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Monday, 7 March 2011

Last weeks bargains, oh and an unexpected prize!

Sorry, a day late posting :o(

Anyway, back to the post in hand.  I do have a few bargains to show you, but I'm certainly 'slowing down' with the buys - wonder if it's something subconscious as I've been trying to sort out 'stuff' at home?  I've also been homing in curtains and fabric for our lovely daughter who has just taken over the lease on a three story Victorian house.  Much decorating and sorting to do, but we were there all day Saturday filling holes and cracks and generally preparing for decorating.  Sorry, I had got her two pairs of curtains and miles of voile and heavy fabric for more window coverings but I forgot to take pictures before I took them over there.
I HAVE been keeping to taking stuff into the charity shop on most visits, and have also been leaving empty handed!  Quite a change for me ;o)

I'll start with an item I forgot to show you from a couple of weeks ago when we went to Dagfields
This stainless Royal Daulton ladle costing just £5 - to use
  with my Spode blue Italian soup tureen, I've searched all over and can't get one.
It'll do until I can find one :o)

Now a quick question for you good photographers out there...I've got a point and shoot Kodak Easy share camera, when I set it to close-up the photos are sometimes out of focus...why?
Here's a point in case!

2" Peter Fagin 'Happy Birthday' bear 40p
and sitting next to him....
4" Peter Fagin reading bear 60p (photo taken on the same setting)
I have quite a few small bears - I'll have to show you some of them one day.

A dozen hanging Easter eggs (hens egg size) £1

Now, when I spotted these beauties my heart skipped a beat!

A lovely (two cup size) tea set.  £5.50
I fell for the beautiful birds...

The petite size and lovely shape, and the bonus I didn't realise..

Made by WADE.
It has been used,which I think adds to it's charm :o)

But, it's in perfect condition
I think the little lids have such unusual knobs too!
Did I mention I love it!

Now on to my unexpected prize.  I only subscribe to one magazine - Period Home, and as a member I enter prize draws on the internet.  I received this email on Saturday....

"You recently entered a Period Living website competition to win a pair of chintzy floral porcelain dog bookends from Alexander & Pearl.  Congratulations! Your name has been selected as the lucky winner."

Today a parcel arrived.....

Sorry, the sun was streaming through the window at this point
£100 worth of 7" high Chintzy Pug Dog Bookends!

The tassels and stringing are made of ormalu

and from the back..

Ah, clearer now the sun has gone behind a cloud.  That's better!
Hubby's just come home and said they're 'puggin' ugly :o(  he has no taste, honestly,  how dare he rain on my parade!

I think I'll find a spot for them in our guest room as I always try to put appropriate reading matter in there when we have guests - they'll look SO much better between these bookends :o)

Hope you have a great week, look forward to reading your comments as always - I do read everyone.

Best wishes


Marilyn said...

Great treasures, all! The pugs are cuter than ones in real life. Now they would be ugly. ;D I'll be looking forward to some pictures of your daughter's new home. ♥♫

Sharing Shadymont said...

Rose, I love your goodies! The doggies are adorable!

Have a great week!

My Spotty Pony said...

Congratulations on your win, decorative and useful... fantastic! Abby

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great finds as usual, Rose. Love the blue and white tea set. How fun to fix up your daughter's new home. Hope you share photos.

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...


i have just found your lovely blog (via My Spotty Pony) and im really enjoying reading your post's:)

well done on winning the bookends, they're gorgeous, as is that tea set!

lovely post :)

Kim said...

Aww well done you on your unexpected prize!! They're fab! Just shows that you have to be 'in it to win it eh?'. Love that ladle too - what a bargain! And your Wade teaset! I'm coming shopping with you cos I can't find ANYthing I like in the charity shops lately!!

Tabiboo said...

Hi Rose,

just wanted to pop in and say 'hi' - sorry it's taken so long. Thanks for the support and your lovely messages.

Nina x

Debbie~ said...

Hi Rose, I am so excited for you, how fun to win something, and they're such a delightful pair of pups! ...and really what do men know? :)
Not much about collecting or decorating, right?!Your blue Wade set is fabulous, another wonderful find! Thanks for visiting my blog, I usually have a hard time coming over to your blog for some reason, but I was thrilled I was able to do it without setting off my Norton thingy today! xo Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

acorn hollow said...

You always find the cutest things. My mother collected wade pieces so now I have 3 boxes of it. and not sure what I should do with them.