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Monday, 13 February 2012

A few more bargains.

Hello Folks, hope you all have a romantic Valentines day with the one you love :o)

I've been looking for a fire screen for my dear daughter for almost a year now, the gas fire in her home is ugly and the landlord has no intention of changing it.  Patience has finally come to fruition, this was offered on our local Freecycle and I was lucky enough to be offered it.

Modelled in my hearth

It's extremely good quality and VERY heavy and totally FREE!
And even has a heart pattern - very Valentine ;o)  Due for delivery this coming weekend.

Just  before Christmas I went to TK Maxx with my dear friend Ann hunting for gifts,
I saw a resin candle holder in the sale aisle, I loved it but it would have been for me so I left it.
I couldn't get it off my mind, so the next day I went back hoping it was still there....

Phew! What a relief, still sitting on the shelf waiting for ME :o) and I thought it was a bargain at £6.99
It stands approx 14 inches high, I just added a nice chunky candle.

Then on Saturday I visited my local 'supplier' (whi incidentally was worried as I hadn't been in for over a week - no wonder I felt ill!)  I had a good old mooch around and found a few things..

A pair of corbels, meant to be used for holding swags over a window.  I have a similar pair already in my bathroom that I place candles on - thought I'd use these in a similar fashion.  Standing approx 6 inches high, £1.50 the pair.

Now, how could I leave this little hoggie on the shelf?  A bargain 40p.

Next, (and I nearly missed these beauties!)
Six blown glass bird decorations

They're similar to blue tits, sparrows and robins, they're around 2.5 inches long
So cute, and only £2.50
Close up

And finally, a roomy leather handbag in fabulous condition

the label inside..

An incredible £4.

Hope you like 'em.  Again, sending Valentine wishes.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Those bird ornies are soooo pretty! What a fabulous find. Great deal on that fireplace screen too!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

you should have the little hedgehog!
Your daughter will be thrilled with your find.

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Much bargains Rose and fancy finding a cute little tiggy winkle too. I've been searching for a Victorian or Edwardian screen for ages .... I've seen loads but not the one for me yet. Your daughter is going to love your find x

Marilyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you. I see your heart floating down your post looking very sweet.♥♫

Kristina said...

These birds were only 2.50 for six!? I don't remember how much we paid for these beauties last year, but I'm sure it was much more expensive...

Mary said...

Rose dear, what great finds - love the little hoggie! Those corbels are gorgeous.

Thanks for the good wishes for our trip.
Hope your Valentine's Day has been LOVEly.
I'm off to complete the packing, ugh, I hate that part of traveling!

Hugs - May

The Cloth Shed said...

Great bargains Rose...I love your unusual candle holder from TK Maxx.
I would have bought that too...
Julie x
PS Go for it! will be amazed at how modern pine with a good shape can be totally updated and transformed with a few coats of good paint. x

acorn hollow said...

Love your finds! I esp love the ornaments.
I love how you say you had a mooch around I think I may use that.