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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Quick post.

Hello all,
Sorry but I'm not keeping my promise to show my shortbread moulds as I am expecting visitors and needed to clear the dining table!  So here's a few bargains found during the last week before I put them away.

I've seen this Wedgwood drawer in the charity shop for over a week and at £2.50 I decided to give it a home!  It's approx 12" square and has a lined drawer, I have no idea what was in it originally though - does anyone have any ideas?  I'm sure I'll find some small treasures to keep in it.
The next day I found this Marks & Spencer footed bowl (approx 10"diameter) for £1.50.  Now you know I have a weakness for anything gold, and I thought it would look so nice at home it came.

On Saturday I went for a 'girls day out' to Dagfields (near Nantwich in Cheshire).  I found a glass wash board which someone had chalk painted for £12 - the cheapest I've ever seen one!
I want to attach it to my laundry door :o)

While we were there I spotted this:
Babacombe Pottery string holder at £5.  As you know I collect cats and already have another Babacombe cat string holder but it's painted as a tabby.  The string comes out of the mouth and the scissors nestle in the nose.
Lastly, for many years I have scoured Cannock Chase in the hope of finding some deer antlers without success but, while out on Saturday I spotted a single Roe Deer antler one of the dealers had.  I asked how much, they said £15 - I went away to think about it......
Then I went back after a while (and near closing) and offered £10.  After a little discussion we finally agreed on £12.  I'm DELIGHTED!
It has an overall length of two feet.  It must be naturally shed as it isn't sawn off and it's a single antler.  At the moment it's placed on the coffee table :o)

I must dash as I still have plenty of jobs to do.

I'd like to welcome another follower to the fold :o)  Hope you enjoy my posts and leave feedback as I love to read it!  On which subject, I hope I've got around to everyone who has left your sweet comments on my last post.

Have a great week all - promise I'll show the shortbread moulds next time - honest!

Very best wishes


Andi's English Attic said...

Sqeeeeee over the washboard. OMGoodness, there's been one over the boot for two weeks now and I've passed it over because it was FIVE POUNDS! I hadn't realised they were more expensive than that. You know what I'm going to be buying next week if it's still there... xx

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose, I see you saw Tess while I was locked out in the garden the cheek of it!!! anyways thank you for your lovely gift to both of us, I think Tes has an idea for next weeks Tess ;)
You know if you ever want to get rid of the antler you can pass it this way :)
mom says she had a lovely day out with you.
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

My Spotty Pony said...

Great buys Rose, I love the antler and am not surprised you are delighted with it. I wonder if the Wedgwood box had a special plate in it..... although you would think it would be written on the box. I am sure it will be useful to store things in. Thank you for your lovely comments, I wrote a reply to you on my post :) Abby xx

Brownieville Girl said...

Just love the idea of the washboard on your laundry door.

Fading Grace said...

Love the wahboard, I'd not seen a glass one before. Thankyou for your lovely comment Rose, they always cheer me up, How are those hedgehogs getting along! :-)
Sophie xx