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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Could this be the longest 'thread' ever?

Whilst looking for something today I came across this......

(Yes, I have visited the beautiful Blue Mountain Canada)
Inside it is stored...

I'm wondering if I have the longest knitting project ever?
When our daughter was born in 1982 I was a little strapped for cash, and with Christmas on the horizon I figured I could knit my dear husband a jumper in time for the great day.  I remember taking Vicky in her pushchair on a freezing October day in search of inspiration!  I found a great knitting pattern for a 'Guernsey' jumper,

 which I purchased along with the number of balls of wool required.

Now, as my husband is a long distance lorry driver I had a lot of evenings on my own so keeping it a secret wasn't a problem.  I cast on, and I was off!  I knitted the back of the jumper.....then I started on the front of the jumper, and started the decreasing for the arm and neck shaping.  I just never got any further!

 I have over the ensuing years picked it up and done another couple of rows  here and there - but things change....people put on a little weight (no names but that's me included!)  Do I actually have enough wool to finish the project?  Am I motivated to complete the project?  So twenty eight years on.... and it's STILL NOT FINISHED!

Can anyone beat this?   I'd LOVE to know!  What would you do with it, finish it or leave it as it is? 
I REALLY couldn't face undoing it.  Looking forward to your replies :o)

Before I close, I really must welcome new followers!  It's great you see you here :o)

My very best wishes


Brownieville Girl said...

Can't compete with that but I knit a scarf this year and now can't figure out how to "cast off"!

house things said...


I don't have any knitting projects that are 28 years old, but there are many unfinished sweaters tucked away in my house. I seem to stop about where you did.

You mentioned that it won't fit any longer. Maybe someone else in the family would like it. Anyway, it looks good and there's really not that much left to do. Finish it.

Manuela@TPOH said...

LOL!!! O.K. that IS a long time to be working ona project. I did have a needlepoint project that went on for several years that I finally just gave up on!


acorn hollow said...

Oh I have lots of unfinished projects. If you do not want to take it apart then you should fininsh it. It might be a gift for someone else.

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

I've got a lot of unfinished projects but I think you've got me beat on that one! Happy Thanksgiving, Rose!

Tracy F. said...

I have a needlepoint pillow, not quite finished, that I started 31 years ago!

Clara said...

Wow, that is really something. I don't what I'd do but I think I would not get rid of it because there is something quite wonderful about it all.

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks for the comments folks :o)
I've decided (I think!) to try and finish the blighter after Christmas...I will post if it ever gets done, but I think the term must be 'Don't hold your breath'!
Rose H
P.S. Tracy F
You'll probably finish the pillow before the jumpers done LOL!

Brownieville Girl
Here's a link, with a better description than I could give you :o)

Andi's English Attic said...

In my house this work would probably stay unfinished, but my vote goes with you finishing the jumper. What a sense of achievement you'll feel if you do. Go on, you're almost there!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. xx

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Hi Rose, I had a yarn project for an afghan done on a little daisy loom. It was about 3/4 completet. I finally gave it away. The rest of the yarn is in a hatbox. The project dates back to the mid 70's!!!! Linda

Patrice said...

I have my share of unfinished projects, but I think you top me on the age of your project. I'd hate to see you take out the stitches after all of that work. I'm a very new knitter, so I'm not one to give advice. The work so far looks very good. You are a far better knitter than I.