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Sunday, 10 July 2011

(Hedge) HOG fight at the OK Corral.

Good morning!   Hope everyone is well?

We were out for the day yesterday and didn't return home until quite late.  I leave food our each night for our little visitors and I was late putting it out in their new covered feeding area ;o)  I also needed to water the tomato plants and hanging baskets, so was busily going about my business when I heard the hedgehog snuffling in the border...I took a peep and she was happily munching on some scattered mealworms I had thrown down.   As I finished I sat in the conservatory with the door open watching as the little dear went into the NEW feeding area * :o)
(All photos are taken with the flash)
(*a lidded plastic storage box with a 4.5inch door cut into the side panel to protect Tiggy and food from predators.)
If you click on the image it will enlarge and you should be able to make Mrs Tiggywinkle out.  Sid can just be seen on the botton right.
She had a good 'chow-down' and came outside for a drink before scuttling off around the garden again.
After quenching her thirst and a quick look around, she came over towards me via the edge of the pond and straight in front of the open door, then ran past Sid only a few inches from her feet and tail and back under the chair.  Sid sat perfectly still - just watchin'.
Then suddenly, the gravel was being scattered everywhere, and very loud snuffling started. WHOOSH! Another, larger 'hog rushed out pushing Mrs T with his nose out to the middle of the open gravelled part!

As you can see Mrs T's defence mechanism clicked in and she curled into a ball.
As fate had it, my camera was switched on and in my hand...
Battle won, the victor trots off to find food and Mrs T remains curled.
Five minutes later, still curled up :o(
Blink, has he gone yet?
I kept watching, but there was no further trouble, and Mrs T seemed just fine :o) AND I'd manged to get Sid back in the house...
This all took place at about midnight.
I think I was really lucky to witness this battle, and even luckier to get photo's!

Who'd a thought it? 

Have a great day whatever you're doing!

Best wishes

** I've just enlarged the third photo to check the post and see the naughty hog's bum under the chair!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

So now you have two hedgehogs visiting? Hope they find a way to get along. Don't you love it when you have your camera when you need it! Enjoyed the photos!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Interesting reading about your night life! Hedge hogs looks so much nicer than our racoons and possoms!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hello ladies!
Manuela, I had 3 in the garden a few nights ago - and they all got along splendidly but I was so overjoyed to see them I totally forgot about the camera..doh!

Ann, the grass is always greener! You see, I KNOW racoons can be a real pest but I do so love them. Possums are cute too!

Best wishes
Rose H

Kim said...

What amazing shots!! I love these hedgehog updates!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Kim, but believe me NO-ONE was more amazed that I captured the shots them than me!
Rose H

Marilyn said...

What fun in the middle of the night! Once I was up in the middle of the night and watched a small salamander walking across the back patio. They are not seen a lot. ♥♫

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Marylyn
Some years ago we had a small lizard in the kitchen after an amazing thunder storm, I'd never seen one before or since!
It's a good job I suffer with insomnia or I'd have missed seeing the hedgehogs.
Rose H

acorn hollow said...

well you are having fun with your little hedgehogs! I too have trouble sleeping so I see what comes out in our yard but I have never been able to get pictures of them mostly racoons and bears.
so funny to see her ball up

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh blimey Cathy - BEARS! I recently watched a fascinating programe about a 'bear whisperer' in the US who was a ranger in a small town and was in charge of keeping the bear population out of trouble. I really wouldn't like to tangle with one though! It's scary/wonderful to realise just how powerful these creatures are. Next time I'm hedgehog watching I'll be hoping you're not bear watching.....

Bayside Rose said...

I just love hedgehogs I grew up with them in NZ. Unfortunately, we don't have them in Brisbane.

The bird in my photo is our local sea eagle. They are fairly common and nest above the water in our beacons.

Pam x

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

those are soooo cute! i have not seen them before, and not sure if they exist in our area. what a bully, that new one was....sure hope mrs. t will be fine. i loved this post!

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks Pam, the Sea Eagles are spectacular!
Kritter Keeper
Hedgehogs are a European mammal, so sadly do not reside in the US. My little friend hasn't visited for the past couple of evenings :o( but I'll keep on putting out food and water in the hope it'll return soon!