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Sunday, 4 September 2011

A few more finds.

Hello all, hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend.

I've had a few finds over the last couple of weeks which I'd like to share with you.
(As usual click to expand pictures)

First of all, I spotted this pair of vases - with a difference!

modern ones, but a bargain price of £2.50
They're approx 6" at their widest.  Love that they can be hung up too :o)
On my way out I happened to spot something a bit special I'd missed, something I have quite a few sets of but have not mentioned before.
A set of 8 place card holders, and of all things turkeys!
They're really heavy metal ones, and they were just £4.  Standing just about 1.5" high.
I can just imagine them set out for our Christmas meal - okay sorry, I know I shouldn't mention that word yet.

On another visit I spotted these lovley, small cobalt glass bottles - just the thing for home made Vanilla Extract gifts
Just about 3.5" high - the patterned one was 50p, the other two were 25p each.

Remember my last visit to David Austin Roses?  I told you what beautiful cups and saucers our tea was served in, and I didn't take a photo - well, I found this sweet soap dish, exactly the same make and pattern - well it had a rose on, I HAD to have it!
Yes, that's right 75p :o)
When I had paid for these, I stopped chatting to a friend - one of the volunteers came up to me and asked if I'd be interested in this flow blue sauce tureen for 50p!
Such a pretty design and knop...why was it on;y 50p?
A small chip and hairline crack means it was bound for the skip (dumpster).
She knows I love blue and white, so asked if I wanted it - of course I have found it a home :o)
Strange the pattern is 'ERIC' though :o)
C.W.S. stands for the Co operative Wholesale Society.

Yesterday I popped in (as usual!) and spotted this golf ball paperweight, 3" diameter,
just 50p.  It had to come home with me too!

Just before I close for now I'll give you a quick update on the hedgehogs -
I'm still feeding them every night, I don't always see them, but I know they've eaten here.
The West Midland Hedgehog Rescue centre who took poor Charlie is having an open day next Saturday 10th September. I have made some greetings cards for them to sell and collected a few things hedgehog related along the way to help boost their funds..
I'm also going to make some biscuits (cookies) for them to sell.  Just hoping that the seller in Germany will get the hedgehog cookie cutter to me in time!  If not they are going to be very plain.

I'll post again during the week with a 'wildlife' update and maybe a few pictures too - I'm having a whale of a time with this new camera!  (Panasonic Lumix)

I'll close now, wishing you all a good week.

Best wishes


Louise said...

I love the vases! The golf ball paperweight is interesting too!

I hope your cutter arrives very soon and the hedgehog centre makes a good amount of money.

Pat@BPM said...

Beautiful finds Rose. I love the blue and white!

Sharing Shadymont said...

Great finds Rose! I love the little rose dish, but everything is great!

Have a lovely week,

Louise said...

To reply to your comment: Yes, we do enjoy splashing in puddles of mud or water - we, or at least I, are very childish in that way!

The walk was last Tuesday (still in August) so the photo I was trying to get was for mountains for the last list - I posted 'scavenger hunt rejects' and mentioned it then, but it wasn't a success!!

We had another walk over the weekend and quite by chance I got the view I was trying to create from a completely different spot! That walk will be coming to my blog soon!

Dan said...

Oh Rose, poor little Charlie's story made me feel so sad, and I'm glad that the West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue will benefit from some of your finds for their fundraising. I'd love to see the hedgehog cookies you're going to make for them too! Hopefully the cutter will arrive in time.
More great finds this time round. The rose soap dish is beautiful, and I love the turkey place holders.

My Spotty Pony said...

I never seem to find anything good in the charity shops, you seem to have a good eye for spotting things... love the blue glass bottles.
What a lovely thought to make cards and biscuits for the fundraising, I hope the open day goes well next weekend.
Please Rose, don't mention the C word again... Well not for at least six weeks! :) Abby x

acorn hollow said...

Great finds as usual. and how wonderful you have a few things to boost their sale.