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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lion heads.

Tuesday was really miserable and wet.  The flat roofs that we were going to have recovered  have been put off due to the weather :o(   I needed to go to the local shop for a few odds 'n sods, and as it's right next door to the charity shop - what's a girls to do?  I really didn't go in with much hope - but boy, was I glad I did go!

These three lion headed soup bowls for 90p!  (I wonder if I'll find another three?)
A sweet lavender scented candle 20p

I've been after something heavy and sturdy to put kitchen utensils in....and look what I found -

This brilliant 8" high old stonewear pot £1 - IDEAL

This shabby-chic woven aluminium heart basket, hand crafted in Amsterdam £1
It's about 6" at it's widest.

A cute little chick  (after a good scrub!)- it looks to be Victorian or Edwardian £1.20 - 'CHEAP' or what! LOL

another trinket box about 4" square, very Autumnal I thought....

with oak leaf and acorn lid, £1.20

and finally, these cloisonne animals, just about 1.5" tall 50p each,

and such pretty flowers on the back of the panda.
Quite a haul I thought :o) Cheered me up no end lol.

Which reminded me of four items I got from our last visit to Dagfields and I forgot to post, so here they are...

These four cloisonne vases also about 1.5" tall for £5 the lot.
I love the first one, such pretty blossom :o)

Funny how such a miserable day doesn't seem so bad now either...

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Best wishes and sunny skies to all!


Brownieville Girl said...

Talk about a fortunate trip to the shops!!!

Nigella uses bowls like those to serve a chicken pie in one of her books - the real stamp of approval!!!

acorn hollow said...

It is alway a good when the thrifting is good.
I love the lion head bowls.

Tracy F. said...

What a lucky day you had, finding so many interesting things!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Rose, you found some great pieces. I love those soup bowls and hope you find more. That crock for your utensils is great. Those cost a lot more than that here. You scored good!!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

I love the old stoneware! Great finds!!!

George the Lad said...

You got some nice nick nacks there Auntie Rose,
Mom says she'll look out for three more of the lion head bowls for yea.
Now listen up, come to see me on the 1st of Nov I have some things going on, I'd like you to take part, well if not you Sid or even one of your pot cats will do, you'll get what I'm talking about when you see the post.
See Yea George xxx
PS I've got a Halloweenie Saturday Steps to!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

What great finds, Rose! I especially love the soup bowls! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Sharing Shadymont said...

Such nice finds! Thanks for becoming a new follower. I am returning the favor! Come visit often. :)

Melanie said...

Great finds. I really love the soup bowls.


Shirley said...

You found some great things. I love that little acorn box! I relate to acorns so much as I have a gazillion in my back year!!! The soup bowls are splendid. I hope you get lucky and find a few more.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

You found some wonderful items! I have those lion head bowls and a matching tureen, and I found them all over the place, so I bet you will find some more soon.

Martha said...

What lovely treasures you found! I have some of those bowls and I paid way more than you did but I must say that I use them A LOT!!!! So they were well worth the money but oh, to find them for that price!!!!

Yes, I have found a platter and gravy boat -- on Replacements which means that they are retail but I'm okay with that. It's just getting around to buying them!!!! (BTW, TJ Maxx or Marshall's has the gravy boat but in BROWN!!! -- not blue -- at a great price -- sigh -- blue must be more popular)