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Monday, 26 April 2010

Just a peek!

I made my usual visit to the charity shop on Saturday and got a couple of things.

There was a strange crystal 'thing' joined together with stiff wire - NOT a necklace but still pretty!  As it was only £1 I though why not?  I could always use the crystal on projects.  However when I sat and thought about it why not add it to a lampshade.....

Okay, I'll NEVER make a good photographer, but I've put it on a large Standard lamp shade, I think it's added a 'little' more.....

Then of course there was this plate, did I mention I like plates?  LOL!

£2 for a toile plate, it just HAD to be mine ;-)
and now a closer look.
I know it's modern, but it's toile!
So after no thought whatsoever I KNEW where it was going....

So now I'll see it every morning when I awake as this is the view I see when I look at the foot of the bed.  The dressing table was my maternal Grandparents - remember my clock?   The dressing table holds my perfume bottles collection and my favourite ginger jar with dragons on it.  The (partially shown)  door to the right is part of my wardrobe. (There is another on on the opposite side out of shot that is my husbands)  We built them in about four years ago.  The small Wegewood plates on the left are some I inherited from my Mother in Law (They are in a straight line, but somehow the photo has made them look slightly 'off'?) and the gold shelf below them was a TK Maxx bargain I got recently for £5.  Reflected in the mirror is a part of a painted panel on the wall above the head of the bed, showing one of a pair of wall mounted triple candle sconces and a painting that is in the centre of them.

When I awake and look up I see a heavenly blue sky......

This is my masterpiece!  I painted the ceiling with Cirrus clouds, (my favourite skys) when I redecorated our bedroom at the same time we built in the wardrobes.  The light fitting I found on Ebay and added the crystal drops, from memory I think it was about £35, which I considered a bargain.

This is the view I have when I lie in bed.  (Oooh, I bet you're surprised at all the blue and white on the window sill!)  These two houses and smaller detatched garage in the centre, are a SORE POINT; they were not there when we moved in 32 years ago.  We had beautiful open views of the fields (which are just the other side of the tall trees in the background)  but a local councillor owned this long strip of land and he applied for planning permission to build three bungalows. We (ourselves and neighbours) all attended the planning meetings and gave our strong objections, however we were over ruled at each turn and planning permission was eventually passed.  Once the initial permission was given the plans were altered a total of three times over about the following five or six years, the result was these buildings.  The one on the right hand side is 30 feet from the front wall of our house (Minimum building distance at the time)  }:-(  
But Hey, we still only have a two minute walk from our door, over a bridge and then we are into open farmland and beautiful countryside.

Hope you have enjoyed a peek at parts of my bedroom, and even though our rooms are not small by UK standards, oh how I wish we had rooms the size of our American cousins!  Don't forget to enlarge the photo's just click on them.  Please leave me your thoughts so that I know you've visited - and of course I love to read them.

Oh!  I must just thank the lovely folk who've joined in as followers, when I started this blog I wondered if anyone would even bother to have a look around, so again a great big sincere THANK YOU. 

Best wishes to all


Brownieville Girl said...

I'm really enjoying your blog Rose.

Welcome to mine!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you! :o)
Best wishes
Rose H

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am so glad you visiting my blog! It agave me a chance to come visit you. Your bedroom is lovely and the ceiling is FABULOUS! Come visit again soon.

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Penny, you are on my favourites list! Glad you liked the ceiling :o)
Best wishes
Rose H

Rosemary said...

I liked the photos! I'm not a photographer either, and always wonder how my photos look to others. To answer your question, it is a cloche in the background. It's a giant sized one from Anthropolgie. I was lucky to get it on sale.
Enjoy your visits,

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks Rosemary. I thought it was, looks beautiful!

Heidi said...

Hi Rose,
You've found some wonderful treasures! I especially like that blue and white plate. I can relate to your love of those colors! I adore blue and white with yellow or green - very fresh! My tablescape this week is very blue - with some other fun colors added for punch. I'd love it if you'd stop by for a visit sometime! Have a great day.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Heidi, I'm already a follower of your blog. I love what you did with inspiration from Ikea.
Best wishes
Rose H

K said...

Rose, I LOVE your bedroom ceiling! Gorgeous!!

Lenore said...

Wow, Rose....I love your blue plate, the cirrus clouds on your ceiling and the lovely view out your window when in bed and your grandmother's dressing table is beautiful. Thanks for the view!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

K and Lenore,
Great to see you both here! Thank you for your lovely comments, hope to see you here again soon..
Best wishes
Rose H

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I love your lampshade and you did wonderful on your ceiling. I need to paint some of the rooms in my house. Your lampshade is darling! Hope you will come back soon for another visit.
Hugs, Pat

house things said...

Hello, Rose -

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I want to say that the fixture in your bedroom is gorgeous. So is the ceiling. Nice work!
All best,

Manuela@TPOH said...

The clouds on the ceiling are so fabulous! What a lovely thing to see first thing. LOve the plate and the sparkly thing on the lampshade!


Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Pat, Kathleen and Manuela!
Great to see you here, and thank you for your very sweet comments :o)
I'm so happy that everyone seems to like my bedroom was a labour of love.
Best wishes to all,
Rose H

Donna said...

I just love the ceiling clouds! That's a great idea. I'm enjoying your blog.

Rose H (UK) said...

Welcome Donna!
It looks like I shall have to post a 'how I did it' for the clouds, LOL.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rose! I love your morning views! Your chandy and blue sky are just gorgeous! And of course, I LOVE your toile pretty! Happy week!...Debbie

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks Debbie, great to see you here!
Best wishes
Rose H