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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bits and pieces...

It's really a bits and pieces post today.

Firstly, it's another warm welcome to my new follower :o)

Since the heartbreak this week of poor little Charlie hedgehog there has been a fabulous deveopement :o)  The lovely lady Ann, who found Charlie and I have met up again and discovered that we have such a lot in common - it's really quite incredible, and are becoming firm friends.  (Hello Ann!)

I have again visited David Austin Roses with another dear friend and took a few photo's to share with you, but I'll let you into a disappointing secret - as it was such a nice day I was expecting the air to be sweet with the gorgeous scent of the roses, most of which were blooming their heads off but it seemed that few had any scent and then you had to literally shove your nose into the bloom to 'get it'.  Anyhow, here's the pictures.... Don't forget you can click on any photo to expand them.
This greets you as you enter the gardens - the gift shop is in the background.  The pots are huge!
Then we walked along a path surrounded on both sides with roses, there are a number of garden rooms off  the main path....
This stunning bloom is a much deeper red, for some reason my camera doesn't show reds in their true light.  It's called Tam o'Shanter.
This was in one of the huge garden rooms, a beautiful walled garden set in a circle - sorry I can't remember the name of it.
The same garden room - the long pond runs straight down the centre in front of you as you enter.
I adored the colour of this one - the Lady of Shalott
These life size ladies are at the top of the long pathway you start your journey on..
This is part of the Victorian Garden, filled with old fashioned roses.
This is the statue at the centre of the Victorian Garden.
Further round looking to the centre.
This final picture is the rose Pat Austin, who was named after David Austin's late wife.  There is a sign that said she had planned all of the gardens. 

We had a cup of tea in the tea rooms, that was served in the most delightful rose covered china cups, saucers , teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl - sorry I forgot the photo :o(

There is of course a few bargains I've picked up over the last couple of weeks.  On a visit to the charity shop someone had passed on a load of cookery books..I scored 5 at £1 each :o)
(I'll have to show you my cookery books ...)
1 x each of Gordon and Tanya Ramsay's
Dutchy Originals - recipies from Prince Charles's Dutchey Estates
and The Hairy Bikers 12 Days of Christmas.  I also got a copy of Hairy Bikers Mum's know Best, but that'll be off to Nottingham as I already have it.  I can hardly believe it, none of these books look as if they've been opened let alone used (?)  Just doesn't make sense they all cost around £20 new.

Then, I found another two tea pots..
A lovely older Portmerion one for £3 - and the other side
Of course you knew there'd be blue and white somewhere in the post!
Old Willow pattern - £2.50
and an old Alfred Meakin plate to match, 'cos it's not like I haven't already got any!
£1.  Lastly, for the bargain section, and sorry it won't show up very well
It's about 8" tall and has a double heart motif molded into the glass on all four sides for 70p.  I have no idea what it held, maybe you can help?  It caught my eye, maybe for a nice home made cordial gift.. 

Finally, some gratuitious animal pictures from the garden - Warning - there is a frog picture!  I kissed him, he wasn't the one that turns into a handsome prince! LOL :o)

Sitting on the side of the pond.

One of the nightly visitors making ripples :o)
And then licking his lips!

Enquiring on each others health and passing the time of (day) night!
And lastly some day visitors too..
A blue tit and some house sparrows dine out!

(Thanks to George the lad's Mom for the last 4 photos, she lent me her camera to try it out - BIG thanks Jan x)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend,

Best wishes


Dan said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about poor little Charlie, Rose!! We never use slug pellets or any other chemicals in our garden, in fact we don't need to with the amount of frogs that live in it!
Thanks for sharing the pictures of your David Austin visit - interesting that a lot of the newer rose have little scent. Perhaps they are bred more for looks?
More bargains eh? I love your blue and white teapot.
Finally, I am very pleased to see a healthy hedgehog enjoying its supper in your garden.

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose,
Sorry to hear about Charlie but you did your best.
That looks a good place to go for a visit, I mean for mom as I bet its not dog friendly:0

Thats a bargin the portmerion tea pot, well done.
Mom says gald you liked the camera, and she say's your veg was lovely they had them on the Monday, I didn't get a look in they have eaten it all!!
The Cheek of it!!

Have a good week mom will see you Wednesday:)
See Yea George xxx

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thought of you today as my cousins who are headed to England, Wales and Scotland for 2 weeks...we discussing places we had been there etc. Made me anxious to return and next time I do I want to go to David Austin's! Wish mine Austin roses looked so good.

Love the portmerion, I have newer pieces. How nice u have a new friend and what a nice name, Ann!

My Journey With Candida said...

Hmmmm I wonder why the roses didn't have much scent. Sometimes roses can be over powering. Well even if the roses had little scent, their beauty makes up for it.

It is so sad that poor little Charlie had to die, but What a tribute to Charlie your friendship with Ann will be.

Wishing you a great week.

Brownieville Girl said...

Lovely post Rose - sorry about Charlie, but you did your best.

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Gorgeous post Rose. I love your finds! I'm very sorry to hear about dear Charlie. xo

My Spotty Pony said...

Hello Rose, I hope you are keeping well.
So sorry to read about poor Charlie, sounds like you and everyone else did the best they could for him. No slug pellets here, my garden is totally wild at the moment and a haven for all things prickly, feathered and buzzy :))
Glad to be back in blogland. Sending a chin scratch to Sid (Fred loves a chin scratch, presume Sid does too?!) Abby xox

Sharing Shadymont said...

Sorry to hear about Charlie.

Love your thrifty finds. The gardens are lovely. Such a great place to visit, I'm sure.


acorn hollow said...

love the roses and great finds.
so happy I could visit.

Nancy said...

Sorry about Charlie, Rose.

I'm surprised too that the roses weren't more highly scented but they certainly are beautiful...the entire garden is lovely.

Guess what? I did my drawing last night and the comment was! So you have won the house number sign. I just need your email address and will put you in touch with them so you can make your choice. COngrats!