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Monday, 1 March 2010

Here are a few of my favourite things......

It's such a beautiful day today that I've had to share the first sign of Spring in my garden...

As promised here's a view of some of 'the collections'.
This is a small part of my cobalt glass, perhaps a bit too bright as the sun is reflecting on to it.

And that's a snap of my (overloaded) dresser, this has a lot of family pieces on it. All used (on special occasions) and much loved.
I really do have an obsession with blue don't I?
There's a few close-ups below.

A really lovely old Copeland Spode jug I got about a month ago for £3.

Close up of some plates from the 'family' dinner service.

A really cute Wade teapot I got last year (charity shop find, as new and boxed which cost me a whole £2.50!

Did I mention I love orchids? This is probably my favourite at the moment is a real stunner in full bloom, isn't it beautiful?

I really couldn't miss out my purry, furry favourite friend could I? This is Sid.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my favourite things. Hopefully the sun is shining on you too. I still have many more collections that I can give you a peek at - so keep watching this space!


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rose! I love all of your blue...wonderful! I have a thing for blue myself! Your Sid is a handsome fellow! Does he have extra toes? I had a cat like that many moons ago! Happy week!...Debbie

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Debbie, thank you for taking the time to comment :o)
Sid is actually a she! Yes I know, poor confused cat. We had her as a rescue cat and she was aleady named by her previous owner. As she was so stressed and timid at the time we decided to leave her name alone. She only has the right amount of toes - but my photography leaves a lot to be desired LOL. I'm happy to say ten years later she's no longer stressed or timid.
Hope to 'see' you again on here.
Best wishes

Sandy said...

Hi Rose, How come all your favourite things are collectors' items whilst my favourite things looks like junk! Yesterday I took two bags of stuff down to the charity shops and, yes, I came back with one bag! In the past I would have come back with three, so I am cutting down gradually. Looking forward to buying more junk at Dagfield on Saturday. LOL Sandy

Sandy said...

Forgot to mention ... love the look and feel of this site - can you do one for me!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks Sandy for the lovely comments:o)
Looking forward to Dagfields too! Looks like I'll have plenty to post - LOL.

The Norwegian said...

Your cobalt blue collection is DELICIOUS!
Must let you know I do not at this time have a blog but do visit MANY. I'm an anglophile and think it's grand that I can communicate with someone in Staffordshire. I've so enjoyed your postings.