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Thursday, 5 May 2011

I've been meaning to post this for over a year!

I finally remembered to take the camera with me to snap what is near to our home.  I mentioned in this post here that open countryside is only a two minute walk from our home.  From home a hundred yards or so you turn into the delightfully named Bungham Lane :o) and after about 50 steps stand on the top of the bridge that opens to the countryside...This is the view to the left
(Click on any picture to expand)
A quiet day today, there is often Friesian cattle munching away on the grass.
Then, turning slowly to the right

and further right again, and slightly downhill

with a view of our neighbouring farm outbuildings and Bungham Lane disappearing into the distance and on to the river. (I'll photograph that another day)
                      Then I turn right again...                           

I'm afraid that's a good a view as a vertically challenged person gets!

I continued my journey to a neighbouring village about four miles away and passed this little copse - I just HAD to stop and snap away.

Who'd of guessed I'd love bluebells?

Yes, these ARE the real British bluebells - not those foreign Spanish devils!
(Flowers on only one side of the stem not all the way round it)
(I'm standing up to my knees in a drainage ditch to get that snap)
Despite the urge I was a very good girl and didn't pick any.  It is *illegal to pick them in the UK...
Woops!  Looks like I could have that wrong * here's another link Wildflowers.

Here's a few of the naughty Spanish ones that grow in my garden..

See, they're very different.  Of course you also knew I'd have some of these...

Forget-me-nots!  The 'blue' obsession continues into the garden, tee-hee!

As I'm making this post it's going ominously dark - I think we're finally in for some rain.

I'm off now as I'm STILL trying to catch-up with housework - honest!
Have a great weekend everyone :o)

Best wishes


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Hard to believe but it looks alot like Illinois where I live! Something serene and peaceful about a field.

Sandie's Patch said...

I thought it wasn't illegal to pick them but, was illegal to dig them up?
Lovely post by the way.
You have a great weekend too!

Sandie xx

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Sandie - nice to see you here..umm, I think you may be correct. I've had another look on the net and another site. it says you can pick some wildflowers as long as you have the owners permission and they are not on a protected site - unless they are on the 'special' list! (I'll adjust my post). Anyway, I'd rather see them in the woods - I rarely pick flowers from my garden for the house though I often buy some.

Patrice said...

I love bluebells! What a great place for a walk!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Rose, what a beautiful countryside. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Sharing Shadymont said...


Loving those bluebells. What a wonderful view!!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful, lush green and bright, lovely flowers. ♥♫

Mary said...

I have English and Spanish here - but have to admit the English don't do well in our heat - they lay flat on the ground and look so sad. Meanwhile the Spanish have sturdy stems, they thrive and multiply each year, making my dream of a bluebell wood in North Carolina look almost like the ones of my childhood in Devon, ALMOST!!!!!!

I'm off across the pond tomorrow as you know - excited about seeing England in Spring, and hoping the sun keeps shining.

Hugs - Mary

Fading Grace said...

Lovely photo's! There is something very special about the English countryside isn't there. Forget me nots are one of my favourites, mine are going over now. have a good week xx

Maggie said...

Good morning Rose,
I've just popped over from Martha's blog after seeing your comment.
I never knew that real bluebells have flowers just on one side, we've seen many growing here in Herefordshire as we explore the countryside this week. I think they were mostly "foreigners"!
Martha & I with husbands in tow will be meeting for lunch in Malvern this Sunday, how amazing that a blogger from Kansas & one from Normandy managed to be in roughly the same place at the same time.

Rose H (UK) said...

The problem with the Spanish bluebells is that they have a passionate latin nature and readilly cross polinate with our natural British ones spoiling the strain.

Martha said...

Rose -- yes, we are here for a month -- if you want to meet sometime and somewhere Jim and I are up for it.


Tess said...

I just love to read your posts and see all of the interesting tidbits about life in England. Glad I found your blog!

GardenofDaisies said...

The countryside near your home is beautiful!! Love the bluebells and the forgetmenots!