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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Welcome Home Winifred! (And a few finds)

Hello all, I hope everyone is well and the weather not too cold.
I'd like to welcome my new followers, it's lovely to see you here!

Firstly,  and update on Winifrid Prickles, Joan, the dear lady who runs the West Midland Hedgehog Rescue Centre rang me on Wednesday and told me that Winifrid was up to weight (600g) and ready to be returned to the hoggie house in the garden :o) ready to hibernate safely. 

I met up with Joan and and after passing on a HUGE thank you took Winifrid from her and bought her home.  Joan suggested it would be better to release her back into the hoggie house when it was dark. Before I placed her back in her 'house' I marked some of the spines on her back with a little white water based paint so that I could positively identify her.  This will be harmless as it was only on the tips and didn't penetrate down to the skin.  I'm sorry I didn't take any photos as I didn't want to alarm her any more than necessary.  I have kept a fresh supply of drinking water and food available in the garden as before, but haven't seen any further sign of movement so far - this could well be that in my excitement I forgot to put a couple of twigs across the entrance tunnel :o(  However, there was some food taken the first night and I suspect she has moved into the second house as it hadn't had any disturbance by me .  I'll update with any more news.

x x x

I've had some finds - this will be quite a long post from here, you have been warned!

Firstly, I apologise the photos were taken during the evening in artificial light and are not quite as I would like.
I've found three more pieces of cloisonne enamel, this black 5.5" high vase £1.50

An apple trinket box 3.5" high, also £1.50

and this dear 2.5" high owl for 50p

the back view

A carved wooden cat which stands 5" £1.50

An acorn stoneware trinket box standing 4.5"

these are the markings on the base - does anyone know anything about them please?
Old, but a bit costly I thought at £4.95

A lovely Ringtons/Sadler teapot standing 6" high for £2.25

a Burleigh blue Calico 10" dinner plate 35p (!) One of my favourite designs.

2 little blue and white birds 2.5" long,  50p each.

Two small Portmeirion parian jugs £5 each approx 4.5" high

A 'tulip' table runner, brand new in it's packaging £2.25

When I was a child my favourite game was Cluedo, so when I came across this beautifully presented in a wooden 'book' case in an unused condition I just HAD to have it!  And it was only £5.50 :o)

and the 'bound' edge (sorry, awful photo)

Then ther was a few Christmassy things :O)
six gold napkin ties £1

a 13" wooden Xmas tree £1
I think this will make a great table centre.

seven large red/gold pine cones 10p each

and finally...for this post anyway, a red metal bucket 75p.  I thought this could be filled with sweets :o)

x x x

I'll close this post here.
I have more finds and photos to show - but  I thought I'd make another post with that though - it will be self explanatory why!

Hope you stayed the course ;o) as it's been a photo heavy post this time.  Let me know what you would have grabbed.  Look forward to reading your comments.

Best wishes to all, have a great Sunday!


Sharing Shadymont said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Glad that Winifred is back home. :) You sure have found some great collectibles. I love the bucket and the plate, but everything is lovely. You asked what the gold "thingie" in my photo is. It is a stand to hang hand/fingertip towels on in the bathroom. I used it for a while, but most of my towels are too long. It would work great for smaller towels.

Wishing you a great weekend and holiday season.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

loving the acorn trinket box! hope your little hedgehog settles in well.

Louise said...

Some nice finds - I like the owl and the acorn! Good news about Winifred, I'm sure she'll do well in your garden now!

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Rose

It is good news about Winifred. Let's hope she sleeps well. I think sleeping through the winter sounds like a good idea: wish I could do it.

I am always so impressed by the amazing items you find and at prices that would be unthinkable here where second-hand shops are very few and far between.

Your cute tree candelabra looks very Scandinavian: what a pretty table centre.


Marilyn said...

I adore your hedgie news and hope it will be a good winter for her. Now, on to those finds--do you have any idea how I am drooling over the blue calico plate? They are a small fortune (to me, anyway) over here. When my late husband and I went to the UK, I carried a platter home on the airplane so it wouldn't get broken. Of course, that was a while ago, when we weren't so limited on carry ons. You are a great finder.♥♫

My Spotty Pony said...

Hello Rose,
I am so pleased that you have Winifred back and what a sweet picture :)
You have been spotting some great bargains as usual. I think you would be a winner on Bargain Hunt, try and persuade your friend to go on the show!
So glad Mr.B picked your name out the hat. Your Christmas pack will be on it's way today :o) Abby xx

acorn hollow said...

glad your little hedge hog is doing so well. I can't believe your finds. I know nothing about the company that made the acorn I just know I love it!
I have a set of the calico dishes they are brown though.