the hog box higher.

And now the 'After' shot
(From the pathway)
MUCH better!  
We have lived happily here for 35 years without a fence or gate, but over the last six months or so have experienced some problems with youths vandalising the garden at night and also younger children brazenly standing, staring into the house and garden and so had to remedy the situation.  Wish we'd done it years ago :o)
View from the other way,

Plenty of spaces for my spiky friends to visit though...

and under the gate as modelled by a stone variety!

We were so pleased with both the new fences that we decided to also replace the other fence between us and our adjoining neighbour, and so last Friday...looking towards the pond.

of course there was the obligatory hoggy hole.
(At the rear of the waterfall and next to hog box No. 3)

Where the new fences meet

The new fence view from our neighbours garden.

Then from by our conservatory into the garden towards the new gate

I've also put a few new 'wildlife' additions into the garden.

2 new 'Bug-huts'

(Thank you Aldi - special offers.  I was going to make some but these were so cheap..)

1 old one re-homed
With the 'door' open

a new nesting box - hoping for blue tits - fingers crossed.
Hidden behind the shrubs.

I've also placed a Robin's Tea pot nest in the tree by the pond but forgot to take a photo :o( but here's a link to a similar one.  I got mine from the Lakeland end of lines last Autumn - at a much reduced rate - of course ;o)

I've cropped a photo, the 'nest pot's' handle is visible 

It has snowed here every day since Sunday, but luckily hasn't stuck.  Once the Spring feel comes back I have some nesting materials I shall hang out in fat block holders for our little feathered friends.  (Dryer fluff, cat hair (!) wood wool and whatever else I can think of.)

Happily (though I have kept food out all through the Winter) there are no hedgehogs about. My friend Joan at the Rescue centre still has Otto and Olivia for me.  They are thriving well and will be returned once it is warm enough for them to be released safely.  Joan was telling me last week that she has 22  hogs in residence and hardly any of them have goodness knows what her cat food bills are like.  I still collect food and shredded paper for her, and give monetary donations when I can.

Things are much the same with Mom, though her depression is certainly lifting with the new drug regime.  Still no contact though from the Memory Service - I shall have to chase them up.

Thank you all again for all your wonderful, supportive comments and emails - I really do appreciate all of them :o) and for sticking around even though my posts are sporadic.

Best wishes to ALL.



greenthumb said...

Your new fence looks very nice love the way you left room for your little friends.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Oh what a lot of hard work!It looks lovely.I can't wait to get going in mine. The birds are getting louder everday.The frogs are back on the pond this really is a lovey time of year.Enjoy your garden and all that comes into it Lesley x

Jay said...

Wow it looks wonderful Rose, you have worked hard and in this freezing weather too!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Your new fence is beautiful, and what a clean slate it made in the back. And in the front now, you have your own little secret garden.
Glad your Mom is doing a little better.
Thinking of you often!

Mary said...

I truly believe the 'Garden of the Month' award belongs to you Rose.............what a fabulous job the fence guys did, must have cost an arm and two legs though!!!! What kind of wood is that - looks very posh for fences? It all makes your lovely home look really special and gives you the privacy it sounds like you may need these days! The gates are really nice too. Know you will enjoy seeing your climbers creeping back up and over in time, but better keep the ivy in check, it grows like wildfire doesn't it.

I know Olivia and Otto will be in hoggy heaven when they return - they'll feel like they're on vacation at a spa retreat!

You are so good to care for such a lot of wildlife in your garden - I need to get my feeders cleaned - I've already seen the Eastern bluebirds in and out the bird house again - perhaps seeking their old nest.

Glad your mother is doing somewhat better - my thoughts are with her. It was 10 years ago today that my mum (91) passed away - thankfully I's flown home, saw her the day before and was able to visit with her for a little while, not knowing she'd waited for me and would be gone the next morning!

Enjoy life dear friend, have a special weekend.
Hugs - Mary

rusty duck said...

The fences make such a difference. Particularly the front, it must feel so much more private and secure.

I wish we had hedgehogs here!

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a wonderful wildlife friendly garden! I love how you incorporated little doorways through to next door for the hedgehogs.

George The Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose
Lovely to see you today and thanks for the treats :)even thou Tess pinched mine
Wow your garden looks so different more room from what I can see.
Mom says she will keep some of our fur for you next time she gives us a groom, I think that will be tomorrow!!!
Have a Good Week
Love George xxx

Wendy said...

Hello, I've enjoyed reading your post and seeing how wildlife-friendly your garden is. I have a large dip under part of our fence where the badgers come in; they are very welcome. Lovely to hear that the hedgehogs are doing well at the rescue.

Kathy Moreland said...

Wow Rose! You have really updated your garden, and it looks terrific! Love the natural look of everything. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. Enjoy your weekend!