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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

At last a couple of 'finds'! (and a few hedgehogs)

First things first, a big WELCOME to my new followers, I hope you enjoy the posts :o)

Sorry I haven't posted for over a week, but with bargains thin on the ground I've been waiting to find something worth buying (or, am I just getting too fussy in my old age?)  So here goes.
Now, don't ask me why I got this, but this is plastic about 6 feet x 4 feet, plenty large enough to cover the dining table.  I'm really not in the habit of using a plastic cloth, but at £1.25 I thought it might come is useful one day and I do like the pattern :o)
I've placed a 'normal' sized (Wedgwood Edme pattern) cup and saucer next to my new cup and saucer to show just how large it really is!  Originally from Ikea, it had sat on the shelf in the charity shop for over three weeks and I couldn't pass it over any longer!  £1.  Where I'm going to put it?  I have NO idea.....
This 4 inch diameter wooden, carved shortbread mould was 75p,  I just love thistles.  It's another to add to my wooden Kitchenalia collection - next post I promise to share it with you.
As you know I'm a sucker for blue and white, so when I saw the 2 inch pig for 20p it just had to come home :o)  Finally....
This Stuart Crystal cut ships decanter has also taunted me for a week.  I love the shape and the beautiful craftsmanship.  It does have the usual milky discolouration in the bottom, which will come out after a good soaking with distilled white vinegar.  I'd tried to ignore it as it cost £9.50, much more than I'd pay normally..but I do love it so.  The photo doesn't do it justice, it really gleams.

0 - 0 - 0 

Now, onto other matters.
We have also made the second hog house at the weekend, which I've installed in the garden in the hope of another permanent inhabitant.  I went to the market to get the wood, I got 2,  6 foot packs of shiplap for £5 a pack.  It's actually slightly thinner timber this time but as it's placed against a drystone wall I'm hoping it'll be sheltered enough under the shrubs. A dear friend gave me a part roll of roofing felt to cover the roof with.  Here's the finished (slightly smaller) Hog House mark II.
As you can see it's already got Sid's seal of approval!
And inside..
with it's built in tunnel - this forms a barrier to stop a cat or dog dragging out the occupant.
I have almost filled it with fresh hay as a nesting material, but forgot to take a photo.
It is now placed against our small dry stone, ivy covered wall facing East which on reflection is maybe not ideal, but over winter I will place a container plant to deflect any direct winds from whistling around the entrance so that if  need-be the (new?) hibernating resident hog will be able to leave if it needs to top-up on food or water during a mild spell..
the side view.
The dimensions are 18" x 20" x 16"
On the subject of hibernation, if you have any visiting hogs could I ask you to capture and weigh them?  It is imperative that at this time of year they have a minimum weight of 600g - enough fat reserves to see them through the winter.  If (like me) you have smaller hogs, or Autumn Juveniles please get in touch with your nearest Hedgehog Rescue Centre.
Over the last couple of nights I have caught and weighed three of my visitors - all of which were underweight.  I have at the ready a cat carrier bottom lined in thick newspaper, and shredded paper so that they can hide securely.  I also provide the most necessary *water and *food in small heavy based containers.  Here is the first one I have delivered to Joan at West Midland Hedgehog Rescue Centre

Meet  the young Winifrid Prickles!  Weighing in at 316g. 
Here she was as I uncovered her in the box on hand-over.

and the second one captured on the following night -

Wilfred Prickles, weighing in at 415g.
As they will fight any non - sibling I had to release the third hedgehog as the carrier was already occupied that night. (I will get it though!)  I place the hog/carrier in our laundry as they need to be kept warm, hypothermia will attack hedgehogs quickly.  If they do have any fleas, and not all of them do - they will not live on any other animal or human BUT do not treat them for fleas, as normal cat/dog powders and sprays are poisonous to them.

If you do manage to save one of these endearing little creatures and get it to a rescue centre, please realise that they are all run by charities, and only get one payment of £50 per year towards the cost of drugs from the British Hedgehog Society.  The cost of one bottle of anti-biotics is approx £30.  All other funds are raised by them or their helpers.  Donations however small will be appreciated, as will any cat meat in jelly (But NO fish flavoured ones, as the hogs cannot digest fish), dried cat food - again no fish.  dried meal worms, sunflower hearts and crushed peanuts.   Old towels and pillowcases will be put to very good use too along with shredded paper which is used for nesting/bedding.

