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Friday, 6 May 2011

Further down the lane.

As I promised in my last post I've been down to the river today to get some photos.  Now, I never said I'd walk down!  (I was actually on my way back home).  So, here's a picture taken looking back towards home at the bottom of...

(Please click on photos to expand)
(That's my Merc parked up)
I turned around and this is the view

The five arched 'Cuttlestone Bridge' is centre right, just follow the fence line.
(There's often some friendly horses grazing here).

Then I cross over the lane and head for the bridge

and start to walk over the bridge

This is 'our' river to the left of the bridge.
(This replacement for the ancient bridge was built in the 18th Century out of local sandstone blocks)
If you have the time and patience to stand and stare you can often see the brilliant blue flash of kingfishers.
Some of the coping blocks on the top of the bridge have been much abused by local youths(?) over the years,  but the beautiful lichens still grow there.
Then I look into the slowly flowing waters.  It's been so dry here for many weeks.  The river swells much deeper and faster normally.
Then look up to the view beyond

Then cross over and look out to the right

The dust-dry field lays ploughed and maybe already seeded, then the river below comes into view.
Yesterday I saw the cows paddling here and drinking the water, their hoof marks are in the mud.

the river continues it's gentle flow towards the village centre, but wait - what do I see in the shallows?

Do you see the shoal of tiny fish in the shallows on the right of the picture?  They continue on up into the deeper water too.  All new life, makes you feel good.
(Hubby, a keen fisherman has caught big, beautiful brown trout further up-stream)

Before I leave, I love the abutments beneath the bridge, so solid and yet scored by the flow of water

I wish I could have got down to the river bank and show the bridge in profile, such a lovely shape with it's proud arches.  What makes you think I love where I live?

Well, looks like I'm delivering bedside tables to Nottingham tomorrow.  What ever you're doing have a great weekend, and to my American friends Happy Mothers Day!

Best wishes.


George the Lad said...

Auntie Rose, I have enjoyed walking with you on the walks, maybe sometime you could really take me with you;)
We did the walk around Badger, but it was sooo hot we only touched the edge of the dingle we had been walking for a good hour! I'll be putting the post up about it next Saturday.
Have a good weekend.
See Yea George xxx

Rose H (UK) said...

Dearest George, of course you can come a walk down the lane! Tell Mom to bring her camera - she takes such fabulous photos. (We've even got some 'steps' at the station!)
Sorry you didn't go right 'down the Dingle', but there's other, cooler days ;o)
Lots of love
Auntie Rose xx

Sharing Shadymont said...

Another lovely post! Beautiful place to live!!

Marilyn said...

All I can say is: SOMEDAY! It would be grand to take a walk with you. But, for now, I'm enjoying the spring flowers in my own garden, loving where I live, too. ♥♫

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

thanks for taking us along on your walk! have a wonderful weekend!

Maggie said...

Good morning Rose,
Rain at last, the farmers arounf your way and the fishes in the river must be very happy.
Still. it won't put a damper on our day, we're off to Malvern to meet Martha & Jim from Lines from Linderhof!

My Spotty Pony said...

What a beautiful place to walk and such a wonderful old bridge too, I imagine the view from the river bank shows it off in all its splendid glory.
Thank you for visiting my blog, I loved your comment about the "floordrobe", lol! I am so sorry your childhood Teddy had such a tragic end, you would think the mice could have found a more suitable home to live! x

acorn hollow said...

so lovely thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures. It is so nice when we really appreciate where we live. Makes life so much happier.

Bayside Rose said...

I loved taking this journey with you. Thank you.

Pam x