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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Just look what I won! (And other stuff..)

Boy!  Did I have a huge grin last Tuesday when I got home, because this was waiting on the mat for me :o)
I won it in a draw on the fabulous Chickens in the road blog by Suzanne McMinn.  What a fabulous preserving book, with all sorts of recipes, hints and tips for 'canning' and preserving.  I'm SO pleased with it and really couldn't believe my luck when I won it.  Thank you Suzanne! :o) Please visit her brilliant blog on the link, be warned though - you'll be hooked! 
The recipe for Fig preserve sounds great...


Of course I've been shopping at my 'suppliers' this week ;o) and had a good  few finds.....
Firstly from my local charity shops
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

A great Babacombe Pottery string keeping owl £1, there's a hole above the beak for scissors and another just below for the string.

Another paperweight for my collection for £1.50.  It's 4" diameter, so quite large.

Do you remember these bronze leaf necklaces from the 60's?  This one was £2, I think it's very Autumnal. The lovely colours are not done justice here though.

This great 9" candle - more shades of Autumn for 70p

Here piggy, piggy!  He's a 10" long Devon pottery piggy bank, so cute! £2.50

Then I found this lovely book, which is unread...£1

I've long since given up (trying to) draw, but always had a yearning for one of these (expensive) models.  Whan I saw this for £1.50 I wasn't gonna leave it behind!

Now that Christmas is getting nearer, I couldn't resist adding some more lights for decoration..£2.50 for these 20 poinsettia lights.

They'll look great in the conservatory!
Now you know I like blue and white, and egg shapes - well this was only 70p

I know, I know - more candles!  It was only £1.50 complete - I love gold too :o)

Lastly, from the village charity shops I spied this pair of pretty cloisonne vases 3.5" high for £2

Then, on Wednesday I made my trip to town for a haircut, and found the motherload of the most beautiful traditional (with the 'humped back') handmade, jointed real mohair teddies nestling in a basket!  Someone had donated their collection, and they needed re-homing....

This cutie is only 6" tall, and looks so happy.  I certainly was happy with a £5 price tag!

This 9" 'brass' coloured beauty looks a little glum, despite his heart button was £6
and sitting alongside him was this..

unusual plum coloured beauty, also 9" high and also £6
This smiley 10" 'brass' one was £8
Lastly, there was this even more unusual 10" jet black bear that my heart melted over (though he looks blue grey here)

I only have a few of my bears with names, but I've decided to name this one 'Captain' in memory of Captain Phil Harris of the FV Cornelia Marie here from Discovery TV's Deadliest Catch, who died in February.  (RIP Phil)

Hope there's something to interest you here.  Thank you for your visits, I really appreciate them.
My very best wishes

Please let me know you've visited - leave a comment :o)


Patrice said...

I thought we had some super thrift shops and consignment shops her, but each time I read your blog, I get the feeling I'd do better if I swam across that big pond and went shopping with you! I could see my hubby now as I said, "Bye, honey. I'm off to England to go shopping."

Sharing Shadymont said...

You have some great finds! I especially like the candles and the bronze leaf necklace. So nice!

Brownieville Girl said...

Love that pig!!

Congratulations on your win - not as exciting but there is an award for you over on my blog :-}

The Tablescaper said...

Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments. Yes, a benefit tour is a tour where you pay to view the homes and the cost of the ticket goes to some benefit. The Harvest one was for a school, the Christmas one for a hospital.

I love seeing your bargains. I'd love to see more of what you do with them!

- The Tablescaper

freerangegirl said...

Hi Rose thankyou so much for dropping in on my blog an for your lovely comments. I'm really enjoying your blog and I love those poinsettia lights! Look forward to reading more x

Indie.Tea said...

Oo, congrats on your win and the finds are all gorgeous. I love the little bears you found - so cute and soulful.

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose congratulations on your win ;)
and lots of bargins you got there, poor bears needing a new home, I know they will be looked after by you, so none of them was called George :( I surpose there's only one George thats me ;)
See Yea George xxx

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

The book you won looks great. I would love to try to make jam!


Karen said...

Talk about serendipity. I came here from Dan's blog, frogs, dogs and ferns, to find out that you're the winner over at Suzanne's blog whom I've been following for quite a while, ever since she moved into the old farmhouse. Talk about a small bloggy world.

I wish I could find cool stuff in our consignment shops here in North Carolina like you did with your latest haul.