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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Do I really have all this stuff?

I was trying to choose what to photograph for this post, and it hit me - boy do I have a lot of stuff!- I should have realised this before when I come to clean it every week :o)

This is another of my collections in the dining room.  Chinese, yellow with a honeysuckle pattern pottery.  It's taken me about fifteen years to collect these pieces, even though I'm quite sure they weren't originally expensive pieces they seem to be few and far between and I do like them.  I should also say that none of them have cost more that £5, and most a lot less.

Atop the corner unit...

This is the plate hidden at the back, it is the only piece hand painted Royal Crown Derby
I've put it with these as the yellow doesn't seem to fit anywhere else in the house.

Top Shelf

Close up of the largest ginger jar

Middle shelf

Close up of my favouite dish and spoon from that shelf

Bottom Shelf.  (Have to avoid finding any more pieces - no more room!)
Note: a little cat got in on the act.

(You might notice a few ginger jars...I have quite a few but nearly all blue and white, but thats for another post.)

And now for the few charity shop purchases this week.....

A Henry Dean votive holder - I thought this was a steal at just 75p
it's really heavy and the photo doesn't do the glass justice.

Peter Rabbit Money Box in perfect condition for just £1

And finally a ceramic bathroom set (sorry, chopped the top off the soap dispenser!)
in blue and white of course, as new unused £3 the lot!  (Could you have resisted them?)

I hope you have liked some of my things, and I'd love you to leave me your comments on them.
Next time I think I'd better show you SOME of my cats, Sid my helper is the only real one we have though.

Hope you join me again soon, best wishes....


kim said...

Thanks for stopping by. What great collections you have. I think we all collect something. I scrolled down and saw your lovely paper weight collection. Great colors.

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Kim, glad you came by :o) Thank you for your comments - I DO appreciate them.
Best wishes
Rose H

Lamp Tramp said...

Hey Rose, so nice to meet you! I'm loving your yellow Honeysuckle pattern. I've seen it before in pictures, it is GORGEOUS! Yes, you have lots
of beautiful treasures, you lucky gal!

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Lamp Tramp, so good of you to leave such a nice comment. Hope to see you here again soon:o)

Best wishes

Rose H

Astrid said...

Love your bathroom set..I'm looking for one, but can't find a deal.
But that way I keep an excuse to shop..right? ;-)

Rose H (UK) said...

Yes Astrid - we NEED a good excuse to keep shopping!