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Friday, 1 July 2011

Garden nature time

Hi all!

Just a quick post, but first I have to welcome another follower :o) and I'm knocked out to discover over 10,000 site hits!  Thank you all :o)

Mrs Tiggywinkle is visiting every evening and munching her (?) way through a dish of dried mealworms, sultanas and sunflower seeds and having a good long drink.  I catch sight of her most nights usually between 11.30 and 00.30am.

This is a different photo from the first ones, taken last night in fact.  Sid sat under the nearby chair - just watching :o)  I tuck the food dish under the chiminea to keep the birds from stealing the food first as I fill it up before dark.  She pulls it out a little before tucking in!   Sometimes I miss feeding time, but can hear her snuffling about in the boarders - it sounds surprisingly loud too!

Then of course there's my beloved frogs from our tiny pond - more like a puddle really!

Even though it's small and very near the house we have to keep it netted or the heron would have all the fish - once bitten, twice shy and all that.  Whoops, should have spotted the dead leaf :o(
Sorry, a little blurred...

This brave beauty was out in the daylight looking for bugs and slugs!

I'll post again over the weekend as I've found a few blue and white pieces today..still got to unpack, wash and photograph them though.

Enjoy the weekend whatever you're doing, and I hope our friends in the USA have a brilliant 4th July!

Best wishes to all,

Stop Press.....
11.30pm, latest picture :o)

Tiggywinkle thinks...."OMG! Can't you leave me in peace, just for ONE night?"


Marilyn said...

I'd be so happy with a visiting hedgehog! There is one in many of Jan Brett's storybooks, a favorite children's author of mine. I've had shunks, foxes, and opossums visit my house here in Colorado. ♥♫

Kim said...

Awww!!! *Waves at Mrs T* She's so cute!! You have a veritable plethora of wildlife in your garden - with 'hogs AND frogs the slug population will be quaking in their boots!!

p.s. LOVE your chiminea - they're great aren't they?! Have a great weekend.

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks ladies!
Marylin, the only skunks I've seen (or should that be smelt?) were road kill in Canada :o( Oppossums are too sweet, and I love foxes:o) I'd really like to see a racoon, even though I know they're pests.

Kim, I try and encourage as much wildlife in the garden as possible. As for the chiminea, I love them too but ours is really only a tiny one as you can judge next to the hedgehog - the garden's tiny too though!

Best wishes
Rose H

Louise said...

A heron ate all the fish from our pond and netting it didn't help :( I caught him fishing there twice!

A couple of years ago we had great crested newts living in the garden which was fantastic, but I don't know if we've had any since.

I love your little froggies! I'm glad you are looking after the local wildlife, I wish more people would!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Louise,
Last year I couldn't believe my eyes - on two occasions when I opened the blinds early in the morning the heron was perched on our fence only about 50cms away in a gap about 30cms wide next to a overhanging tree. We also had the gazebo up less than a metre away, I just didn't believe it would have room to take off - but believe me he did!
I've always gardened organically as I love all wildlife and have always tried to encourage creatures into the garden. Some years ago after a very bad storm we had a lizard in the kitchen! It was carefully put into the garden and we've never seen one since.
Last best count there was five frogs sitting out after bugs around the pond - though I've never yet seen spawn. Could be the fish gobble it up as soon as its laid though (?)
Best wishes
Rose H

Helen said...

So cute, and what a wonderful meal you have prepared for her!!
Love Helen x

Rose H (UK) said...

Thanks Helen, I have to admit though that the dried mealworms give me the {{{shudders}}} - they're certainly 'untouched by human hand'!
Enjoy the weekend!
Rose H

ted and bunny said...

hi Rose- how lovely to have the hedgehog- alas we have badgers in the garden and all around so we never see a hedgehog anywhere.
Thanks so much for always leaving your kind comments, and for saying you're in love with dear Bruce- have to confess I am too!
Have a good weekend

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Bunny, I know that badgers do prey upon hedghogs and I'm glad they're not too close to here though I love them too - I always feel really sad to see a dead one along the roadside.
I'm really not surprised that you're in love with Bruce he's gorgeous!

My Spotty Pony said...

Great pictures Rose, it is lovely to see your hedgehog enjoying the food you have left.
My sister loved the pictures of Sid and thinks she should have her own blog :)
Have a great weekend. Abby x

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Abby, Thank you. I'm pleased your sister liked Sid's pics - A blog of her own? It'ud be a bit boring I think....woke up, had a fuss, went outside for a snooze. Woke up, watched the birds for a while, came in and had lunch. Had another fuss. Went into the front garden and lay in the catnip and snoozed.
Woke up, s-t-r-e- t-c-h-e-d. Tootled round to the neighbours for another fuss and a tuna treat if available. Went home and meiowed aimlessly just to wind up Mom. Jumped on her lap and snoozed a while. Woke and requested food, went back in the front garden to find mice and watch out for that blasted hedghog! Went back in the house,climbed into my basket and snoozed until dawn.
Best wishes
Rose H

My Spotty Pony said...

Hi Rose, I laughed so much at your reply :)))
Sid's day seems to be pretty much the same as Fred's. How nice it would be to have the life of a pampered puss! Abby x

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Tiggywinkle is so cute! This is the 4th post I've seen in the last hour that has frogs in it!!

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose, I think you should be on Spring watch ;)moms says I must keep away from frogs they make your mouth go frothy!!!
Have a good week
See Yea George xxxx
PS mom only got 4 days left at work!!! 8 weeks off, looks like a load of walks coming up for me ;)

Mary said...

Love the look on Mrs. Tiggywinkle's face - lots of hedgehog love coming your way!

Those little froggies are cute too. I've seen a couple of tiny lizards lately but my family of foxes seem to have left - thankfully - parents plus five were a bit much! Back to many birds, dozens of squirrels, and a few feral cats - enough wildlife for me.

Hugs - Mary

acorn hollow said...

So sweet! It is so fun to see the animals that visit.

Candy Duell said...

Hi Rose, thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment :) I have been very quiet on there lately, but think it is about to change.
I love your shots of your hedgehog. Do you have a game camera? Or go out there at night and take the pictures?

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Candy
I go out and take the pictures, they don't seem to mind as long as I'm quiet - which is difficult as I'm shouting with delight inside! Last night I had three in the garden at the same time..heaven :o)
My camera is a Kodak Easy Share, so no it's not a fabulous camera - that would be wasted on me!
Best wishes
Rose H