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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Second part of my finds.

Hello all.
Welcome to my latest follower :o)

Here's the rest of my haul I promised to show.  I should explain display and photos were done in a hurry during the evening, so photos are taken in artificial lighting.

These have been haunting me in the shop for over a week.  I've looked and looked at them and kept thinking do I really NEED anymore crockery?  The answer has to be no I don't, but I just couldn't resist any longer ;o)  I'm just amazed that no-one else beat me to the bargain!

A set of six each dinner and salad plates, soup dishes.  one meat plate, one gravy boat and two lidded vegetable dishes in Washington Pottery Indian Tree design, all perfect except one salad plate has a tiny chip to the edge.

Don't they look good?  Not a sign of blue or white to be seen either!

Set on golden chargers, and using the padded runner I got last week for £2
Oh, and the napkin ties I showed in my last post, and covered vegetable dishes.

The lovely meat plate.

Gravy boat

Napkin tie

Soup dish

Salad plate

Dinner plate

One of my many sets of place markers - would you like to see more?

Showing the backstamp.
Presuming the '56' is the year of manufacture, as old as me ;o)

And the cost?  Fifteen pounds for the lot!  Yes £15 :o)  Would you have snapped them up?
I'm glad I did!  Just one teeny, tiny problem ...where to store them!  At the moment they're sitting on the dining table.

I also forgot to show my other bargain -

A lovely Wade trinket box about 4" long shown with two Wade Whimsey hedgehogs.  The one on the left was one if my original one purchased in the 1960's with pocket money, (always one of my favourites) and the one on the right was with the large one - both for £4.  In all the years I have collected whimseys I've never seen a large hedgehog.  Has anyone else seen them or got one?

Hope the rest of the week goes well for you all.

Best wishes


I've just had a phone call to say that Wilfred Prickles has reached the magic 600g weight, and so tomorrow will be returning 'home' for his Winter snooze, I'm just a little delighted!

Aaaah  :o)


Brownieville Girl said...

What a fantastic purchase Rose - I just love that dinner service.

Well done on raising WP!

pattypan.2 said...

Hi Rose

What a lovely find I love the Indian Tree pattern - but so far haven't managed to acquire any. Looks lovely set out on your table with all your finishing bits and pieces - and the price I can well see why you went for it.

I am glad that the little prickles are coming along nicely and due to be returned home.

Very rarely do you see hedgehog pieces, although I have a couple, although both are hand cast and from private potteries. I collected a few when I was younger along with owls etc.

I think you and I must have similar tastes and ideas, although you have the benefit of some good places to go; sadly there are not as many places here as there used to be.

Hope you are keeping well and just take care



Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

What a gorgeous pattern Rose!

I say all the time I do not need any more dishes but then...I forget all about not needing any more dishes as soon as I see dishes!!LOL

I would not have been able to resist Indian Tree.

Rubye Jack said...

What a beautiful table you've set here. I love this pattern!

My Spotty Pony said...

What a great buy that dinner service was Rose. Your table looks all set for Christmas now, I love the gold crowns!
Great news about WP >*.*<
Abby xx

Marilyn said...

Beautiful dishes! I guess it is lucky for me that I am not a shopper, or I'd be bringing so much home! As it is, I have plenty, and need to sort out things to box up and give away.♥♫

Anna at the Doll House said...

Now that your table is beautifully set for Christmas lunch, you are left with a "luxury" problem Rose. It's the question that I find asking myself before buying anything new: where to put it?

However, I would not hesitate to make space for those adorable place card holders. Show me a crown and I am smitten.


KC'sCourt! said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog - it made me feel a lot better
Julie xxxxxxxxx

The Norwegian said...

I have so missed you! I have a similar pattern to your dishes which only say "Bavaria" on the underside of the piece. They were my husband's grandmothers. I say, if you have the "dish gene" not worry about where to store dishes. Get them and enjoy them. I am much older than you and have discovered that there is very little to compete with the enjoyment of a table set with "new" dishes...always enjoy your posts ALWAYS.

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh! Norwegian, Welcome :o) I have missed you too. I was quite concerned for you, it's been such a long time.
Please email me. seconthandrose1atbtinternetdotcom
Rose H