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Friday, 19 March 2010

As promised...

As promised, I said I'd add some more of my collections.

Here are some of my perfume bottles

The pink one front row far left is Isle of Wight Glass

Back far left is the latest charity shop bottle, the centre back is Baccarat (Dior)
front far right is iridescent cranberry Okra glass. 

The one above is my favourite one, I just love the iridescent lustre on it!

And now my paperweights.....A love started when I was very young by my Aunts collection which I was honoured to inherit a couple of years ago.

Don't you just love the cat?  (One of my Aunts, along with the 3 directly behind it) 

The small crystal ball is balanced on top of a Medina Glass vase.  The four surrounding weights were some of my Aunts.

The egg shaped one on the right is another favourite
(photo doesn't do it justice as it has a lovely lustre)

The wooden 'stick' is a Japanese paperweight made of Ironwood
and is deceptively heavy.  Back three are all Caithness Glass.

Here we have a mix of manufacturers, Caithness, Webbs and Isle of Wight Glass.

Now the next one means a great deal to me, it's the oldest by a long way (early Victorian) and it was used daily by my Dad on his desk at work - I really treasure it.  It's made of cast Iron.

The paperweights are kept on the window sills in the hall and at the top of the stairs, chosen on pupose as the windows face north.  If you have paperweights please do not be tempted to leave them in direct sunlight as the can cause a fire by magnifying the heat from the sun. 

Maybe I should have taken a few more close-ups?  But I don't want to bore you............

I hope you've liked looking as another couple of my collections, and I'd love your comments.

Next time, well I'm not sure - I've been bargain hunting again today so I've got another few things - or I might have another tour round of some more collections......So please watch this space!

Thanks again for your company!


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hi Rose~so glad you came by for a visit today. Hope you will drop in often. I love your perfume bottle and paper weight collection. They are beautiful. Now I've got to read the rest of your blog. Talk to you soon~Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Pat

Rose H (UK) said...

Hello and welcome Pat! Thank you for joining me today, and for your lovely comments. I hope you like my blog as I'm still very new to Blogging!
Best wishes

The Norwegian said...

YOU could never be boring! Loved this post on the perfume bottles and the paperweights. I'm going to Google Isle of Wight much to learn! As a side note: the sheer curtains seen behind the paperweights are lovely.

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Norwegian
Thank you again for such lovely comments.
The Isle of Wight Glass weight is the small blue iridescent one on the far right - another favourite. The voile curtains have a gold script on them, to blend with the cream and gold paint scheme in the hall and stairs.
Rose H

Martha said...

Lovely collections all -- I love scent bottles and paperweights as well although I don't really have a collection of either. There's something about a good heavy paperweight, isn't there?

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Martha. You're quite right about paperweights, I love that they are so varied.
Best wishes
Rose H

Nancy said...

What a fabulous collection you have! I've been perusing your blog...lots of pretties. I love the blue and yellow dishes in the corner hutch too! Just beautiful!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Cheers Nancy, your home is superb!