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Monday, 28 November 2011

A recipe that's not!

I occasionally make a good old-fashioned Bread Pudding, (not a Bread and Butter pudding).  I make it the same way that my Nan and my Mom made it, with not a pair of scales in site.  So that's why it's not really a recipe, more of the feel for it.

First of all use up any left-over stale bread, today I had just over half a loaf, I roughly break it up and place it in a large bowl.

Then cover with cold water, and leave to soak for half an hour or so.

Tip the whole lot into a colander, and then (this is the best bit!) squeeze out most of the water, breaking it up as you go.

Then, tip back into the mixing bowl and add some sugar to sweeten. 
(Probably less than a quarter amount in mass)  I used Golden Granulated Sugar as that was to hand.

Then add dried fruit, any sort that you like.  I use mixed fruit with candid peel.  I have used enough to generously cover the mixture.

Now add enough flour to bind, I use SR flour, but plain would do.

Give it a quick mix

Then I add suet, if you prefer you can add butter.

Than I add two (or three if a larger mix) eggs

Mix together to a heavy dropping consistency

Tip the mixture into a greased tin, or line with silicon paper as I do!  Sprinkle with a little granulated sugar - my friend spreads marmalade on instead.

Bake at approx 180 deg. C for about an hour, checking after about 40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.

When cool slice and serve with a nice cuppa.

Once cold, store in an air tight container, it will keep - but I bet it doesn't ;o)

I prefer mine to be more of a cake like consistency than the slimy lump that is often sold in bakers shops....

Sorry I can't be more definite with quantities.  Hope you have a go at making it, if you do let me know what you think.

Have a great week.

Best wishes


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Oh Rose my favourite and I make mine in exactly the same way ..... No scales just a sprinkle of this and a dollop of that! Only difference is I don't add flour and use a couple of teaspoons of ground mixed spice. Love your B & W plate xx

Karen said...

Hi Rose, bread pudding has to be an absolute favourite in my family. I remember my grandmother making it just as you have done, and I've followed her method too - it never gets as far as a container! Shop bought ones? No chance!!

acorn hollow said...


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

yum Rose that looks great! i wish I could have a bite, share a cup of tea and some conversation with you!

My Spotty Pony said...

That looks delicious Rose. I would have a go and make some, but I think that I would scoff the lot!! :o))
Abby xx

Rosie said...

Hello Rose, just popping by to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your bread pudding looks really tasty and I love the blue and white plate it is on:)

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Looks yummy, I'm going to try this! Thank you for sharing the recipe Rose! Love your Indian Tree dinner service, what a lucky find! Your table setting looks wonderful! And love your Wade Whimsey Hedgehogs too! xo

Sharing Shadymont said...


Thanks for visiting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

unikorna said...

You have such a hospitable place here, it was a delight discovering you, million hugs :).

pattypan.2 said...

We love this too its a regular and soon gets eaten up.

Just to let you know I have nominated you for an awar. To collect please visit my blog at

Take care and enjoy



Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

I have never had this before. It sounds yummy!

Kelly said...

This looks really good! It would be fun to try this recipe since it's from your neck of the woods! Ha! I would use butter. I don't even know if they sell suet here. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too!