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Monday, 14 May 2012

Back at last.

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and happy.  Sorry that I've been missing again,  my Mom hasn't  too well and it's taken up quite a bit of time trying to get her sorted.  Happily, she's much better now and more able to cope again.
I have been trying to keep up with you all as time allowed, but I'm afraid I've been a bit light on commenting.

Anyway, a quick update on things here.  Wilfred and Winifrid Prickles have been having a great deal of late night activity in the garden - I've even managed to get a few minutes of Winifrid snuffling and scratching about on video (which took me days to upload onto the laptop!)  I'm planning on starting a new hedgehog page sometime this week (fingers crossed) so I'm keeping it to put on there.  They are eating me out of house and home getting through an inordinate amount of dried mealworms (ugh!) sunflower hearts, sultanas and crushed peanuts as well as the natural creepy crawlies from the garden.

I haven't had too many bargains as I just haven't had the time to seek them out, but here are some that I did get.

A pink single duvet cover and pillow case in new condition for £1.25.  I shall find use for the fabric :o)

A lovely old stoneware jar and cover 7.5" tall and 625" diameter.  £1.25
Which is sitting on my kitchen worktop.

Two sweet little birds standing about 2.5" high £1.75 the pair.  Now nesting on my Welsh dresser.

Nice, chunky candlesticks one 8" and one 12" tall.  £3.50 on total.
Then, a few days later I found these in the same shop.

8" tall chunky candles £1.25 each - made to measure!

Made for each other, right?  In storage until inspiration strikes :o)

Backstamp dated after 1940

Now, as you can imagine I had other things on my mind so I didn't check this properly :o(  no obvious chips or cracks so I paid £5.50 for the dish and it was well packaged in bubble wrap, but when I got home and tapped the side there was a dull 'clunk' instead of a 'ring'.  Yes, there is a crack I didn't see in the shop.  Let that be a lesson for you all.  (If I'd have checked it and found it was cracked I'd certainly have had the price reduced, but it'll do as display only.)

And lastly... two matted prints by Maud Earl 1864-1943
Taken from the book 'Memories' by the British play write John Galsworthy (of Forsyte Saga fame)
a biography about his pet black spaniel.

"Rushing piece of blackness, through the blacker night"

"Through the window of a four-wheeler into Kensington"

These are taken from the book published in 1912, and were packaged with the guarantee sticker that they were as described.  They were not priced, but I knew I'd heard of Maud Earl so I took them to the check-out and asked the price - 50p each :o))  Result, that more than made up for the Masons Vista dish.

I've also bought a new macro lens for my camera, here's a few flowers from the garden before I sign off.

And finally ( FINALLY!)

I visited George and Tesses Mom and Dad on Saturday and got these few shots :o)

Tess lying, George sitting.



Well, I'm off to try and sort another mess out - I deleted Picasa from my laptop and discover that lots of older posts are now photo-less...AAaaaargh!

Best wishes to you all.


Marilyn said...

You have been busy--hope your time at home will be soothing to your soul.♥♫

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Rose,

Welcome back!! You found some great treasures (too bad about the crack in your Mason's Vista piece.) I love the little birds, the dog sketches, and the elegant candles and candle sticks.

This may seem nutty, but a plate on your Welsh dresser in the background caught my eye. It looks like the pattern of my everyday dishes. The plate in the center of the bottom display shelf looks just like my dishes; they're called "Finlandia" by Churchill. But there's an almost identical pattern by Staffordshire -- can't remember the name. I love my Churchill dishes. :)

Last, but not least, the Welsh Terriers are absolutely CHARMING!! We are terrier lovers at our house, but I don't think I've ever seen the Welsh Terriers in our region. Their coloring is lovely. Thanks for sharing!


Sharing Shadymont said...


Good to see you back. Hope your Mom feels better.

You have some gorgeous finds there. The candles and candlesticks were made for each other. Can't wait to see what you do with your duvet. The fabric would be a lovely tablecloth or cushion covers.

Have a wonderful week.

Mary said...

Firstly, lovely to see you back AND especially to know your dear mother is doing much better. Hope she continues to soldier on - give her my best Rose.

Looking forward to seeing pics/video of the Mr. & Mrs. P cavorting in the garden - perhaps little 'pickles' will appear later!!!!!

