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Sunday, 26 February 2012

A dirty secret, a disappointment, and other stuff........

I'm afraid I've been a bad little gardener...I had a dirty secret.....I had bulbs that I didn't get around to planting in the Autumn - I bet you're shocked! 

All sprouting, not planted :o(

I hang my head in shame...

But, I'm pleased to say that FINALLY they're all tucked up in warm, moist soil in the garden, ready to pop through and make a glorious display - though it'll probably be in June LOL!
(It's been such a wonderful warm, sunny day that I could not put off the planting any longer.)

I purchased two large RED Amaryllis flower bulbs before Christmas, and I DID plant them up ;o) but I'm sorely disappointed with them as glorious as they may be.............

  They are WHITE!

There's just no pleasing some folk is there?

I found a few things this week too :o)

A lovely Wedgwood pot, 4" high and 5" diameter, in perfect condition at the perfect price of £3.  I was amazed at this as they're normally much more expensive.

A perfect Masons Mandalay pattern clock, standing 6" tall.  (I've just realised that the face was sightly off centre, now remedied.)
This has been in our 'expensive' charity shop for over a week, and each time I picked it up I looked at the tag and put it down again.  Then, on Friday I went in again thinking if it's still there I'm going to buy it - and there it was.  I feel I must have had a blow to the head as I payed £25 for it.  Still probably quite cheap, but much more than I usually splash out!  I realise must have a 'thing' for clocks, from where I sit I can clearly view eight of them.....

I also love books, no Kindle in this house I like the real thing I'm afraid.  Here's a brilliant one I found a few weeks ago and forgot to post.

A large, fascinating country book containing recipes, remedies, information on livestock, gardening, sewing, spinning, cats, dogs, beekeeping and much, much more. £2

I'd love to keep bees, but as hubby has an extreme allergy to stings it's just not going to happen, still I can dream :o)

National Trust Fruit & vegetable cookery, lots of olde lore too £1

The cover says it all, looking forward to reading it. £1.

And Finally folks....

Yards of voile for £2.50.  I already have this against my bathroom window and I love it, but it's so old that the gold pattern is fading badly - now I can replace it :o)

Hope you've had fun reading my dirty secret ;o)

Thank you to all those who read my last post and removed the dreaded Word Verification from their comments :o)

Have a great week, best wishes to all.


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Love your dirty secret ... I am forever doing that and the problem is I tuck things away to keep them safe and then promptly forget where they are! Any ideas where my birth certificate file is at the mo???? Gawd knows in this house. Lovely Wedgwood and Masons finds there .. I am kicking myself at the mo for not buying a Hammersley strawberry & cream set at the CB this morning. Hope you have had a lovely weekend x

Sharing Shadymont said...


You found some really neat things. Love the voile. Great price on the Wedgewood piece.

Looks like your bulbs will do well anyway!

Have a wonderful week.

Marilyn said...

UMMM.Are you my long lost sister? I have bulbs here that weren't planted either. But you are ahead of me...yours are in the ground!! My ground is still frozen, so I brought in some big pots to plant them in, but still haven't done it. Also, the amaryllis bulbs just might get planted outside this year. The one I planted at school last spring came home with me in May because it just wouldn't grow. It finally did bloom when my daughter got married in July!♥♫

Fading Grace said...

I don't think they will mind...the bulbs I mean!! they will looks lovely when they do come up. I saw a really lovely old hedgehog house at a rec yard today and thought of you!! have a good week xx

Julie said...

I have the same dirty little secret you do. I did get a lot of bulbs planted outside this fall but I had saved some crocus and muscari to force indoors. And there's no way I can plant them out now as winter finally returned to ND.

I also was disappointed in several of my amaryllis. My cheap $6.00 bulb did not bloom at all and my $14.00 bulb was supposed to be "Apple Blossom" but turned out to be an ugly orangish red. However, I loved my $20.00 mail order bulb. From now on I will spend more to get more. I got 17 blooms from it and it is shooting out some more green right now.

Dan had a good CAT scan - will blog about that soon.

I did disable word verification but then I started getting awful spam comments so enabled it again. Sorry! If you are terribly frustrated you can e-mail a comment to me and I will post it for you!

Karen said...

Hi Rose, Glad I'm not alone with the bulb confession! Found my Lily of the Valley and a beautiful Iris at the weekend, must get planting. Love the Wedgewood and a great price too.
Enjoy your week.
Karen -x-

acorn hollow said...

I love your finds and I am sure your bulbs will do good anyway.
happy gardening we just got another snow storm so no gardening for awhile.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for re-following me! You're a lifesaver. Hey, at least you bought some bulbs and intended to plant them. I never even did that last Fall. Now, with Spring coming up, I will be disappointed. That's funny how they're already starting to sprout before they're planted.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Thanks so much, Rose, for your suggestion for my living room. I have already moved the furniture as you suggested, and it is a definite improvement! Crazy about those bulbs! Oh, well, I'd plant them anyway. Linda

Jooles said...

ooooh you naughty girl you!
i have done the very same thing...but Sssh don't tell anyone ;o)
those books look fab...great finds
love jooles x

ted and bunny said...

perhaps we should call rolling Bruce's "dirty little secret"!!
We instantly forgive him all his misdemenours though don't we- which is what got me into this pickle in the first place!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful finds, Rose! I love the Wedgewood!

Mary said...

Rose, I love anything Wedgwood and this was a bargain. I'm familiar with Mason's Mandalay pattern as I have a small bowl, a gift from my SIL who used to sell for Mason's. She traveled to Germany from London in the '70's as apparently the china is very popular there.

Hugs - Mary