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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Still no bargains, but more photos.

I must apologise, my blog seems to becoming more of a nature series.  I'm just not finding too many bargains - or maybe I'm becoming more fussy.

I have a few more wildlife photos you may like to see anyway.  Click on them to expand.

This is our new neighbour.  He/she had just got up and was searching for mealworms.

This large hedgehog was on the path trying to pretend it wasn't really there!

The larger one is 'ours' the other is tiny, a real worry as it's just not big enough to survive hibernation.  I'll have to try and capture it so that the rescue centre will over-winter it safely.

A Sika Deer taken on Cannock Chase last week.

Another Sika Deer.
This is my favourite photo so far, more by luck than judgement.

Then, one morning....

This young Sparrow Hawk was just finishing breakfast on our wall.

I was upstairs and looked out of the window and there he was, I grabbed the camera and managed to get a few  fair shots out of the forty odd I managed to get through the window.

I thought it was pretty magnificent!

Sad, but here's the aftermath...

Hope you liked my efforts,  I'd appreciate some constructive
feedback.  A couple are cropped but none are Photoshopped.

I'll keep looking for some bargains.

Best wishes

Stop press!

Here's the third Sparrowhawk  photo again, and then a Photoshopped copy

Take two
Any better? 
My class tonight taught me how to do this :o)



Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

The deer lying down is my favorite too! We have so many deer here everyone is always hitting them. My sister in law hit 2 in one month.

My Spotty Pony said...

Looks like you are getting really handy with your new camera Rose. You have taken some great close up shots and they have come out so well :) When I spot something of interest in the garden, it has usually long gone by the time I get my camera in front of my eyes!
There is such a difference between the big hedgehog and the smaller one. I think he needs to have a few weeks holiday in your hog house with full board.... am sure he will get bigger and stronger under your watchful eye :) x

Fading Grace said...

Amazing photo's Rose, your lucky to be surrounded by so much wild life,...they must like you!!

Nancy said...

oh Rose, that deer photo is my favorite too. That's so beautiful, it almost looks as though the deer was posing for you! So cute.


Leontien said...

haha i that hawk, i could look at those pics over and over!

The aftermath is pretty nasty yes, but at least no hairballs! haha


Mary said...

Please don't ever apologize to me for showing ALL Nature has to offer................I love everything you share with us from the garden and countryside!

The Sika deer is so beautiful - not familiar with that one - will go read more. The Sparrow Hawk is awesome. We have Red Tailed Hawks flying through the garden now and then - my neighbor has to keep her tiny chihauhua indoors!

I've never had enough time, or patience, to learn Photoshop - it's so complicated I fear. As I use a MacBook I just use their photo editing program mostly (go to the old PC now and then for extras), it works for me. Of course having a good camera is the main secret - what type are you using? A good wide angled zoom and a very good macro setting for close-ups is essential. Pixels don't matter as much - I have mine set at its max. of 12 mp and load my pics in a large format - takes much longer but the clarity it great, especially if you click on them - most enlarge even more. BTW, I do not have an SLR with big monster lenses, just a point and shoot digital.

Enjoy your classes - they will definitely pay off I'm sure. Good luck, and remember, you can often play around with some of the bad pics and still come up with something interesting after cropping and enhancing - digital has turned us all into great photographers I think!

Hugs - Mary

acorn hollow said...

Oh your pictures are wonderful! How lucky to catch the sparrow hawk.

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose, your getting a dab hand at the photoshoping, very good before and after, that was alot of cloning out you did!! well done, you now know how mom gets rid of my lead lol!!!
Have a good Week
Tess is here waiting for you to see her, I told her want a lovely Auntie you is and that you make very tastie biscults
See Yea George xxx

Sharing Shadymont said...

Thank you for your visit. My you are busy with your photography. A class would be wonderful. Can't wait to see what all you learn. Your photos here are great. The deer are beautiful!

Have a wonderful week.

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Great to have found you Rose ... I googled secondhand rose for my last post and there you were ! Love those tiggy winkles and Mr Sparrowhawk is rather handsome and wicked at the same time .... that's mother nature for you x