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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I just CAN'T resist can I?

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is well :o)  Thank you for all your lovely comments on 'Garden nature' post.

As I said in my last post I'd found a few things, well as promised here they are!  I'd get a cuppa and sit down, long post with lots of info.

I strolled walked quickly towards the charity shop as I spied BLUE & WHITE in the window, and to my utter amazement found all of these beauties...

A Asbury &Co 'Dragon' pattern trio.

Design registration number is dated for 1903.  Even though a design registration number is not the  necessarily the year of manufacture I believe this is very close to that year.
  The company was in production from 1875 to 1925 at The Prince of Wales Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.  And the cost?  £2.25

Alongside that, there was also these beauties..
A Booths 'Dragon' Trio
I have quite a few pieces of this pattern
The backstamp is dated between 1906 and 1912
also £2.25

A Royal Cauldon sugar bowl
I cannot find this Wyvern pattern backstamp to date it, although the word 'Royal' was added in the 1930's. It cost £1.25 and is a duplicate of one I already have. Cauldon and Royal Cauldon are my favourite make of Dragon pattern as they are in my opinion, a better colour than Booths.

 6" china Dragon jug

The 'Delphine' mark was for H J Middleton Pottery Stoke-on-Trent.
It's mark is after 1891 but before 1912 as they added '& CO' after then.
The jug has a tiny chip, but it only cost £1.25

Then there was this meat plate
for £2, along with these
four soup bowls and saucers.
Pretty eh?  £1 each (£4 total)
All made by Furnivals Pottery in the Denmark pattern.
Also a Stoke-on-Trent manufacturer.  The Boat mark is dated between 1890 and 1913.
An exceptional hoard don't you think?

Another day I went to a garden centre and I keep passing a sign that says ' Peony Sale' - I thought I'd go and look as I'd quite like another peony in the garden.  Boy, was I wrong it was a silk flower shop, in fact THE most wonderous silk flowers I have EVER seen!  I found these 2 feet beauties in the sale
Red Amaryllis
Reduced from £12 each to £5 :o)
Aren't they beautiful? (first picture shows colour better)  Just SO life-like.

I'll just tell quickly you about the table they're all pictured on, I got this about four years ago when Vicky first moved out for her (tiny) flat.  The top was ugly and marked - it cost £2 from my favourite charity shop!  I sanded the top and waxed it and off it went to Nottingham and was in daily use for a couple of years.  Vicky up-graded to a small dining suite and so Mom got it back. It stands on a single chrome leg with an 'X' shaped base.  I keep thinking I'll take it back to the charity shop - then I realise how useful it is for photo's and decide (again) to keep it....

And finally...
Tiggywinkle UPDATE :o)
The night before last I was watching the munching session in full swing when....
along came Mr T too!
Even later on (an hour or so had passed) I went out before tootling off to bed and to my utter amazement there were THREE of them snuffling about delight, I was in 7th Heaven.  I have decided to invest in a Hogitat.  A custom built hedghog house for the garden , looks like it'll be HH4 design as this is the one I've seen.

Well, I hope you've not been bored with all this blue and white?  Hope you ALL have a fabulous week, whatever the weather ;o)

Best wishes, see you soon...


Patrice said...

I recently passed up a few pieces in the same pattern as the meat plate. I love the blue and white, but I was a bit short on cash that day and was looking for really inexpensive buys. They had those pieces priced a bit higher than most dishes. Now I can't remember which shop had them. Oh, well! You got some good buys!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hope you can find them Patrice..I went in to the same shop yesterday and they have a Mason's milk jug and sugar bowl in a similar pattern priced at £25!!! The 'new' manageress has looked on the internet for the prices of Masons, I think she's hoping! I can see that sitting there for a month or two. That's the trouble, don't they realise that folk just won't pay thise prices - all things are donated so if they get £10 they should be pleased. I'll just get off my soapbox ;O)

Sharing Shadymont said...

Great finds. I love the pattern on the meat platter. The flowers are wonderful. So realistic!!!

Have a great week.


Kim said...

Hi Rose - wow you've had a busy time of it!! Loving that big meat platter - I wish I had more space to store such lovely things as I'd be buying them all the time!! And as for the Hedgepigs (that's what my son used to call them!) I'm so envious!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks Kathy :o)

Kim, storage is certainly a BIG issue here. They've all sat on the dining room table until today so that I could 'find room' - I REALLY should stop buying, and truthfully I've slowed down a lot!
Have a look at Hedgehog Street, you may already have a visitor and not know it.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Rose H

Bill said...

Hi Rose,

Love the blue & white! I know that feeling so well of stepping up the pace while moving toward an object of desire in a thrift shop or at an estate sale -- such excitement!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the very kind comment.

Warmest regards,

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

OH MY!! Did you find the bargains or what? Love the little jug, the blue and white is pretty and a different pattern than I have seen before.

Louise said...

Well, I haven't been following you for very long here, but I often wonder when I see your posts where the heck you manage to put it all - you must live in a tardis house!

you're WMSP comment is a funny tale - what a great memory! I bet you were glad you were in the car behind. Most unpleasant!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Louise, I often wonder where I'm going to put it all too!

Vicky said...

Hi mum, you brought the house down yet with the weight of all this blue & white yet?! :P

Bet you were well chuffed with all the dragon stuff though. :)

Rose H (UK) said...

Dearest Vicky, CAN you have enough blue and white? (I'm just off to look for signs of subsidence...)
Ma xx