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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I promised a nature/wildlife post, so here it is!
A bit of a mixture so bear with me please....

The Tiggywinkles are still visiting the free food station each night - they have to build up their fat reserves ready for the winter hibernation.  I've tried putting out different cat foods as a supplement but the little blighters just won't eat it :o)  They're fussier than Sid!
Here's another couple of photos of my little visitors.
This is a this years hoglet, the one I'm most concerned about.  I hope that he 'fills out' enough to survive hibernation.  If he doesn't put enough weight soon on I'll have to capture him and get him to the rescue centre, where they'll feed him up until he's at a weight to survive the winter.
Oops!  Already engaged...reverse!
It's rather wet out here tonight..

We are lucky enough to live only 4 miles away from Cannock Chase
of course I've been wildlife spotting there :o)
A (doe) Fallow Deer
And another doe.

And much more difficult to creep up on - the Bucks
They were quite a distance away from me.
There are also a herds of Muntjac deer, and herds of  Roe deer.  The Muntjac are hard to spot as they are so small!  Isn't the heather gorgeous?  I don't think I've ever seen it better.

Here's a close up of a thistle - just trying all sorts of shots, I've a lot to learn.
We found these two beauties less than a mile from home, hidden away down a green lane
A pair of alpacas (lying down), I couldn't get any closer as they were in a field right next to the house.  I took the photo from the bottom of the drive, not the best I know just an unusual sight around here!

Here's a Painted Lady sunning herself

And finally, my two favourite shots...

The bandstand in Bridgnorth park dripping in blooms,
and finally

Acorn and Ladybird on an ancient Oak.

Hope you liked some of them :o)

See you soon

Best wishes


Fading Grace said...

Such a lovely post, the hedge hogs are just adorable. I hope the littlest one puts on some weight, it's been so bitterly cold the last two winters hasn't it.
Thanks for sharing xx

Anna at the Doll House said...

Such lovely pictures Rose but your ladybird on the oak leaf has given my conscience a twinge.
We had two huge oak trees in the garden but we cut them down, and the wood has been turned into firewood. So, there are no acorns to gather this autumn.


My Spotty Pony said...

Your pictures are fantastic Rose! Lovely to see all the wild life so close up. Great post ..... and not any mention of that time of year when the plump man in the red suit visits! ;) Abby x

Patrice said...

Lovely photos. Have a great weekend!

My Journey With Candida said...

Now, how do you capture the little hoglets. Do you use a box trap?

Great wildlife pictures by the way.

ted and bunny said...

I'm so pleased we found a use for that tree trunk- and a friendly tractor driver with a grab to move it across the field!

I love your photos- so GOOD- I've still got my head buried in the camera instruction book a year after purchase cos I can't remember which button is which!

Hope all is well with you, and this is the start of a really good week

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Lovely wildlife pictures. Living in the countryside we get to see badgers, foxes and deer but sadly we rarely see hedgehogs. it appears that they don't like the damp Somerset weather. When I lived in Kent, I used to see them and feed them regularly. I miss my little visitors. Such beautiful creatures. Keep up the excellent work!
Isabelle x