Even before I read the camera news, I just knew you were shooting on Macro when I spied the flowers/ladybirds- great shots. I have a new camera, my first SLR, and am going around the garden trying it out - luckily lots of flowers to capture at this time of year.

Your found treasures - all fabulous. I would have picked every single item you did as they all 'spoke' to me too! The Mason's piece is lovely and even with the crack will be so pretty displayed. Mason's has an interesting history. My SIL use to sell internationally for them back in the '80's. I checked pieces/prices at Replacements over here - a place I love to visit as it's in N. Carolina and not too far - don't see your actual piece but they have lots and it's very expensive. There's a gorgeous blue Vista soup tureen I'd love to have but it's $500 of course - so so won't be coming home with me any time soon!

Stoneware jug was a steal! The British ones are often expensive here - I have several, some with
writing such as Hey Brothers, Old Church 1910, Botanical Brewery, Pontefract (so now a genuine antique!) and another, A huge one, is R. Norden, Wine and Spirit Merchant Maidstone. I must trace their history IF I can ever find the time!

Love the dog prints, especially with the quotes, and a fabulous buy!

Tess and George are so handsome and look all clean and cuddly - what breed of terrier are they? I would love to have dogs like that!

Sorry about the Picasa mess, hope you can recover your pics - I never did get into that program.

Have a great week dear Rose.
Hugs - Mary

Vintage Jane said...

I love those candlesticks and at least the dish will make a beautiful display piece even if you can't use it. The prints were a great buy too.
Fab close-up photos ... I really need to get a better camera.
I do hope you manage to recover your photos ... fingers crossed. Have a great week Rose. M x

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

yes, I missed you. I am so glad your Mom is doing better. You sure got a bundle of great finds. Your new lense is amazing! Good luck with the hedgehog page!

Liz said...

Ladybird photograph is amazing! Love the stone jar - great find.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Dan said...

Hi Rose
Welcome back! Glad your mum is on the mend. I love the spaniel prints - what a bargain! I didn't know the noise china makes when tapped is a clue to whether there is a crack in it or not.
I have severe envy on the macro lens!

Mrs. Sutton said...

Hi Rose - glad to see you back! Also glad to hear that your Mother's doing better.
Well you've certainly come back with a 'bang'! Firstly, I LOVE that stoneware jug - and £1.25p?? Amazing! The dish too, is beautiful - and if it's any consolation, I would have done the same and not noticed! Sometimes I get SO excited about finding a bargain that I'm too giddy to check properly. Your new lens is incredible - the detail on the flowers and ladybird is absolutely amazing. Finally, I share your woes with computer/tech problems - since the new blog dashboard changed, I have NO idea how to leave gaps in my writing without separating posts with an image - nightmare! Hope your issues are all resolved swiftly.
Paula xxx

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rose! So glad your mom is doing better! Lovely finds...especially the transferware! Too bad about the crack, though! :-( Great ladybug pics! Such cute furbabies, too! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

acorn hollow said...

So glad so see you back. Glad your mom is doing better and getting around nicely.
your finds good as always.
glad you been having fun with your little garden dwellers.

Sharing Shadymont said...

Hi again Rose,

So glad you stopped by. I learned that the table cloth in my post is vintage Werlinder (sp), and is a highly sought after pattern. Lower prices are $20 - 30 dollars. I found one on line, identical in size, priced at (drum roll).....$90.00. I really hit the jackpot on that one! The lady I purchased it from obviously had no idea what she had. (I almost feel bad)....NOT!

Talk to you soon!

George The Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose lovely to see you the other day and Uncle Trev. I'm blushing under me fuzz fur seeing a photo of me and Tess on your blog :)
Those Macro shots are great, love the ladybird. Of course I have to say I think me and Tess are a better subject :)
Have a good week
See Yea George xx

Kelly said...

You found some great things! I love that blue and white dish the best. Your new lens takes amazing pics. I'm so impressed with the clarity!

Julie said...

Thanks for the info about the clunk vs. ring sound. I had seen that on eBay in descriptions of china but didn't know what it meant. I think that you got a great bargain on your piece and who cares if it is for display only!! That kind of B&W china hardly ever appears here and is too spendy on eBay (mostly because of the shipping costs). I see the listings from England and just drool over them. Good find!

Jooles said...

Oh dear , i hope your mum is feeling better x
what lovely goodies your have found, the little birdies are so sweet.
Wow your garden photos are incredible
love jooles x