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Monday, 15 August 2011

Fingers crossed please.


This morning a lovely caring lady bought a tiny hedgehog to me that was out in full *daylight obviously unwell.  I got him warm by putting a hot water bottle wrapped in an old towel into Sid's cat carrier and then wrapped him in a towel and placed him onto the warm spot.  After placing food and water in with him I contacted our local Vet who gave me the number for West Midland Hedgehog Rescue.  I spoke to a lovely lady,  Joan who runs the rescue along with her husband.  She confirmed I had done 'all the right things' and we arranged to meet at out local Vets office this afternoon.

Meet 'Charlie' who fits in the palm of my hand.
He was too weak to 'roll up' when he got here..

Ann, (the kind lady) who brought him to me and I took him off to hand him over to the hedgehog rescue and to get him checked over by the Vet..
 Snoozing zzzzzzzzz

The vet checked him over, he's under weight and dehydrated and he also had some fly eggs attached (ugh!)
  Charlie will have a course of antibiotics and a saline drip and be cared for until he regains weight and is heavy and healthy enough to be released back into the wild.  I hope he can return to us for release.

Waking up ready for a long drink.

Both Ann and I were happy and relieved that Charlie is in the caring hands of the Rescue centre now.
I'll update this post when I have some more news tomorrow.

*Hedgehogs should NEVER be out in the daylight, they are totally nocturnal.  If you see one there IS a problem.  Please pick it up and keep warm indoors, then contact either your local Vet or The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 who will advise you of local help.


I have spoken to the rescue centre and it's really not looking too good.  Poor Charlie is the victim of slug pellets, and has more than likely eaten a poisioned slug.  They say there is a slight chance that he could rally round but sadly they see too many hedgehogs suffering the same fate. He is on a heated pad to ensure he doen't suffer from hypothermia, and a saline drip.  He has eaten a tiny amount of food and taken a little water.

Could I ask you please not to use slug pellets and seek an seek alternative remedies, or if you really must use them do it sparingly make sure they are the blue dyed ones and clear up the bodies each evening before dusk to lessen the chance of inflicting a slow,  lingering death to other wildlife. 
 Sorry for the rant - I'll get off my soapbox now.

Best wishes

Final update

Sadly poor little Charlie didn't make it despite best efforts by the rescue centre.
R.I.P. Charlie

Thank you all for your concern and best wishes.




Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

Charlie is adorable. I hope he heals quickly and is released soon.

Marilyn said...

I sure don't know much about hedgehogs! I've heard that a few teachers have one as a classroom pet. Plants are good for me in the classroom. Thanks for sharing! ♥♫

Micupoftea~ said...

Oh my gosh! How wonderful that you took him in and contacted the vet and rescue! What a sweet soul you are! I loved seeing your photos and shared them with my daughter. We do not have hedghogs in So California! Thank you for visiting my blog~

Dan said...

Good luck Charlie! It would be lovely if you could have him back to release when he's fit and healthy Rose.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Poor baby, hope it turns out ok after all

My Journey With Candida said...

OH... Poor Charlie. I hope he takes a turn for the better.
What a kind person you are to help a wild animal in need.

Kim said...

Oh Rose - poor little Charlie - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's ok but this surely serves as a wake up call re the slug pellets - I'm loathe to use them anyway but will always check the ones I buy from now on. Hugs to you for looking after the little guy x

ted and bunny said...

dear little soul, wildlife has so much to contend with. Lets hope he has the strength to fight his corner

Alas, we never get hedgehogs here on account of the badgers at the end of the garden


Anonymous said...

ohhh i am sorry to hear about Charlie. It brings back memories! In Holland my sister and i would love to find one of those little rascals. But like you said if we found them it normaly meant that it was sick. We would bury them in our back yard and held a little ceremonie with flowers....

And I haven't figured out the comment flaws! I changed to google chrome, did the comment box thingy but somehow by some people it just won't work. It seem to happen everytime when people have set their comments as not a pop up screen. If they have a seperate pop up screen, no problems. if they have them like yours.... i'm sorry to say but problems... sooo i haven't figured out if it is just me or if more people have that same problem!

Ok now i'm gonna go! Thanks for your sweet comment!

My Journey With Candida said...

Just wanted to know how Charlie is doing?
This was such a great post that it is like I book. I want to know how it ends. Terry

acorn hollow said...

Oh I am sorry for poor charlie but I have to ask what are the slugs you are talking about. Is it like a bb gun? You are a kind soul to try so hard for poor charlie.

Rose H (UK) said...


Sorry, it never occurred to me that the word 'slugs' would mean more than the garden pest variety. Here is a link that explains what they are.
Hope it will sort out the mix-up. The 'pellets' are a poison that is commonly scattered around the garden to kill of the little blighters, if a hedgehog then eats a poisoned slug they can suffer a lingering death unless they are very fit. Poor Charlie was probably born this spring and only a few months old, and far too small to fight the effects of the poison.