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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Thank you and a rescue.

I had a package arrive for me from dear Julie, the Celtic Lady in the U.S.

I loved the sweet roses :o)

she had emailed me out of the blue and said she had a porcelain cat for me.  (How nice was that!)  This is what was in the package:

two sweet blue and white kitties!  I love them :o)  They have found a home on my bedroom window cill, where they'll be one of the first things I see each day.  Thank you so much Julie they're gorgeous.

The Rescue (I Hope)

Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours getting my Hedgehog page up and running, and I tried explaining about finding a hedgehog out in daylight and how to deal with it.  Then, later on I had to go out, and on my return heard something rustling about in the back garden border, when I looked it was a hog (we never get hogs in the backgarden).  It was still full daylight though about 6.30pm.  I dashed into the house grabbed my gloves and my ever ready hog carrier, then back into the garden hoping it was still there.  I managed to get it and on first inspection all seemed well as it had curled up (I knew there would be SOMETHING WRONG though).  I placed it on a wrapped hot water bottle and lightly covered it in shredded paper in the carrier along with a little food and water.  I then got in touch with Joan at my local hog rescue centre who said to bring it along to her.  The hog by this time had uncurled, but made no offer to curl again as I spoke quietly to it and stroked it's dear little face.

(Attempting a little food)

On arrival Joan immediately took it and charmed it into opening up, (believe me she really does charm them) and gave it a thorough examination.  It is a female and by the look is very probably pregnant, though she (happily) was not lactating (awful thoughts of starving babies somewhere).  She was very docile and despite having no injuries, obviously something is wrong with her.  Joan asked me to hold her while she gave hoggie a dose of anti-biotics Joan took her back, and continued to hold  her giving her needed heat, and gently stroking her.  By the time I left she had lifted her head and had a good look around.  Joan placed her on a heated mat for the night with a supply of food and water. 
When I rang this morning she said that the little one was still very subdued and hadn't eaten, but sometimes this happens as they are still a little shocked.
I had a text message later this afternoon to say that the little dear had eaten a dish of mealworm and looked a little happier.  The jury is out, and I hope that this time it will be a happy ending - fingers crossed (again). 

Best wishes



Karen said...

Hi Rose, what a lovely gift, so kind of Julie to send it. Really great posting about the rescue - hope all goes well with the little lady. I've been onto your hoggie page, so much useful information there, I will keep that bookmarked for reference. Hope Mum is still doing OK.
Karen xx

pattypan.2 said...

My fingers are crossed and my toes plaited too. dear little sweetie. Hope everything is okay.

very special lady




Vintage Jane said...

Hi Rose - I love your little present.
What a lucky little hedgehog to be found by you. I hope it is ok now. M x

Marilyn said...

Cute gifts! Please continue to share the news about this hedgehog. I'll be sure and read your other page, too.♥♫

greenthumb said...

I hope your little hedgehog gets better soon.

Mary said...

That sweet Julie is a friend of mine too! Love the kitties she sent you. It all ties in perfectly with the fabulous "Sisters" piece you e-mailed me today - thanks Rose.

Love the hoggie stories and read all the info from your other page. I can't enlarge the video so had a hard time making out Wiifred in the dark! I've not a clue as to how to even upload a video to my blog! Such adorable creatures - thank you for caring about them over there and I hope so much they will procreate profusely - it would be very sad to see their numbers diminish even more.

Hugs - Mary

Mrs. Sutton said...

Oh my gosh, I'm just catching up on all of your news - what a poor little thing! I hope that she gets better soon - well done you for spotting her!
Paula x