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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May and friends.

Good evening everyone, hope you've all had a good day.  I certainly have :o)
Here, as promised are pictures of Mays new home, I cut all the wood and assembled about 95% of it myself.

Inside view from the back.

The strange 'box' affair is the internal tunnel that prevents dog and foxes from accessing the hog. 
I only had  plywood available to make the tunnel, and despite sanding and sanding it the edges were still very rough.  I was concerned the little hog may injure her face or eye and decided to cover the rough edges with good old duct tape for safety. ( I will put a link to plans for a hedgehog house on the hog page)
We hope May likes it enough to move in permanently...
First thing this morning I went out to place Mays new home in the garden, here is the spot I'd chosen for her.
The shrub is a mock orange that I planted last year.  The rocks to the left are at the back of the waterfall, and it looks like the fence is broken where daylight is showing, but this is a 4" gap that I dug out so that the hogs can visit next doors garden with ease!   On the far right of this picture past the end of the fence is the pathway that gives access to our front doors.

The view from the pathway, (the drystone wall is where the field mice live.)

I pulled the mock orange away from the fence and levelled the ground and placed some bricks to raise the box off the soil, then 'installed' it into place.

I even added a log door step for her!  Then I made the nesting area for her with nice fresh hay

And waited patiently until the time arrived to collect May from the Hedgehog Rescue.

When I arrive there another couple pulled up at the same time, I'm sorry to say that I cannot remember their names, but the lady and I recognised each other, she owns the sweetest gift shop in the Village!  I often gaze longingly into the windows at the amazing window displays.  (I do buy things as well.)
Anyway, I digress.  They had come to collect two hogs that have been with the rescue centre since the winter that were bought in underweight, believe me they certainly are not underweight now!
But first of all Joan fetched her tame little hog that she will keep as it is not suitable for release as it is far too tame.  He was found during last Winter in a cellar beneath a house, weak, starving and totally dehydrated trying to eat a shoe.  Joan really didn't think it would make it through the night, but treated it with saline, cooked, minced chicken and drugs. She even got up at 5 AM to check up on it.  He amazed her by eating and drinking.   He went on from strength to strength and making a total recovery.  She named him Celly because of where he was found.  He rarely curls up and is decidedly content to be held and stroked!  Joan takes him with her to schools and other places she gives talks on hedgehogs.

We all took turns in giving him a cuddle :o))

Joan then bought in their little girl hog, she was so cute and huge.  I grabbed a photo of her, but must apologise as it's certainly NOT the best I've ever taken...

next came the young man that is going to live with them....

He was too cute for words.  Then I discovered their new names
Mork and Mindy!  (Those of a certain age will certainly remember them ;o)

Then of course it was time to get May.  She is certainly back to full health.

Aaah, ain't she sweet?

I drove home cautiously down the back lanes, and to my utter delight saw a large hare.  When I arrived home May was bright eyed at the carrier door looking around.  I explained gently to her all about her new home should she decide to stay.  When darkness fell I took her to the new box and placed her gently into the hay,  covering her up and replaced the lid, wishing her well.

Note the white spot I applied to her spines so that I can identify her easily.
I used a water based emulsion paint that should not harm her.

Within about fifteen minutes of leaving her she made her way out to investigate.

As you can see she will be easy to 'spot'!  I made sure that I put a supply of meal worms, sultanas, sunflower hearts, crushed peanuts and water readily available right on the doorstep.
(I had washed down the garden bench this after noon to remove the bird droppings, but it looks like they've decided to visit again...)
May was last seen going under the fence into next doors garden, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that she makes her way back to the snug, warm home that's awaiting her.

Wishing you all a peaceful night.






Karen said...

Ohh Rose, what an exciting post, May is a sweetie, I'm sure she'll be back to her new home, a detached dwelling with all mod cons and a waitress service delivering all the tastiest morsels a hog could want - Bliss!! You've done a wonderful job.

ann said...

Oh I do hope that May likes her cozy home. It would be nice for her to settle in, wouldn't? I am not surprised at the great effort that folks go to to rescue and save the little creatures because they are just really cute.

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Another good post, Rose. All the hedgehogs are so cute! :o) You've prepared a cozy, safe box for May to sleep in, so she's certainly found a good home. I also enjoyed seeing your garden. Are the little blue flowers I see Forget-Me-Nots? The house we stayed at in Bedfordshire when we visited England had Forget-Me-Nots all through her garden. They were just lovely.

Have a good week!


Mary said...

What a lovely post Rose.....those hoggies are all so adorable. You did a fabulous job with the box - you must be handy with power tools. I love that May stayed in for a while then decided to go rambling.....but hope she comes back. Will she be safe and confined in your neighbor's yard?

Have you managed to get pics of the field mice? Bet they are cute too!

Hugs - Mary

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Rose

Who could resist a newly-built and fully-equipped luxury home with gourmet catering thrown-in. My only concern is that she might have to fight-off other house-hunters.


Louise said...

This is a lovely post :)
I hope May does return after all the effort you've put in for her, glad to here she is doing well.

Julie said...

I love reading your saga of May and the other hedgehogs. I wish we had them here. They seem such delightful creatures. We don't have frogs in our yard either. That's why we can use the weed whacker. We only have rabbits and they skedaddle as soon as they hear the door slam and know a human is coming outside. Gracie tries mightily to catch one but she never has and, I think, never will.

acorn hollow said...

That is a fine home. I hope that she does find her way home.
They are all so sweet.

Mrs. Sutton said...

Well Done! May looks so sweet and happy, toddling around her new home. The house looks absolutely perfect btw - and SO well made!
Mork is a VERY handsome chap isn't he. It made me smile that they're called Mork and Mindy - I remember that tv show VERY well - "Nanu Nanu" - lol!
Hope that you have a wonderfully sunny weekend.
Paula x

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Adorable post Rose! The box is marvelous! xo