Whilst at the rescue centre yesterday I was introduced to these - (warning, your heart will melt!)

four of the eight baby orphaned hogs - just about 2.5 inches long.
Sorry this is blurred, it's the best of the three I took - the little blighter was a right little wriggle!
Can you imagine the dedication to raise them?  They started with 2 hourly feeds, and now are lapping and eating kitten food.  Kept on a heated mat in the house.

I have to say a huge thank you to Joan Lockley and all the other Hedgehog rescue centres for the sterling work they do.

I'd better get off the soap-box (again) now, and wish you all a happy week.

Best wishes!

Woops!  I forgot to say that Wilfred and Winifrid will be coming 'home' when they are either at the correct weight - if the weather is mild, or they'll return in the spring :o)  Rescue centres always return the underweight juvenilles to the place where they were rescued from if it is safe and has a healthy hog population. 


Louise said...

It's lovely to see your local hedgehogs being so well cared for! I don't know if we have any that visit our garden. We definitely get badgers and foxes at night but I've never seen a hedgehog here. We've just got an outdoor night vision wildlife camera for spying on what visits us after dark so will have to see if any other animals do visit.

Fading Grace said...

Such a lovely post Rose. You really are becoming the Hedgehog whisperer! They are just so cute and you are doing a grand job of looking after them. I've not seen any here at all.
Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog :-)
Sophie xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Have never seen hedgehogs in our garden, although we have toads.

Blue and white and thistles - two things we have in common. xx

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Lucky tiggies having you to care for them .... the hog house is a marvellous idea. Loving your finds to especially the shortbread mould. x

Dan said...

Hi Rose, did you see the hedgehogs on The One Show a couple of weeks back? They were promoting this campaign
Aren't the babies gorgeous?
I love the Wedgewood cup and saucer!

Kim said...

Love this post, Rose. Your bargains are fab as always and I love that black and white tablecloth - what a gorgeous pattern!

As for the hogs.... awwww.... you're Hedgehog Queen!! How lovely that your little houses are becoming your own little sanctuary. Good on you mrs!! xx

Marilyn said...

The hedgehog information just facinates me! Thanks so much for sharing it and your great finds.♥♫

Mary said...

They are so precious - thank you Rose, and other rescuers, for caring for them so diligently. That Sid is such a handsome boy!

Today I'm showing our backyard wildlife this week! Unfortunately we cannot keep them around.
We've sent them off to the country! Of course there are many more wild things coming closer to homes as sadly they are losing their natural habitats, including the foxes, however we're not permitted to have them (the foxes) trapped.

Lovely finds all. I have a Edme set of 6 petite demi tasse, found at an consignment shop about 20 years ago, and I love them so much. It's a beautiful classic Wedgwood pattern.

Must run, lots to do - off tomorrow Rose - thanks for the well wishes. Perhaps I'll be showing you the wildlife of the sub-Antartctic next time - I still can't quite believe where I'm headed!!

Hugs - Mary

Brownieville Girl said...

Heart totally melted!!!

My Spotty Pony said...

What a lovely post Rose. You are doing the most wonderful job looking out for these hedgehogs and it is lovely to see all the amazing pictures you have taken too (nice to see Sid in on the action!). Those baby hogs are adorable!
Thanks for your comments on my post. It is always nice to see you have paid me a visit :) Abby

acorn hollow said...

that plastic would make a great picnic table cover. and those babies are so cute!

Tabiboo said...

Awwwww - look at those hedgehogs.

Vintage Jane said...

Lovely finds.
What lucky hedgehogs you have. They must think they have found a little palace. We don't have any here, just lots of foxes, toads and frogs. M x

Anna at the Doll House said...

I love your shortbread mould Rose. Do tell me that you are now planning to bake shortbread.

It is many years since I last spotted any hedgehogs in my garden but I'm sure that they are out there, just waiting for me to go to bed. I suspect that there are plenty of places for them to snuggle in for the winter in the compost, the woodpile or the mound of twig-cuttings.