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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Shortbread moulds and an important message.

First, an IMPORTANT MESSAGE for my UK friends.

If you are holding a bonfire this weekend (if possible) please move the entire pile to ensure that there are no sleeping hedgehogs underneath.  If it isn't possible to re-site, using  broom handles lift the base of the pile and shine torches looking and listening carefully for any signs of life.

Now, as promised I have a few photos of my kitchenalia treen/moulds collection - I've had to photograph them in the conservatory this afternoon due to the awfully dull afternoon:o(

I've collected wooden kitchen items for many years, they are displayed in a wicker trug in my kitchen on the shelf of the bookcase in there

I have rolling pins

Pushers and darning mushrooms
(pushers are used to force foods through sieves)

Butter pats and moulds

An old whisk, salad servers, glove stretchers, nut cracker, lemon reemer,
honey server, a very sharp needle 'bodger', an old mill shuttle.

With a couple of spurtles (porridge stirrers)

They are all hand made in Scotland except the oblong windmill mould - which I presume is from Holland.  The largest mould is 8" diameter, the smallest 3.5".
As you can probably guess I love the thistle shape - though NOT in the garden!

As you can see a varied collection.

Hope anyone celebrating Guy Fawkes Night has a safe and enjoyable time.

Best wishes to all.


I have had some requests for a hedgehog update:

Since taking Winifrid and Wilfred Prickles to the rescue centre there hasn't been any hogs visiting my garden :o(  I have spoken to Joan at the rescue centre who says that the hogs may have gone into an early hibernation due to the cold nights we have been experencing, but they could well come out after food again before Winter.  I hope's either that or word has got around that I'm a hognapper!  I'll keep putting out food and water each night and keep a watch out for them. 


Vintage Jane said...

Hi Rose - I love all your wooden treasures. I especially love old wooden spoons that have seen years of use.
Good reminder about bonfires and hedgehogs. M x

Marilyn said...

You are a 'hognapper' of the very best kind. I guess that means it will be a while before we have more stories that you'll share.♥♫

Bayside Rose said...

Love this collection Rose. The shortbread moulds are just divine -you hognapper you!

I think it is lovely that the hedgehogs have someone to look out for them.

We don't celebrate Guy Fawkes over here anymore and we cannot buy fire crackers either, so it was always good to celebrate when were visiting the UK. x

My Spotty Pony said...

Hi Rose,
You have a really lovely collection of wooden items. And they look so good displayed all together in the wicker trug, such a great idea :)
The people in the village will be having a big bonfire on Saturday. I always help so shall make sure we all do a hedgehog check before it is lit. What a dreadful thought that some poor hedgehog may be inside one that has been set alight... so glad you reminded everyone.
I must say that if I was a hedgehog, I could not think of a nicer person to hognapp me than you Rose :)
Abby x

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love your woodenware collection Rose. Absolutely wonderful!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

What a great collection! especially the shortbread molds, I made some not long ago....a meeting where we had to make something from our home country. I thought it was better than making hagis!! :)
If I get back to the UK you gave me an idea of something to collect.

The Tablescaper said...

What a magnificent collection! I particularly love the molds. So beautiful.

- The Tablescaper

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Oh Rose, what beautiful collections you have, I'm so pleased these wonderful tools and utensils are being well cared for and loved. It's rare to find the equivalent quality today. You grabbed my heart with this post.
(My dream is to travel to the UK and collect and save some of these treasures . . .)

I have never seen a hedgehog in person (only the Steiff versions!) They are so dear, and I'm happy you have shared the word about the danger to them, whilst hiding in a bonfire pile. Bless you!! xo

acorn hollow said...

Love your collection of wooden moulds. what is the special celebration.

Karen said...

Hi Rose, just found you and have had a lovely time reading your blog. Your collections are wonderful, especially the shortbread moulds. We have had quite a few hedgehogs in the garden this year, so glad they want to visit.

Leontien said...

Ok, as the "Holland expert" here, haha, i think the windmill is indeed dutch.... because... we have cookies that look exactly like that! haha

I loved them all though!

Big hugs

Mum said...

Hi, just passing on a blog hop and stopped to read about your wonderful collection. I, too, love second hand things and find it very difficult to throw anything away. I also have a wicker trug like yours.
Love from Mum

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Rose, what wonderful wooden items. Love those molds.