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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blue and white obsession?

I hope everyone has had a happy Easter holiday.  I haven't had any finds over the holidays so I thought I'd post about some of my blue and white instead. 

Here is a wall display in my lounge, the clock in the centre is a treasured possesion - it belonged to my maternal Grandparents Clara and Jack Dunn.  It is a hundred years old and I love it!  It keeps perfect time too.
The plates are by two makers, Booths and Royal Cauldon.
(Don't forget you can enlarge any photo by clicking on it).

The little mouse on the bottom right hand side of the clock is the one that ran up know, Hickory, Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock!  (He looks a happy and relaxed little soul doesn't he?)

I love the thistle design on the pendulum. 
This is one of the larger 10" 'Booths' plates on the outside of the display.

An 8" Booths plate inside bottom of display,
This is one of the Royal Cauldon saucers from top inside position.
I love the blue dragons on all of these, and that the patterns are so similar to each other though the shades of blue are slightly different.
These are from my dining room.  The outside two 10" and bottom centre are 8" all Royal Cauldon plates.
The sandwich plate on the top is a Enoch & Ralph Woods Seaforth design
Here is the display from the top of my 'hostess' trolley in the dining room.

This is one of my best ever finds....Spode, Blue Italian 6 pint soup tureen purchased last year from a charity shop for £10! (Just need to track down a ladle now) The ramekin is also the same pattern and shown in a earlier post (£1)
This was another 'find' solid silver Mappin &Webb dish for £5
I got this Coalport 'Ironbridge' dish in the same haul last year for £1.50 - we live about 17 miles from the real Ironbridge.
You can read about the Ironbridge here:
This is the Copeland Spode (£3) Willow pattern jug I mentioned on an earlier post.
The lillies are made from sugar and were a gift from my Sister in Law, Joy who makes these beautiful sugarcraft flowers and decorates cakes as a hobby.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my blue and white obsession.  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment please - I really appreciate and enjoy reading them very much.

Thank you for joining me, best wishes.


Cindy said...

I love blue and white dishes, too! I don't have a good place to display them (little kids/babies around now a days), so they are packed away right now. I have an old cedar chest I want to repurpose (stand it up and put legs on it with a light at the top) into a display case for it. Just have to get on it! LOL!

Tracy F. said...

I love blue and white dishes too. The Spode soup tureen is gorgeous.

The Norwegian said...

This post is so much fun I almost don't know where to begin! Got to tell you - Loved the Coalport Ironbridge - new to me but I had just read about Ironbridge in Shropshire which I know is not far from you in Staffordshire. The Spode tureen is such a fabulous find. Love the Booths. We learn so much when we read what bloggers round the world share with us! Always love your posts.

Rosemary said...

Very pretty dishes!
You can try looking on line for cloches. I have seen them on various sites.
Have a wonderful day!

Manuela@TPOH said...

LOL! The mouse on the clock is too cute! Love all your pretty dishes, especially the tureen! What a find that one was!


Rose H (UK) said...

Sincere thank you for all your kind words, I read every one and appreciate them all.


Rose H

Brownieville Girl said...

What a wonderful collection Rose!

Charlene said...

I LOVE that tureen!!!! And your sewing machine from the last post is wonderful!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Wow! You have some beautiful blue and white pieces. I love the long narrow one. Wonder what it was made for...Bread? Pickles? Cheese?

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi, thank you all for your lovely comments - they're all appreciated.

Chickens in the Basement, the long narrow dish is a sandwich plate, it once belonged to my Aunt. I think it's kinda special too :o)

Best wishes, Rose H.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I have somewhat of an addiction to blue and white transferware and yours is lovely! Love the tureen and the sandwich plate. You may want to take a look at this blog. She has over 3000 pieces of transferware. Thanks for your visit and kind comment on my yard sale finds.

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you so much Sherry - I'm already a follower of Nancy - facinating blog site!

The Tablescaper said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe the finds you get. I too love blue and white, but you rarely find it in a thrift shop and if you do it's not at those prices (even with the exchange rate!)

- The Tablescaper